Henry: Dad, have you seen, Mom?

Mark: No, she left like a month ago when you became evil.

Henry: *look at Dylan* Do you know what happened to her?

dylan: well...*sighs*i think maybe we should find her then? i think she felt shame

Mark: No! She just left me. She left Henry. She left us.


Henry: What do you mean?

Mark: *gulps* Your mom...hates you.

dylan:...*facepalm* i have a question, mark. did she tell ya she hate him?

Mark: What? *turns to Dylan*

dylan: ya don't know what happen about her when she left

Mark: I knew. She hates him. Ever since he was born and she died.

dylan: um, mark…? ya know fang's sister, right?

Mark: Hold on, but that's what she told me and I kept arguing with her. Fang's sister is locked up away.

dylan: *blinks*ya sure?

Mark: I'm sure. *look at Henry* Henry, your mother never had a bond with you and she despise you for killing her as an infant. I remember one time she screams at you when she saw your face until turned into love and then death


Henry: *look at his dad and sighed sadly and turned around* I understand.

Mark: The moment you grew older, you knew what your mom looks like and she hugged you once and never again.

dylan: oh great nephew...*hears mark said*

Henry: So are you saying...she disown me?

Mark: Yes.

Henry: That's stupid. *sighed and goes to his room*

Mark: *look at Dylan* He'll start crying.

dylan: *look at mark and sighs* ohh mark..let's hope he don't kill himself *sweatdrop*

Mark: *goes to Henry and sits down by the bed next to him*

dylan: *Goes too*

Henry: *under the blanket and crying softly*

dylan: *sit next them and sighs then rubs henry's back* ooh there there

Henry: Why does everyone leaves me? Raven, Mom, Grandma, and you.

Mark: We just died. We don't exist in the world but part of the spirit that lives inside of you.

dylan: henry...oh great nephew…ya know your cousins/my family don't leave ya *hears mark and sighs*

Mark: You never had a mom when you grew up. You only had me until Aku murdered me.


Mark: I know my words aren't cheering you up, but you never had a mom to begin with. You had a father and a great-grandherm to begin with.

Dylan: *look at henry*

Henry: *stop crying, wipes tears and sniff* You're right, Dad. I never had a mother to begin with. *look at Dylan* Why do you call me great nephew? Does grandnephew makes a little more sense?

dylan: oh because your grandpa...well, sometimes he acts like one of my brothers, ya see. He don't mind to be our family years then mark...sweet nephew *chuckles* then now ya are great nephew

Mark: Um...you been calling him great nephew all years and never called him your "grandnephew" The 4th generation would be your great grandnephew and great grandniece

dylan: that's true…

Mark: Yeah. *nods* So Henry, are you okay? *uncovers the blanket*

dylan: mm

Henry: *nods and look at Mark* I'm glad that you connected with me and you never told me that you were dead until I understood you died.

Mark: *hugs Henry and smiles with tears*

Henry: *hugs his father back and then hugs for Dylan*

dylan: *smiles and hugs henry* aww

Mark: *look at Henry* Do you want to meet Alpha and Omega?

Henry: *let go both of them* Would I? *smiles* Yes.

dylan: ya sure it's okay? is it safe to meet them?

Mark: They're very tall like 7 foot. They are fast. They were once servants for Cosmic. They're best known as a magnetic brothers.

Henry: Are they dangerous

dylan: yes i know and andowon knows them

Mark: Yes because sometimes they can bump into you with a greeting.

dylan: ahh i see...

Mark: Come on. *takes Dylan and Henry to meet them outside of shadowlurk*

dylan: *being drag by mark*!

-Outside of Shadowlurk-

Mark: *calling them* Alpha! Omega! Are you here?

dylan: hmm?

Henry: I don't think they heard you, Dad. *sees trees being fallen down*

Alpha and Omega: *running in high speed and then arrives in front of Mark, Dylan and Henry to knock them backward with such great force*

dylan: whoa!

Henry: *flies backward with his Dad and gets hit into the wall*

Mark: Oof! *gets hurt in the head*

dylan: *float and goes to henry* ya alright?

Henry: Yeah, but that was AWESOME!

Alpha: Hello, I'm Alpha and this is my brother Omega.

Omega: We're twins. Identical twins but different eyes.

dylan: *look at them* hello *help henry get up*

Alpha: We are the fastest shadows in Shadowlurk.

Henry: *look at them with great wonder* Wow, that must be amazing. Are you evil or good?

Alpha and Omega: *fistbumps* Neutral.

dylan: *sweatdrops*

Alpha: I'm actually the evil half and Omega is the good half when we combine, we're neutral like magnets.

dylan: ah i see

Henry: So...do you synchronize when you talk to us?

Omega: Uh...yes.

Henry: Ah, do you know the Shadow Caller, Dream Shadows, and the Sea Shadows?

Omega: I know who you are, Caller, but Dream Shadows and Sea Shadows? I haven't seen them since they went extinct.

dylan: oh about them...

Henry: Actually, one of each shadows still exist. Selene and Scumhunt.

dylan: *nods*

Alpha: What do you called us here for?

Mark: *groans* For the Shadow Caller to bring them on earth to visit the family and make the government to let Henry live on earth again.

Alpha: Twice as easy.

dylan: *sweatdrops*

Mark: *groans* Good luck, son.

Henry: Thanks Dad. *smiles at him* I'm glad you still be at my side.

Alpha and Omega: *carries Dylan and Henry behind their back

Dylan: oh! *blinks and being carried by them with henry*

Alpha and Omega: *both carried them into the portal of earth*

dylan: ooohh my

-Earth, San Diego-

Alpha and Omega: *appears into the city* Alright, what's the plan?

Henry: I didn't make any plans, how about you Dylan?

dylan: well...i don't know but i hope family are okay

Police: *whistles and points Alpha, Henry, Omega, and Dylan on their backs*

*Increase of Police Cars went after them*

Omega: Let's run together!

dylan: huh? wait, why they chasing us?

Henry: No! It's time to face the government! *growls* I'm fighting back for my rights!

dylan: *sweatdrop* ohh dear

Police force: *tries to shoot the brother twins shadow down but the bullets pass through them*

Alpha: Unaffected. *puts Dylan and Henry down* Shadow Caller, bring up a spell.

Henry: Um...how?

Omega: Try a new one. Call our names.

dylan: hm? *makes shield to stop bullets*

Henry: Alpha Shadow, stop those forces, Omega Shadow, make no remorse.

Alpha and Omega: *stick up together and created blue and red electricity and blast the streets and building with fire electric powers and ice electric powers.

dylan: *blinks*...

Alpha and Omega: *turns into an electric tornado to destroy the police force*


Sunny: Wow, who are these Shadows?

Cecil: *watching the TV* I don't know, they look neutral and awesome.

jin: hm? wait, is that henry?

Cecil: It looks like him. *turns to Kimmy*


Shang: Wow, that tornado looks beautiful than mine.

kimmy: i thought he don't want come back...

jin: do ya want mom fall in love with another person, dad?

Cecil: I think he wants to. I don't know.

Shang: No, I'm not in love. I'm just jealous of those skills *crosses arms and smile at Jin*

jin: ...um….what about mom...*sweatdrop*

kimmy: I'm going check on henry *Goes to find henry*

Shang: I'm never jealous at your mom, she/he's fine.

jin: *sweatdrop*...ok dad…


dylan: i did not know twins really good

Henry: Yeah and the city looks garbage.

*All of the streets were empty and the police cars were frozen*

dylan: *sighs* ohh it going lots of troubles...

Henry: Time to go to the city hall.

kimmy: *goes to them* henry? dylan? *sees twins*?

Alpha: Woo! What's next?

Henry: Ransacked the mayor and force him. I'm gonna force him the hard way if he wants.

dylan: i don't know it could be wise...

kimmy: *blinks* um...did henry ignore me?

dylan: let it go, kimmy, let it go...try calm, ok?

kimmy: *sighs*

Omega: Okay...*look at Kimmy* Who is this little lady?

Henry: *look at Kimmy* Hi Kimmy, what are you doing here?

kimmy: oh i thought i came to make sure ya are alright

dylan: ah, this lady...um her name kimmy and she still love henry...um long story, twins

Henry: Um alright *smiles* They're better than the ones we met before.

kimmy: ah really

Omega: I know. We're just anti-love. We are anti-love shadows that can prevent any ghosts, creatures, or humans from loving us.

kimmy: hm that is nice

dylan sweatdrop*

Henry: Come on, we don't have time for this. We need to make a visit to the mayor.

-City Hall-

Mayor: *writing papers until he was being freeze to the wall*

Omega: Stop whatever you're doing and you're going to make an appointment with this boy.

Mayor: What is the big meaning of this? What boy? Who are you? *look at Alpha and Omega*

Alpha and Omega: Look at our suits.

dylan: *sighs*

Henry: *walks in and look at the mayor* Hello. *glares at Mayor* I'm here to take back what I lived here for.

kimmy: um do ya think it's okay to let him do this, dylan?

dylan: well, let's hope he do right thing...*Sighs*

Mayor: That criminal! The security will stop you.

Henry: There's no way. Every door is blocked and frozen by ice. Now, give me my right to live here. *storms toward to him to scare him*

Mayor: Or what?

Henry: Or you suffer my death touch.


kimmy: *facepalm*

Mayor: This is my town and you are banned from San Diego. You murdered the civilians during your time here with the E.V.I.L. corps.

Henry: That group doesn't exist anymore. *grabs the Mayor's face with his shadow hand and begins the death touch*

Mayor: *his face quickly became the skull and slowly, his body turned into a skeleton*

dylan: please, henry! ...ooh too late..

kimmy: i thought ya don't kill him, henry *sweatdrop*

Henry: We're going to have to replace the authorities with the new mayor. *look at Kimmy and sighed* It's the only way.

kimmy: but...um..*blinks and sighs* i hope ya know what ya doing to plan

Henry: I'm going have to rip the entire police force with a new one with robots and couple of people who don't know me. Then, who in our family wants to become a new mayor? It's only comfortable for me. Dr. Blackwood can make clones instead of robots.

dylan:..well..*thinks* hmm...

kimmy: well, black wood is good person, right?

dylan: *sighs* at least he is not evil

Henry: Yes. Dr. Blackwood should make apologies for the cities instead of replacing the authorities.

Alpha: Sounds good to me. *nods*

-The Next Day-

Henry and Dr. Blackwood: *stand by the podium with Dylan*

Citizens and at home: *cowering with fear and look at them*

kimmy: i hope they trust them, guys. but they are scared...

dylan: *Sighs* i know, kimmy

Dr. Blackwood: The recent mayor has died from an unknown cases sadly, but this town needs a new mayor.

Citizen 1: Well...you guys are just criminals.

Dr. Blackwood: I am a scientist. Not criminals. I've changed. The ones who were murdered was by the Shees and the Japanese Demon.

Henry: Blame them, not us. We have hard time making choices in the past. We're just sorry for causing you so much trouble in the past.]

dylan: hmm...*look at citizen*

kimmy: *whisper at dylan* what ya think?

dylan: it's up to them to vote

Dr. Blackwood: I, Dr. Blackwood, the spouse of Dr. Raymond from the 1st generation, declared to be a Mayor of this town. I will held every responsibility for the citizen's rights. The shadows...are emotional creatures. You don't want to tamper with their emotions because they can be vicious once you do that.

Henry: Does anyone wants to be a candidate against him?

dylan: hmm...

kimmy: *look at citizens*

Henry: Any call? 1st chance? 2nd time?

Citizens: *crickets*

Dr. Blackwood: Well, looks like I win.

dylan:...*sweatdrop* looks like votes settled

kimmy: guess they let black wood win then yep


dylan:?! ...kai?


Henry: *look at Kai* Who are you and you look too young.

Kai: I am Kai Yang! I am a fifteen years old man and I wanna do it! ME! ME! ME!

Henry: *stares at him* No. You have to be the one with experiences with people.

Dr. Blackwood: *sighed* Then I win...

dylan: sorry kai

kimmy: *facepalm*

Dr. Blackwood: Then it's settle...

-The Next Day-

Kai: *playing with Alpha and Omega*

dylan: guess kai's calmed down

kimmy: yeah but i wonder people thinks about new mayor?

Henry: You know them?

Kai: Yes, they're my new servants out of nowhere. I was separated from my family when I was young in China and raised in Shadowlurk
Henry, Dylan,and Kimmy: *both gasps*