Snapshots from a Megane-Girl

Blog Post No. 15

Date: May 13, 20xx

Subject: Tailing a Silver Cat

So I checked the photo of the anime collage painted on the door to the magic room that I uploaded onto this blog about four months ago, and I was right. There it was in the corner of the painting: the kanji characters for silver and cat. The same, totally awesome artist drew the one on the door and the one on the wall that I saw the other day.

Gin Neko. Silver Cat. I wonder who it could be. Is Gin Neko a girl or a boy? From which class and what year? What kind of person is he or she? And is he or she still painting now, even though the AMOC has been disbanded? Oh, I hope so. Even though the painting was fan-art and based on other people's original work, Gin Neko really made them come alive. It's like the lines and colors were dancing with energy, and were only keeping still long enough for you to take a good, long look.

Weird, though. After noticing Gin Neko as the artist, I can't help but think of the members of AMOC as kittens who've been thrown out of their own home and forced to wander the cruel world and survive somehow. I wonder who they are and where they are now. And I hope they find a new home again someday.





megane - eyeglasses in Japanese; megane-girl means "glasses-girl"