More pure and precious than gold refined seven times,
More genuine than rare diamonds sparkling as compassionate eyes;
Love is that incredible gift from above, the Father of heavenly lights
Most honorable and just, the choicest of silver; of a high price
Patience and kindness as a mother with babe,
Contented and humble, lovelier than a spring glade
Meek and respectful, always commendable
Gracious like a young doe of the mountain meadow
Yielding to others, clinging to good, a living sacrifice holy and acceptable
Abhorring evil, approving what is excellent, for God's will does it know
It rejoices with truth and has faith like a child, full of hope
It bears the burdens of others, In suffering long will cope
Always seeking to do others good, heaping in hospitality
Cheerful and affectionate, associating with the lowly
Rejoices with those who rejoice, weeps with those who weep
Love is a timely word, a kiss to a wound, a covenant to keep;
Never wise in its own sight, always turns the other cheek
Bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things good
Endures all things for the glory of God, who is all good
Love is the choice to be committed unconditionally
To imperfect people, As Jesus did for you and me.