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FILE 1: The Experiment

Fuck…. It hurts.

A pained moan was heard from the closed room. The slate gray walls were splashed in white and covered with frost; spreading intricate designs across the chipped paint. The large window had swirling white haze on the corners, elegantly framing the glass. Thick snow carpeted the room, surrounding the single occupant in the middle of the dark, wintery wonderland. His hair was snow-white, framing his pale face and shadowing it underneath the snow colored waves. His arms and legs were strapped down on the bed, marking red on the skin while the metal chains frosted with ice.

Damn… My head hurts…

Ice blue orbs met with the ceiling as Kiyan blinked up with a wince. He instinctively tried to brush his hair away from his eyes when he realized his current predicament. Chains clanked against the metal bed, and the young ice user frowned. He tried sitting up, but was once again restrained down the bed. The silverette growled, slightly agitated by his bonds. Ice began to frost on his chains and snow piled up on the ground beside him, blooming from out of nowhere. His agitation and struggling was reflected by the mini blizzard that started inside his room, until the entire chamber was nothing but a swirling vortex filled with ice and snow.


The hallway in Kiyan's room was filled with loud ringing, calling the attention of the guards patrolling the floor. A bulky man grumbled over the noise, crisp white uniform heavily decorated with guns and small vials filled with blue liquid. He glared at the room, cursing under his breath as he approached the contained blizzard. Behind him, a stick-thin scientist followed, beady eyes gleaming behind wire rimmed glasses, folder filled with files. The two men made it over to the door of the cell and the guard pressed the red button beside the lock, the scientist nodding in appreciation.

"Kiyan has been quite violent these days has he not?" The guard only grunted in agreement, and the thin man continued. "I appreciate that we have him sedated. He's already frozen eight-"

"Ten, actually."

"Well, ten scientists." The man said with a nervous chuckle, running a bony hand over his thin hair. From one's perspective, he looked like a moving, walking and breathing corpse. Even newly deceased bodies looked more alive than him, not to mention the missing teeth and the more-than vampiric complexion this scientist sported. He turned to the window and watched as a pinkish gas swirl in with the blizzard. "I don't think I'd want to be the eleventh. He's becoming more and more of a monster each day."

The lock clicked loudly from the other side and a hissing sound filled Kiyan's room. The ice user growled loudly from his place on the bed. His body hasn't even recovered from the last experiment and they're going to experiment on him again?

'What the hell do they think I am?! Some sort of Lab Rat? I'm alive too, you know!' Kiyan grumbled mentally, blue eyes sparkling with annoyance as he watched the faint trail of pink gas seep in. 'Why don't you arseholes try getting sedated... Damn... I only have a few seconds before that thing gets over here.'

Icy orbs cautiously watched the trail of pink and grit his teeth. He leaned back and closed his eyes, concentrating. Slowly, thin tendrils of ice grew from the edges of the bed, intertwining with each other in graceful arcs, interlooping until he was inside an airtight ice-coffin. Such intricate work took a toll on the ice user's body as his breathing quickened, eyes flicking over to the pink mist that swirled around his icy dome. His face became a blank void as he watched it harmlessly surround his ice.

'I'm not going to let you get me again, bastard.' He thought, eyeing the swirling mist of ugly pink while it carressed the outside of his ice.
It would've almost looked beautiful, except, he already knew what it could do. 'Three weeks of being half-asleep, walking around without a proper train of thought... with a migraine too...'

After a minute or ten, the pink mist thinned until it disappeared into thin air. Kiyan let his icy dome down, eyes closed, face blank as he pretended to be asleep. The sound of the metal door trying to open through the cracked ice rang in his ears, and he swallowed thickly. It didn't take long before the door was forced open and he could feel two presences enter. He didn't crack an eye or move when he felt his shackles being unlocked, then he was lifted up on a burly shoulder. He could hear muttering in front of him, and he knew it was that rat of a scientist who seemed to enjoy overloading him with sedatives that he wouldn't be sober for a week. Once he felt the air warm, ice blue eyes opened and he glared straight at the scientist, head on.

"Ugly motherfucker." He growled, icy orbs flashing with murderous intent, an ugly sneer splayed on his graceful face.

The terrified man could only squeak in surprise before he was trapped inside a blob of ice. Without batting an eyelash, the ice user elbowed the soldier's nape, hitting a nerve that made him stagger. He wasn't done yet though. With ease, he froze the man's head and pushed of, rolling out of the way and looking up only to see his guard's frozen face smash against the floor with a resounding crack. Thank goodness he learned to freeze the neck arteries or he'd have to deal with so much blood too. He looked around once and dashed off to the left.

'If you didn't side with them, I might've spared you.' He thought, looking over his shoulder to glance at the way he came. 'Too bad though. I just hope you survived that, Jailer number thirty-eight.'

His bare feet made no sound as he ran out, eyes scanning for her room. Kiyan was very worried for her, frost dancing on his skin and his breath coming out in cold puffs against the rather warm hall air. The delicate webs of white on his already pale cream skin glistened as he turned his head this way and that. He ran a few more feet before ending up in the stairs near the end, and fortunately, there were no guards there at the moment. The empty rooms on his sides explained that much. He peered in at the room labelled 'Eira Cane', eyes scanning for the girl. He nervously chewed his bottom lip when he realized that it was empty.

'Where is she?!'

"There he is!" The silverette cringed when he saw two soldiers running towards him with what looked like guns in their hands.

'Damnnit!' He thought, spinning on his heels to face his attackers.


Two shots were fired, and he immediately did a duck and roll maneuver, coming up on his knees just in time to put an ice barrier in front of him. One of the needles pierced through his ice, the tip dripping with blue liquid. It was enough to know that he was going to be sedated again.


'Fuckers. Sick fuckers... every single one of them.' He thought with a snarl.

It angered him. He leaped out from behind his barrier and pressed his palms on the ground. A split second later, an ice dragon rushed out, rearing back to roar before bashing its head against the two guards, sending them flying. Kiyan huffed and shakily stood up. Making animated ice creatures was taxing, but the deliciously sickening crack of skulls on the wall made it worthwhile. A grin spread over his features, and he momentarily let down his guard.

"Damn! He's going homicidal!" One of the guards warned as Kiyan took a small step forward, a shit-eating grin on his face. His eyes were an impassive ice-blue; cold, calculating, murderous and downright insane. He took another step and that guard who just warned the others found himself frozen on the wall, mouth open in a silent scream. The ice user smiled and gently touched the frozen body.

"Watch out! get away from him, but make sure he stays trapped!" He turned at the sound of the voice and smiled again, another flash of insanity in his eyes. Sharp spikes shot up from the floor, forcing them to move back as he advanced.

'Why... would I go easy on you all?' He thought, advancing slowly. His footsteps created frost, and the air around his body turned into a thin mist.

'Ten... no eleven years... Bastards all of you... What you all deserve is death... Delicious death... I want to paint these walls with red... Your red... Beautiful re-'


Numbness bloomed from his left shoulder-blade and the ice user collapsed forward, the feeling spreading on his body. He heard footsteps coming closer, not to mention he could feel darkness creeping into his vision and he barely felt himself hitting the ground.

'Damn... Fight it!'

His head felt syrupy and heavy, just like the rest of his body. Despite that, Kiyan grogilly moved on his feet. He could feel a prescence behind him and he grimaced, throwing himself backward as his hazy sight made sense of the towering man above him.

One of the guards?


'Not that it mattered. He's a shithead anyway.' Kiyan thought to himself, blinking away the haze. The man in front of him staggered back, wailing about half of his face being frozen. He slumped forward. 'Damn... a stronger dose...'

More footsteps came from behind and the ice user winced, pushing himself on his feet. His vision was unstable; the men approaching him were shades and they momentarily flicked to twelve before going back to six. He took a step back, not sure which to attack. His body felt drained, but it was the effect of the medicine, or was it?

"Now, We won't hurt you anymore than needed, Silverlight. Just... come... -ecefully... oka-... -iyan..." The man's words had tuned out for a bit and Kiyan shook his head to clear it.

Bad move.

His head did clear, but it made him even more dizzy, and his head felt bloated and pretty painful. Kiyan winced and fell down on his knees before falling on his side. Numbness seeped in to his torso before spreading down his legs. His vision darkened faster and the drug swirled in his blood.

"Damn him… He did a number to Victor and Ronald."

'Damn... you too... Using... a stronger... dose...'

"Oh God that blood…. Are they alive?"

"Guess so, but there's ovbiou-… -cussion… -onster… Ca-… hi-… ss… -emon…"

He felt himself being roughly tossed onto a cold bed. The ceiling was a white blur and the voices started to fade as he felt himself being pulled into inky darkness. He faintly recognized the squeaky sound of wheels being pushed and the sensation of being moved. That was it before all his senses were completely engulfed in darkness.


"I think he's conscious."

Kiyan scrunched his brows together. His head felt like it was being jackhammered from the inside and his body felt like lead. Then there was that terribly familiar feeling of being completely numb, like his temperature had gone even lower than normal; and his body temperature was already surprisingly cold. It was almost a wonder he was still alive.

Slowly, he opened his eyes, squinting at the bright, over-saturated room. He heard machines beeping as his eyes began to adjust. An upside-down funnel-like contraption was hovering above him. The other end on top was attached to a thick, clear tube that joined a tangle of glass pipes that surrounded the place. He tilted his head, bleary eyes trying to adjust to his surroundings.

'Where... the fuck am I?' He thought, lolling his head to the side. His eyesight was still blurry, but the fog in his brain slowly dissipated, leaving him with a head filled with cotton while being pounded into by a jackhammer.

To his left, there were three beeping machines a few feet away from him, just behind the fiberglass barrier. He could see a fat man in a grimy lab coat pressing buttons on the machines, mumbling to himself. Another man, another corpse-like looking tall man, was busy with the monitored machine, checking out vitals, stabilization rates, synergy rates, synchronization percentage and ability status. He's been through this way too many times. He let out a breath and realized that there was something on his face. A muzzle?

No. An oxygen mask.

'Oh fuck... not this again...' He thought, closing his eyes as he tried to get his brain working. What experiment was this again? What was it for? Which room was he in? is this a good thing or a bad thing? Which scientist was in charge? Which Experiment was this? Is this the one with that fire user? Or is it the one with that dangerous shadow emo-punk? Or was this the one with Eira? Which goddamn experiment was this?!




His brain finally processed his surroundings and his eyes widened. His movements felt heavy, while he threw his weight around as best as he can, not making a noise. His arms and legs were strapped down to the metal table with cuffs and he could barely move an inch. He also realized that he was wearing a hospital gown, and absolutely nothing underneath. His head hurt, but he will have to manage. Kiyan remembered now. This was the worst and he needed to move fast.

'Anything! Damn! What the fuck?!' He growled mentally, barely accomplishing anything aside from throwing his head to the side. He might as well headbang. His cuffs were ice-proof too, so despite being covered in cold ice, it was still intact, and not budging. 'Damnnit! Damnnit! How the fuck do I get out of this motherfucking thing?!' He thought in frustration.


Kiyan froze and tilted his head to face the speaker. Just a few feet from him, underneath a similar contraption, was a girl with mid-back length black hair, and frightened chocolate eyes. She barely looked like she was twelve, given her delicate stature and her puppy-dog eyes. She too was strapped down on her table, but she didn't have an oxygen mask. Even though he could hear her, he knew there was a wall between them, fiber glass to be exact. He had been in this experiment long enough to know that. He grit his teeth, thrashing about to face the girl.

'Ow! Fuck!' The cuffs bit at the skin a bit as he forcefully tried to turn to her side. His stiff muscles protested under the strain.

"Eira? Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere? Did they—"

"Alright! Commence Experiment 043." The man cut him off when he flipped a switch on the machine and pressed a few buttons, turning a knob. Ice blue eyes widened and he struggled, despite his heavy body.

The funnel above Eira glowed with eerie white light and he could only helplessly watch as the girl struggled against her bonds. Tears were streaming from her face as she cried out, asking them to untie her. The light only grew brighter and brighter, until it was unbearable to look at.


Eira's ear piercing scream sailed throughout the room, shattering Kiyan. He could feel frost forming at the edges of the fiberglass on her side of the see through cage. Her screams rang out again, and the male ice user gasped, struggling wildly, making the cuffs tear at the skin. Cold air blasted from her side and he could feel his snow-colored hair brush gently against his face, contrasting the pain that shot up his limbs.

'Eira! Shit no!' He angrily tugged at his bleeding wrists, ignoring the warnings from his captors and the slight jolt of pain that sailed up his arm. He glared at the men as they banged on his side of the fiber-glass cage.

"DON'T HURT HER YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES! GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM HER! STOP IT ALREADY! FUCK YOU! STOP IT!" He wailed, thrashing harder. Tears were at the corners of his eyes, fear and worry gnawing at his heart. The two scientists backed away a bit at his outbursts and he noticed that the monitor was going crazy. This got the scientists' attention, and it was enough for them to rush over to their computer.


Kiyan ignored the annoying mechanical voice as it announced the end of his friend's sufferings. He was mad. He was hurt. He was scared. The monitor clicked and he could faintly make out Eira's code. He only stared with wide eyes as he tried to analyze what little data he understood from that monitor.




Pulse Rate - 5%

Temperature - 34 'C

Reaction - Negative

Stabilization Rate:

Element Stabilization - 10%

Physical Stabilization - 7%

Synergy rate:


Synchronization Percentage:


Ability Status:


"Fuck you all..." He muttered, blood covered hands falling limply to the bed. His ice-blue eyes trailed down to the other side, and he ignored the searing pain as he stared at the harsh light. He wanted to make sure she was alright. He knew it hurt a lot, but he hoped she lived. She can't die because of it.

Ever so slowly, the light dimmed, and he never removed his eyes from her side. Finally, her form was starting to be visible. Snow had covered the ground, but he didn't acknowledge the temperature drop, nor did he care about the mumbling of the scientists behind him and his bleeding wrists and ankles. Eira was facing him, chocolate colored eyes lifeless. Kiyan gasped, fear gnawing at his heart as he struggled to get closer to her.

"Eira? Say something?" He choked out, begging those eyes to express something. He was crying freely now, tears dripping down his face. "H-hey…. S-say something…"

'C'mon Eira... Please don't die on me. Please...'


He ignored the mechanical voice that bleated in the room. He just stared at her, crying and mumbling gibberish. He kept going on and on about how she couldn't die, that they still haven't tried the new guitar in the Rec Room and that they haven't read the new books shipped in. Despite all his mumbling all that came out were unintelligible whispers that was barely heard. After a few minutes of staring blankly, those eyes flicked up at him and blinked. A smile crept up to his face.

"K-Key…." Her voice was barely a whisper, but it was there, soft and a bit scratchy, but there all the same. Kiyan smiled at the nickname, tears glistening at the corners of his eyes.

"Yeah buddy?" He began. 'Thank God, Eira! Good... You're okay... Shit... I was so scared.' Kiyan thought, a smile of relief creeping up his face.

Eira smiled back but then, her smile fell. She looked like she wanted to say something and her eyes flicked up in fear. Kiyan knew what was coming next but he barely had time to close his eyes when a harsh blast hit him in the face. He could open his eyes, but he could feel his blood being ripped out from his very veins. Kiyan swallowed his screams as cold fire ran throughout his body. He could feel his element, his Ice being bombarded with something cold and scorching, making his entire body feel like it was stuck in freezing flames. And it hurts.

Every pore in his body felt like it was being brutally torn open and his head felt like it was being bashed to a fiery, concrete wall. There was so much pain, way too much pain for him to handle. It hurt so much. He wanted to pass out, to die, but before he could reach the state of unconsciousness, sharp stripe would rip him from the inside, showing him no mercy. Tears fell from his eyes as his back arched in agony. He was struggling again, and the pain in his wrists felt like nothing compared to being torn apart. His ears rang and pain ripped through him one last time, far more intense than the earlier ones and he let it all out in a blood-curdling scream.

Then all that's left is black white silence.

"...-o... -amm-... oka-...?"

'What? E-Eira?' Kiyan thought. His head felt like it was made of ice, and he could hear slurred sounds coming from around him. His eyes felt like it was made out of lead, his body felt like it was stiff and his blood ran cold... well... colder than usual. What was going on, really?

"... a go-... -er... Lloyd Ashwood i-... -ice, Kiyan... lea-..?"

'I don't... understand... Damnit... My head hurts... Fuck...'

The voices continued to mumble in painful volumes, until he couldn't make out the words, but he could hear the tone. Eira sounded tired, very, very, tired, and he felt a pang of regret in his chest. He regretted not being able to spare her from the pain, he could hear it perfectly well, even though she tried to hide it. It hurt him so much. And now, he was powerless again.

"Go say good bye now."


'Who... was.. My head... Damnnit... Fuck it all... Fuck...'

The voice was like silk and it was soft, barely understandable, but it was there. It made Kiyan's heart constrict. Who was this person anyway? Something soft brushed on his nose, but it could've been just his hair. His brain was too fuzzy to make anything out. Maybe it was his hair. His head pounded in annoyance.

'I... should just... stop thinking...' He mentally groaned, feeling unconsciousness slowly pull at him from the depths of his numb pain.

Something grazed his face.

It was a gentle caress that somewhat surprised the ice user, brushing away his bangs out of his eyes. Then, there was warmth. Beautiful warmth coming from right in front of him. Kiyan wanted to open his eyes, just to peek, but his body won't let him. The touch lingered for a second longer as his brain struggled to keep awake, to anticipate what was going to happen next. His volatile ice reached out gently, barely a wisp of his ability. It latched onto the warmth in front of him just as that very same warmth gently pressed against his forehead. Whatever it was, it was firm, strong, and it lulled him to sleep. In years, he finally felt safe, protected. A barely noticeable strand of light latched onto the person.

"I'll protect you. I promise."

Suddenly, the soft, gentle pressure on his forehead was gone, and Kiyan felt cold again. This time, he didn't feel like he wanted the cold. He longed for that warmth. He wanted it but it was gone. His brain was slowly shutting down, he could feel it. Unconsciousness was pulling him back in her arms and he could do nothing about it. But he wanted to do something about it.

'Who... are... you...?'

That was the last thought of his brain, heart beating wildly as he slipped fully into unconsciousness.


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