Verse 1

Spilling blood that's so saline,

Filling heart that's pure canine.

Wander towards my sweet doom,

Under shadows of mushrooms.

Verse 2

Screeching beacons of your light,

Bleaching neon blurs to white.

Vanity destined for hate,

Sanity perceived as threat.

Verse 3

Boiling ice swims in coal tar,

Spoiling the high beyond scars.

Wander towards question mark,

Under wings of dead skylarks.

Verse 4

Fitting stones in hollow chests,

Splitting us up for the best.

Wish gone bad leaves us parted.

Vision clad, the end's started.

(A/n: Explanation:

Verse 1: She's bleeding tears and it fills her heart that is animalistic ruthless. She's bleeding and wandering towards her doom. Decaying fungi offer her shadow.

Verse 2: His light now seems like noise. The purifying colors have turned pale. She hates her vanity and her sanity is a threat to her existence.

Verse 3: Her burnt yet frozen heart is tainted black. It destroys the pleasure in her pain. She wanders towards the uncertain. Dead song-birds offer her shadow.

Verse 4: Stones have replaced the hearts in their chests. They have been split up for the best, because of a wish gone bad. The Universe has a vision of her end, and it has started working on that.)