Author's Note: This is a free verse poem I wrote last summer for a poetry class specifically focusing Spoken Word Poetry. At my school, there is an insult flying around called Try-Hard, apparently it is a noun, and it is given to students who get good grades and care about their education; I haven't heard it in a while, though, so that is good. This poem was my way of ranting and raging about it. The poem was written right at the start of summer, at the end of my freshman year of high school. (I will be a junior this September.) I hope you enjoy. So this is a bit of my experiences with minor bullying, but bullying nonetheless.

Feel free to leave review and share your thoughts, maybe you've been called some really obscure names too.


Over the past few months or so, a new term has popped up at my school:


This is an insult. I have been called it before, and honestly—it pisses me off!


How in the world is this even an insult?


I have gotten all A's since 6th grade and have above a 4.0 GPA.


I am a grade ahead in English—taking AP classes left and right—and a grade ahead in Math.


I care about school and my grades and actually making something of myself in the future.


Why is this even a freakin' insult?

Try-hard! Try-hard! Try-hard!

I mean—What the heck? It's a compliment—Not an "insult."

Try-hard—Think about it:

I am a "try-hard" because I try hard, and you should mock me for that.


This probably says something about my class of 2016.

90% of the students are stupid—I did the math and can actually show my work.


There are kids in my grade who already can't graduate on time because they failed all their classes the first trimester—Freshman Year!

Freshman Year isn't hard at all. Not hard enough to fail anyway.

You just need to put in a little bit of effort to get a D!

...Again, it pisses me off.


It's really easy for me to get all A's because I actually pay attention and do my homework and think.


People say my sisters and I are only smart and do really well in school because we are The [insert last name here]s.


We just do what is required and do it well.


I am the Treasurer for my class's Student Council. No one in my grade that is on the council even had to run, either because no one else wanted to run

Or because no one else had the required minimum 2.75 GPA,

And I personally think the reason is mainly for the latter

Because I am surrounded by idiots!


How is this an insult?

I pity those who don't care about school at all and are happy to be in summer school and brag about it on Facebook.

But I don't need to pity myself for putting in the work.

"You're a try-hard!"

Why don't you try harder?