See No Evil

Chapter 3- Discipline

As she entered through the golden double doors, their faces were showing their impatience. Atmos, also known as the "demon slayer" was shaking his head in disapproval, while the other Archangel, Vanessa, was patiently waiting at her desk; adjusting her glasses.

The escorted angels had no choice but to assist her getting to the holy pillar, as the only way in was to fly. No humans could through the angel's base; no stairs proceeded to the top. The leader, Emily, pushed her aside as she stood beside Atmos.

"We found her causing mischief at the morning markets Sir." She coldly stated.

"Thank you, you are all dismissed." Vanessa ordered before Atmos could speak.

Amelia silently stood still as the other angels departed, with Emily glancing toward her in disgust, closing the door behind her. She was now alone with them, her legs shaking underneath her dress.

"Stand here angel."

Shuffling her feet across the clean floor, she felt the cold crawling between her toes. Her hair glided down her shoulders, her face drawn down. Atmos moved opposite of Vanessa by the desk; the morning sun rays reflecting behind them from the large bay windows. A sigh from the woman, adjusting her glasses to see her. To say both of them could be 100s of years old, they never looked at under 40; young and beautiful. Amelia continued to look down.

"Amelia. You have failed for the 22nd time at the trails. What do you have to say to this?"

Silence. Vanessa looked toward Atmos in response.

"Speak angel! You are in the presence of your masters."

Still nothing, her head looking down. Impatient, Atmos moved forward and grabbed her head up toward his face.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you!" he shouted.

Opening up her eyes toward him, he saw they didn't shine in the light; a faint blue. As soon as hers meet his, she pushed him away and hid back into her hair. Atmos waved her away in defeat. But Vanessa was becoming curious.

"Would you wish to speak to me instead? He can be intimidating at most times." At the sound of that, Atmos protested but was clearly ignored.

Vanessa stood up and quietly called Atmos to her. Amelia waited in response, till Atmos huffed, muttered a complaint toward his comrade and suddenly stormed off outside the room, slamming the doors behind him. The woman moved forward away her desk and gave a faint smile.

"Now were are alone, I hope you can talk to me instead. Now I know that you've struggled to adjust to these things, but we all have a duty to attend to. If this continues Amelia, I will have to report you to the Supreme angel; the one who suggested you to take these trails in the first place. Now do you wish to upset him? To disturb him now when he's trying to win our war?"

The girl shook her head in response.

"So speak, do you wish to fail? Do you not want to be an angel?" She looked at her with a determined face.

Silence. A different tactic was needed. She moved closer to the girl and kneeled down before her, trying to catch a glimpse of her face away from her hair. Her wings kept her legs stabled as she bent her knees. She turned away, till she slowly looked at her. Her eyes shifted from different directions looking at her. Vanessa smiled.

"See? I'm not scary aren't I?"

The girl moved her head and looked directly at her. To say she had such a muddy face, her eyes were beautiful when the sun finally hit them. Shades of blue glisten in the morning sun, but held so much…sorrow in them she noticed. Then she spoke silently trough her dried lips.

"You have…a good soul."

She was so quiet that Vanessa couldn't hear. But before she could speak again, Atmos came charging back in. She was about to tell him off, till he saw his face of worry. Atmos spoke out.

"One of the sand villages has been destroyed."

"When?" Vanessa spoke in shock, getting back up.

"Early last night. They're sending me, you with a few of our new recruits to check it out."

"Very well. I'm sorry Amelia will have to deal with this later. Will one of your angels escort her out?"

"I will Madam." Emily called out, no longer hiding the small smirk on her face.

"Very well, we leave now." She dashed toward the bay windows, opened up her wings and jumped throughout the room. Atmos followed her in quick pursuit, the morning winds giving them speed.

As for Emily and the other angels, their grins grew. Amelia stood silent, returning her face toward the floor. Emily stood forward, her arms folded against her metal breastplate.

"So you think you're special? You waste everyone's time and energy. You're such a waste that no one will miss you when you die. But you should be thanking me though, in this way with you failing all the time, no one will have to die against the demons to protect you. Here's a small bit of advice-"

Suddenly Emily dashed straight for her and jumped her off through the window with her. The other angels laughed as Emily lifted her up by her foot amongst the holy pillar, to only let her go. Amelia didn't scream as she flew down toward the ground in vast speed. Seconds passed, feeling the wind slash across her small frail body. She closed her eyes to prepare for the impact, till something tugged her hard at her ankle. Her small dress was pulled down by gravity, hiding away her face and baring everything below. She could hear the angels laugh at her disposal. She was dropped a few meters down, clashing upon the waste of the city. Moving her dress back down, she looked up to see Emily and the others. They were all laughing at her, till Emily threw down toward her, lifted her face up with one simple finger.

"Stay in the dirt." Pushing her face back into the waste. She smirked as she took off with her comrades.

In silence, Amelia shifted her body from the ache in her back. She looked around and saw the wasted food left by the citizens. Quietly she eat what she could find and silently stayed in the waste. She would at least get rest here, with the only problem were the rats. She folded her wings and hide herself back between her legs. It was over, for now she was safe. But for how long?

Meanwhile, Emily had to smirk as she followed the Archangels and comrades to the sand village. That wretch had to be punished for humiliating her with such a rubbish fight. She swopped down to the sands and the smile was gone. Her other comrades halted and waited their orders. But what they saw before them, turned out their stomachs.

Corpses. Men, women and children. Full bodied and horrible; parts of them. The still air reeked of their flesh; the flies had gathered in their thousands. They hide their faces away from the sight till the Archangels came back to them. Even they could no longer hide the horror in their faces.

"Collect their bodies and give them prayers. We will make the report and bring back more recruits to assist." Vanessa strolled away from the scene.

"My lady, could this the work of a demon?" Emily spoke up.

"Something worse; an Omega demon. Only a few live now but they can wipe a whole village in minutes. And they clearly leave a mess afterwards." Atmos spoke up, with a sour taste in his tongue.

"That is true Atmos. But now, the problem is…where is it now?" Vanessa called out to them.

Vanessa and the group stayed, as the black smoke of last night, hid away the pleasant sun…