See No Evil

Chapter 1- Angel City

"We're at war. Demons spread across the world, that has left us no choice but to live in the deserts. As angels, our battle with such evil has provided us with many defeats. We have lost many. It is therefore, with the guidance of our God, to protect and serve our citizens from the lurking evil. So long as we keep our faith in our God and keep our hearts in the light, we will vanquish this evil."

And that is the sole purpose of the winged angels; to protect the wingless citizens that serve God and bring peace to the world. After the announcement has been made by the Supreme angel, the citizens of angel city continued their duties. The citizens tend to their chores, while the angels flew across the city to their posts. Scattered across the city are layers of buildings; all miss-matched and overpowering each other. Everyone is among a tight squeeze in the gaze of the mighty powerful sun. The centre is protected by the holy pillar; a symbol of their faith that reaches to the top of the skies; the pathway to God. It is also the base of angel city.

Today, was the assessment of the angels-in-training. Whoever passed this trail was to serve as guardians and soldiers to the citizens of angel city. To them, it was a deep honour to serve God through a spear or sword.

Only a few have ever failed; only one has failed at every trail…

The young girl holds up her spear, but with no power, her rival knocks away her weapon toward the other side of the arena. The girl has no choice as the rival knocks her backward with a kick and waves her own spear toward her face. The battle is done; she has lost. Again.

"Excellent work Emily; you have passed well" Called out the Archangel.

Atmos; the "demon slayer", wore his golden robes in pride; as they floated along his clapping hands. His long brown hair is tied behind his large angelic wings; folded tightly behind his back. He seized his clapping and stroked his neatly beard in satisfaction, then tapped his heavy brown boots toward the middle of the arena. The rival moved her spear away and looked at the young girl.

"My rival was too weak; I hope the demons are much more worth a fight then this one."

Moving away her golden locks from her doll-like face, Emily dust whatever mud was left on her shining armour and blue robes, before descending toward the other victors. The others welcomed her in their new found victory.

As for the loser, she was simply left there alone; away from the glory and shunned by the others. She kept quiet, till the Archangel appeared to her.

"Trainee Amelia. You have yet to surprise me yet." He mocked, shaking his beard to and fro.

She quietly nodded her head to him, before leaving the area. She took up her fallen spear, till the Archangel reached out his hand.

"I don't think you'll be needing that."

Amelia silently gave the spear to him, but she daren't not touch him nor look at him. Sighing, the Archangel knew it was pointless to try and make her speak and so flew off to congratulate the new found soldiers….

Later that day, Atmos went to finalise his assessments, resting on the higher levels of the holy pillar. There he gave his records to Vanessa. He had to hide his annoyance to see the woman; tall with long dark hair braided across her shoulder. Her wings waved beneath her slim body as she walked around him, looking at his reports. She repeatedly tapped against her glasses, her high heeled shoes echoed across the room. Then she abruptly stopped and gave her deep dark glare upon; shifting her neaten white dress. Even he; Atmos the "demon slayer", had Goosebumps crawling on his skin. Her sword in her sheath, looked ready to slash.

"So overall, 80% of the trainees had passed. A higher percentage than last year. This is good news. We have also our best angel; Emily, passing with flying colours."

"Well of course; they were guided by yourself truly" smirking at his own brilliance.

"However-"Vanessa stated boldly, that Atmos felt a huge punch to his one sudden confidence.

"It appears our problem has still not been solved. Amelia has failed again." She stated.

"I'm afraid so. She has no strength, stamina; nor intelligence. She does not speak, so she holds no social status. I even tried to gain her confidence through the other trainees. She would rather run and hide in a corner then pick up a spear. I keep telling you; that girl is a waste. Even…her wings…"

He couldn't help to shake his head of the thought of that girl. She was nothing but skin and bone. Her long pastel blue hair was scattered with old mud and dead feathers. The only thing she carried was what little clothes she had and her wings; grey, old and dead feathers that were only hanging by a thread. He was even surprised the Supreme angel called her an angel. She couldn't even fly.

"Nonetheless Atmos, it is our duty to continue with her. The citizens do not want her on the streets. We can't keep her with them-"

"Nor here. We will have to discuss this with the other Archangels and see what must be done with her." He replied, scratching his head. But then he smiled.

"But in the meantime, I wish to celebrate my students who wanted to achieve. I shan't let that waste ruin my good attitude tonight. We shall leave the matter till tomorrow." He smiled, nodding to her and making his departure.

But Vanessa couldn't help herself. As he said goodbye, her mind was already at a distant. Amelia; what was wrong with that child? She sat down on her desk and looked through her records of the angel. Scattering at the papers; not much had changed since she last saw it.

She was an orphan at birth; no records of her parents. She was taken by the sanctuary and was never adopted by any family. Normally it would end by the age of 16; to either work with a family, or start training as a soldier. Neither tactics have worked. And the Supreme angel's order was to simply train her till she passes. But how long will that be? But there was something else she was concerned with. Those wings of her; even herself; was all too odd for her.

Just what is she?

She moved away from her desk and looked at through the window. The golden sun was behind the huge mountains at the distance; feeling the cold wind through her wings as she opened the window. Tonight, it will a chilly night…

Spreading her wings across her frail body, Amelia ducked her head between her legs, getting herself away from the chilling cold that encircled the streets. Everyone had gone inside, ignoring her as she rested for the night in a dark corner. She kept quiet; her wings sheltered her away from the world.

Here she was safe. She couldn't see nothing and that was good. But again, she had seen it. There was no win against Emily, but that wasn't what stopped her body and froze with the spear. It was….the evil she saw in her soul. It would happen most times in her life. She would cross anyone and see their soul. Some she could ignore; she had learnt to do that herself. But the higher powered ones; the angels. Their souls were strong, but she could see the growing evil lurking in their hearts. And…it frightened her.

The angels that tried to talk to her; she could see their souls too. They were bullies, they mocked the weak. So she hid from them. Emily was the leader, the evil was growing in her. Too many souls she could see, too many evil lurked in their hearts.

When will this madness end?

A gust of wind crossed and woke her off her panic. She focussed on now. She was alone, cold and hungry; a normal punishment that would fall upon her after she failed in the trail. But at least, she was safe; away from the evil, away from all of it. The cold was no longer felt as she fell into her dreamless sleep…

But somewhere else, away from angel city and into the vast dead dessert, a growing evil was slowly approaching. Glancing toward the direction of the city, it licked his lips and could feel the citizen's body pulses, dying to be ripped apart. The sun was finally off its scaly back; perfect to continue its quest. Soon it would reach the city and then, it can finally eat; to end the ache in its belly. Its piercing black eyes looked to the moon and let in to the cold wind gathering under its body. There will be a red moon by tomorrow night. But for now, there was a village much closer.

It could hear their laughter through the dessert wind. The fires crackling for the cold night. The children vast asleep. Best to smack first before the long journey…