Mist blanketed the ocean; nothing in sight but the dark blue sea and the whiteness of the mist. The clashing waves echoed through the area and suddenly were joined by the ringing of a bell. A ship of large scale breaches through the mist, the men aboard singing a sea shanty. The sails of the ship flapped in the gentle wing as the ship slowly inched its way closer and closer to the shore ahead.

Below the timber deck was the darkness of the crew's quarters; only brightened by beams of light breaching in from the occasional apertures. A man sleeps upon a bed, having the light hit his eyes and attempting to wake him from this slumber.

This young man had loose, light brown hair that curled and slicked back on his head, a slight stubble of the same colour was stretched across his jawline and chin. He wore a basic coat and a shirt, the only thing unique of his clothing was his necklace that was decorated with a shark's tooth.

Another passenger of this ship pokes his head in from the door, he speaks "Master Labriola, you may want to wake up, we are in the final stretch of our journey."

Labriola's eyes twitch, and then he readjusts himself to sit on the edge of the bed and his stretch his arms out with a prolonged yawn.

"Braddock, I thought I told you to call me Enzo?" Enzo Labriola asks.

"Oh, pardon my mistake Mister La- I mean Enzo."

"Pardoned, now would you mind scooting? I'd like a bit of privacy?" Enzo requests.

"Of course" Braddock quickly responds before leaving the doorway of Enzo's room.

Enzo rubs his eyes and stretches his hand over to his table and grabs the mead on the table, he goes to take a sip and realises it is empty. He lets out a drip of mead onto the floor and then sighs with frustration. "This trip better be done soon." Enzo quips. Enzo gets up and leaves the bottle on his bed as he walks out.

Braddock looks out off the starboard-bow towards the mist, Enzo moves up next to him and also looks into the distance. "Braddock, I somewhat doubt that we're close to shore."

"Oh, Master Labriola, you snuck up on me!" Braddock jumps, before quickly readjusting himself.


"Isn't it such a wonderful view?" Braddock asks.

"It's mist, Braddock, there is just about nothing to look at."

"Ah yes, but mist is such a majestic thing."

"Before you go off on a tangent I'd like to know just how in the hell you know that land rests ahead."

"I was informed from the crewman up in the crow's nest, I think you could get a good view if you went up there." Braddock explains.

"I might just do that."

Enzo turned towards the stern, seeing behind him the mast that he would have to scale to reach the crow's nest. He seemed to take this as somewhat of a challenge.

Enzo approached the mast, and gripped onto the old rickety ladder that would have to support all 225 lbs of him. He slowly ascended this ladder, it croaking and groaning under every step and pressure applied to it. Enzo had a fear of heights, but was in no way going to admit this in fear of destroying his own fearless persona. His eyes looked down below and saw the deck, so far down, if he just let go or made one slip up he would be meeting face to face with the wooden planks, and then death. These thoughts made beads of sweat drip from Enzo's forehead, his stomach felt especially empty, and his palms became warmer and warmer to the point where it felt like he was producing rivers from his hands.

"You alright down there?" the crewman asks.

Enzo's eyes shoot up, he sees the crewman looking down at him from the crow's nest that was only a few short steps up, "Uh, yeah, of course."

Enzo made it up the rest of the way and made his way off the ladder and into the nest with help from the hand of the crewman.

"So what brings you up here?" the crewman asks.

"You know, just to see the vie-" Enzo's breath had been taken away as his eyes glanced at the shore that awaited him. A large, bustling port roared with activities as smoke stacks rose from the conjoined town that he would settle in on his first night. He saw the warm inviting beach that stretched across the shore and then he saw what made this new land, this new world what it was; the large mountains that roared into the clouds and towered high.

This was the new adventure that awaited Enzo, his life would begin anew here, starting this day, he was no longer Enzo the coal miner, he was Enzo the Adventurer!