Our real journey here only truly begins when we ask one simple question: What is the purpose of life?

That age old question which has sent primitive man on an endless hunt for the possibly eternal truth that has somehow managed to elude our grasp. When we broke apart and developed many unique ways of life called society, our answer to that question became increasingly blurred. Even in this modern age we still fall victim to our society, the same society that nurtured us and protected us. We learned our biased right from wrong, and developed into a product of our era. Is the same force that holds together the bonds between men, also an inhibiting factor in our ultimate development? Can there be a society that needs no rules or prejudices to prevent chaos? Should there be one ruler, or many? Can each person be trusted to govern themselves? If not, should it come at the loss of freedom? As one can see, a seemingly simple question comprised of a mere six words has endured since the birth of life itself. Life has an inexplicable means of allowing for multiple avenues to be traveled upon which in the proper course would lead to a future so vastly different from the next that they would be almost indistinguishable. Yet we are so short sighted, either due to our mental capacity or our lack thereof, that we cannot see any road but the one we accidentally started traversing originally. When we are given a question, how many answers are there perceived to be? What does all of this have to do with the situation at hand? If you decide to follow the just path, then you shall see that this information I am imparting to you will be very valuable. Be wary of those who try to deceive you with evil options, for they are infatuated with power. As a result, they are bonded to their road, and believe that there is only one way even while standing at an intersection of ways. I ask you be mindful of the future and whichever path you select, may it be the one that saves us.

Remember these words….

Entry 683,

Just another peaceful day in city 64-B, well as peaceful as it can be I guess. While today is a new day I can't help be feel like I already lived it. We go over the same drills, eat the same food, say the same things, everything repeats itself here. There isn't really much to write about other than that I am finally supposed to receive my new orders sometime tomorrow. Just about anywhere must be an improvement, as long as it's far away from here. I really hope this one doesn't involve flamethrowers. I still miss that cat, but I digress. Ugh, I'm sounding like Xavier with all of these "proper" words. Speaking of which, there hasn't been any sign of him lately. I hope he isn't going to stave himself down in that lab. While he is dedicated to his work, sometimes I think that Xavier is a little too zealous with his job. I guess it's not my place to say. Oh, well at least I have my voice decoder working again. My fingers are going to bleed if I have to type one more word. Lol. That's all for today, Agent E-84 signing out.

end var_playback(E-683_txt);




/anomaly detected


/external override accepted


Author's Note: I hope you enjoyed the prologue of SOS. We have now met, or read the transcript from, our first character. Since this is my first story, I really appreciate any comments/reviews posted so feel free to speak your mind. I hope to have the second chapter up shortly, but until then have fun and keep writing.