Snapshots from a Megane-Girl

Blog Post No. 22

Date: June 29, 20xx

Subject: What I'm Grateful For

I'm grateful for:

* My family. Even my crummy brothers. Even (do I need to say it?) my dummy of a little brother, who ate the chocolate pudding I'd been saving for days.

* My two best friends, who're blessed their own wonderful gifts, even though one of them would probably argue with me over this.

* My new laptop, even if it's a hand-me-down. I can write my stories and update my blog anytime now, even first thing in the morning, without having to wage war with my dummy of a little brother.

* School and my classmates, because I'm lucky enough to be in a great section this year.

* My new job as Student Library Assistant at our high school library—the work is so much fun! And I can borrow all the books I want! In fact, I think I'm going to need a cart of my own soon.

Special Reason to be Grateful:

I got the most special birthday gift last night, in the comments section of one of my previous blog posts. But because the comment was submitted anonymously, and the artist didn't sign his or her name in the artwork he/she did, I'm going to have to just thank you here.

Thank you, whoever you are, for the most beautiful drawing of me I've ever seen. It makes me wish I look as lovely as you seem to think I am.

I was walking to school a few days ago when I saw a twenty-five centavo coin lying on the street, glinting like gold in the mud. Finding money is supposed to mean good luck, but I wonder if that still holds even if the finder didn't pick up the money. I left it alone, figuring that somebody else might need a dose of good luck that day, too, but then it occurred to me that I might just have negated the good luck with my unwillingness to accept it.

Later, I did regret not picking up that coin. It certainly felt like bad luck that I didn't make it to the CWC. But here's the thing: Leaving that coin there turned out to be even better luck than if I'd taken it away.

From now on, if I ever find a coin lying on the ground, I'm going to leave it there. In the midst of all that mud and dirt, it'll be a bit of brightness and good luck to cheer someone up.