Words describing friendship can often sound so trite
But friend, you are so dear to me, so try and try I might.

It's not just down to taste and chance
Or pure proximity.
It's fate, I trust, our friendship formed
Just plain predestiny.

And while there was no quest of nine
No journey in a box
We may have not brought down a King
Or traveled to the Wall
In some small ways we shared these things
Tears shed for Reichenbach Fall.

So now I venture far away...
but do not shed a tear
Please don't despair you'll lose me, friend,
for I am still quite near.

My home is now an island,
While you're still on the main.
But through the mail, or internet
our friendship will remain.

While daily visits are no more,
there's one thing I must know
Dear friend, here's my query;
Quis separabit?