Dangerous Dave and

One armed Bill

Dangerous Dave and One Armed Bill rode into town one day

They robbed the bank and killed four men

Then they rode away

The townsfolk formed a posse to chase the mongrels down

And cornered them at One Tree Hill

A dirty outlaw town

The two robbers were holed up in a broken down saloon

With a honky tonk piano

And a rusty old spittoon

The deputies' name was Nolan and he told his men to spread

They all began to fan out

And fill their guns with lead

They waited for near an hour and not a sound was heard

Except for a little grunting

As Bill squeezed out a turd

Then Nolan gave the order and the bullets they did fly

And Dangerous Dave said to one armed Bill

Today's the day we die

The whole place shook around them, the noise a thundering roar

The two inside began to wish

They'd never broke the law

Then they both decided, to give up would never do

So Bill pulled out some poison pills

He had hidden in his shoe

As the two men lay there dying, the posse stormed the place

And Nolan bent down to Dangerous Dave

And looked him in the face

He drew a breath and sighed and then was heard to say

You might have lived an exciting life

But crime just doesn't pay.