The Before and After of Bridget Malone



Everyone's slightly giddy. We're having innocent fun at Tuesday's little party. I mean, there's no alcohol, but staying up quite late is just turning us into buffoons.

Arizona, a girl who I know, but I'm not really friends with, suggests we play Truth or Dare. Which means, of course, that Tuesday is going to be beelining for me. Oh just great. Whenever we play this, she always makes me do the dares that get us in trouble. I mean, there was that one time where everyone had to much to drink and Tuesday dared me to kiss Matthew, and nothing could be as… out of line for me as that, but still. I laugh at the memory.

Arizona's up first.

"Tuesday. Truth or Dare?"

Tuesday smirks. "Obviously, dare."

Arizona smiles. "I dare you to… cut out the power to the house."

Tuesday's smirk suddenly falls into a gape of surprise, her cheeks turning as pale as the white tablecloth.


"You're not going to do it?" Arizona asks, crossing her arms, and flipping her auburn hair back.

Tuesday looks around the room, the faces of 14 people looking at her expectantly. tuesday is always known to do a dare.

She grumbles. "Pick something else."

"Fine. I dare you to grab a cup of water and dump it on you cat." It's not as bold, and doesn't make much sense, but the color returns to Tuesday's cheeks and she agrees.

Two minutes and one grumpy, soaking cat later, Tuesday dares me.

"Bridget… I dare you to… let us give you a haircut."


"Do you accept it or not?"

"Ugh. Fine."

She grabs the scissors, and I close my eyes.

Three minutes later, I walk up and look in the mirror. My hair is in a short bob with asymmetrical bangs, covering my right eye; my strawberry blonde locks have vanished. it's not to bad!

Everyone smiles at me.

"You like, Bri?" Matthew asks.

I blush.

"Well… yeah, I guess." I never know what to say around him. I mean, when I kissed him, I was taken, but now I'm single, so it's kind of awkward.

"Okay, okay. Enough of the love-fest. Pick someone to dare!" Someone says, I think Mark.

"Alright… Julie."


Sorry for such a short chapter guys! I just needed to get this out of my brain and into FictionPress. The next chapter will be longer… I promise!

~LiveLaughLoveOutLoud 3