See No Evil

Chapter 2- The Broken Angel

The next morning, the streets were packed with the citizens preparing the stalls for market. Angels were passing by with their carriages of goods; as their duties as guardians, provided the city with its much need food, water and materials. Some even had to fly half way across the world to get their merchandise. Even before the sun rose above the mountains, people were preparing for their important loot. But first they needed their space.

"Hey wake up! You're not be sleeping here!"

Amelia woke up to a couple of people, while one repeatedly poked her with a long stick. She tried to move, but her wings had become stiff and so, she fell back to her knees.

"What are you doing; get up!"

"Why don't you go somewhere else?"

A group had started to form over the commotion; including two young girls. The smallest one, carrying a small bag of food, pulled against her older sister's skirt.

"What's going on over there?"

"It's just that angel again. Looks like she failed again." Her sister sighed.

"But why stay there? Don't they have places angels could rest?"

"Yeah; for angels. Not for someone like her. Look we gotta get moving; brother should be back now with the carriage." The older sister huffed, tugging the little one to follow her.

But as they left, the young girl looked back to the angel, only now slowing getting back up. But one of the humans had got impatient and pulled her away from her away from his spot. She stopped as she watched the angel lose her balance and toppled to the ground, the other people simply moving away from her. The young girl let go off her sister and ran away.

"Hey! Hayley come back!" Her older sister called out to her, as she approached the fallen angel.

The girl held herself up against her weight, using her wings to slowly raise back up. She waved a slow motion, as if things were still spinning. The little one forced her hand into the food bag, to bring back a small apple.

"Here you need this to gain your strength." She smiled.

But Hayley watched as the girl's hand shook as she reached her hand toward it; her long scraggy hair covering her eyes. But suddenly a whoosh of wind caught the apple and fall quickly to the ground. A shadow overlooked them both. They were surrounded by a group of angels. The people approached them with awe and applauded them as they rested gracefully on the ground.

"Would you angels be so kind to remove this nuisance? She would not move from my stall space!" The man before with the stick begged the leader.

"Don't worry sir, we have come to collect her as we speak; please continue your business."

The girl looked at the angel and saw her disappointed glance toward the new group; bowing her head. Did she know them? Hayley wondered. The leader smirked at her and waved her toward them. Ignoring the apple on the ground, the broken angel silently moved forward toward them.

"Trainee angel Amelia. You've been summoned by the Archangels, we are here to escort you. Follow us" She called to her, waving her wings above her. Then suddenly she leapt into the sky; followed by the others.

The people watched in awe and awaited the other angel's departure. But unlike the others, she looked up and simply walked away, following their direction.

Could she not fly? But Hayley couldn't understand, until suddenly a hand was placed in front of her; the girl was giving back the apple to her.

"Oh no, you should have it." The girl smiled.

But the angel girl shook her head and threw it back in her bag, before taking off. Already, voices rose from the nearby crowds of her actions.

"That angel is so ungrateful."

"Better that angel go somewhere else"

"Why is she even here? What was her name again?

"Amelia I think; that's what that other angel called her."

"Hope she doesn't sleep on my street; I don't want her attracting rats."

The event had become the talk of the morning. The young girl simply looked at her direction and looked at the apple. Why did she not take it?

"What were you doing? We need that food for cooking apple pie!" Her sister shouted at her.

Her sister folder her arms across her open purple blouse; her short brown hair over her eyes. Tapping on the stone pavement, she was losing her patience.

"But she looked so hungry, Sasha." She looked at her older sister with her sad glance.

"Well we better get back Hayley. Brother won't be waiting for us any longer; come on."

Both sisters left the madness of the stalls, to the quieter parts of the city, but little Hayley couldn't stop thinking of the angel. Just what happened to her? Did she have no family? She couldn't have lived without her sister and brother, but also; must be very lonely.

"Come on Hayley; stop daydreaming. I see brother's carriage here!"

She watched as Sasha dash away, but she stopped once more, looking toward the holy pillar; the base of all angels.

Wondering; what was going to happen to that poor angel?