True story about how I flunked my algebra test (and many more after, but the first one specifically). I got so mad and disgusted with myself, I literally cranked this baby out about as fast as you can read it. A poem from ninth grade. Please review!

I'm Flunking in my Algebra

I'm flunking in my algebra
Now isn't that just great
I usually get near perfect scores
Today I got a sixty-eight

I'm flunking in my algebra
My test scores keep getting lower
I'm quite embarrassed, I have to say
My mom is filled with horror

I'm flunking in my algebra
I haven't really tried
It's just so boring and so hard
Now I'm doing overtime

I'm flunking in my algebra
And this poem's not the best
I just had to vent my anger out
For flunking that stupid test!