Henry: *falls asleeps*

dylan: ya sure, twins?

dustin and austin: yeah selene and scumhunt had no choice about this stupid cycle

dylan: *sighs* i thought they want him be happy

dustin and austin: they do but...*look at each other*

Melanie: There's no choice. Henry is only allow to control them.

dylan: *look at melanie then look at twins nodded*

dustin and austin: yeah

dylan: then his future will doom again

-Kimmy's Dreams-

kimmy: mm?

Shun and Kristy: *appears*

kimmy: i hope my dream get better than before...huh? shun and krisy?

Kristy: For Henry's future...he will suffer what he did to your father...

kimmy:…ah...*look down* ya know dad honor battle with him, right?

Shun: He will regret everything for what he killed and being labelled as a criminal.

kimmy: what? ya know he didn't mean because shadow makes him evil ya know

Kristy: Yes, but your dad puts a death curse on him.

kimmy: hm? wait death curse? he did not put curse on him when i saw mirror because he wants to know i am safe

Shun: Maybe inside of his head. His ghost is the curse. A deadly curse that makes him fall into depression more.

kimmy: ohh that curse *sighs* i thought he accepted honor then now he going haunt henry ? that don't make me happy

Kristy: And he'll regret for marrying you.

kimmy:…what? he cannot serious! what about my decision?

Shun and Kristy: For the death of your father.

Kristy: Your decision is on your own. *disappears*:...i don't like this

Shun: Demons, love, torture, haunt, and shees will all torment him to death. *disappears*

kimmy:….true...*sighs* why they keep torment him because stupid curse?! that is not right! ohh! i wish i knew how to save him from silly torment

* A voice told her "Give up" *

-end of dream-

kimmy: huh? give up? *wake up and sit up*

Yona: Hey Kimmy. *smiles*

kimmy: oh! hello yona and sorry for this, guess i dozed off wait is it your voice in my dream?

Yona: Yes...I said "Get up"

kimmy:...oh strange, in dream, this voice says give up...oh well guess dream makes misunderstood me

Yona: Well, that's one strange dream then. But do you want to go to the park today to visit Henry and the others? They're having a picnic.

kimmy: oh! sure henry did invited me too *goes with her and told her about dream what shun or kristy said*

-Park at the Picnic-

kimmy: what ya think, yona?

Henry: *rubbed his head and really weird from the sugar rush*

austin and dustin: take it easy, cousin

Yona: Well...it's odd, possibly a warning. *look at the picnic* There they are.

kimmy: *nods at her then look at them and smiles* hello guys!

austin and dustin: good timing, gals ! *waves at them*

Skipper: *opens the portal and growls to get the intruder away from Varen and Victor* Stay away!
kimmy: huh?

austin and dustin: what's wrong, skipper?

*someone grabs skipper's head*

Skipper: Ahh! *yells*

austin and dustin:*looks surprise*

Henry: *look at Skipper and gasps*

Skipper: Get off of me! *tries to get the person off of his head*

*someone fixes him to turns him into new shee with heart without evil then tosses him to yard*

austin and dustin: HOLY CATS!

*someone looked at them and turns to varen and victor*

Varen and Victor: *still in the machine in a dream mode*

kimmy: *stares*

Skipper: *unaffected by that person's spell and growls and yanks the person's hair off*

*someone walks to machine and typing on machine then elbow skipper away*

kimmy: umm...should help?

Varen and Victor: *suddenly the memories flickered away from them and starts screaming in pain*

austin and dustin: are ya nuts? shees are our enemy, i remember?

*someone push button to show them see truth about shees are bad, evil then turns them into new shees without evil*

Henry: *grabs the person who were on the machine* Get off!

*someone and look at henry*! *grabs him*

austin and dustin: what ya doing, henry?

kimmy: *blinks*

Henry: No one hurts the half-shee! *look at Someone and takes off the cloak*

*someone look like henry but hair with mixed purple and blue*!

twins: *blinks* two henrys?

kimmy: ok i am confused

Henry: *gasps*

?: ya shouldn't do this and i have stop this before they destroy us!

Henry: What do you mean? Who are you?!

twins: *blinks*

kimmy: yeah who are ya?

Summer and Winter: *growls and sees the portal and opens and grab the person who invaded the lab* What are you doing here?!

Varen and Victor: *tries to go back to the process of dreaming their childhood*

Summer: *sees the purple and blue hair boy that looks like Henry* Where are you from? Are you from the future?

?: ya don't know me, but ya making mistake to let them torture us or kill us...*be caught by the shees* gah! *uses spikes to pin shees on walls* *makes needles too*

Henry: Who are you then! 1000 years from the future or less?

?: *look at henry* yeah

Henry: *looks surprise* Look here...from 1000 years from the future. All I know is the family were fighting between Shadows and Shinies. No Shee was involve in there.

?: oh, ya left then we found out about truth how we fought until shees did this to destroy us in this future *sighs* shees tricked all of us and so i have to stop them to wipe us out but my brother told me to warn ya because shees were hiding until we dead

Henry: How many years off from 1000 years of the future.

?: 1001 years

Henry: *annoyed*

?: why ya helping shees?

Varen and Victor: *immediately gets out of the machine and turned into a pre-shee form when ? messed it up*

?:…too late...*sighs* now we all doomed

Henry: Because Victor and Varen were lonely. *look at the half-shees and gasps*

Varen and Victor: *flies up and turned into a burn of prey*

?: i know! but i was trying to stop them into evil ones like this! now they will kill us no matter

Varen: Oh, it is you again.

Victor: We recognized you.

kimmy: uh oh!

twins: it means we fight?

Victor and Varen: *look at Henry Jr* Oh...we're the ones who destroy your family.

?: *growls*

Henry: *looks shocked and remembered Varen's voice* "In the Shee's paradise, the world is timeless meaning we can travel through any timeline and anywhere"

twins: then it is true?!

kimmy: *gasp*

henry jr: grr! now ya know why i tried to stop them?

Varen and Victor: *evilly smiled and then turned into a four winged shee*

henry jr: oh no...

kimmy: is it bad…?

henry jr: yes!

Summer: In the Shee's world...we are the only one. There is no duplicate of us.

twins: oh boy...

Varen and Victor: *starts pecking Henry Jr*

henry jr: AH! *uses shadow blast them away* little help?!

Henry: I can't fly.

Varen and Victor: *stops pecking and laughs*

austin: *leaps up in air then kicks them away*

dustin: *uses wraps to traps them*

henry jr: *get up*

Varen and Victor: *being wrapped in the traps*

Henry: *look at Varen and Victor and gasps in sadness* Is this is all a lie?

henry jr: *groans pain*

Varen and Victor: *look down at Henry and an image of Dr. Ewell reminded Henry and Henry reminded them of Dennis*

dustin: remember queen makes machine to make them evil, right?

Winter: Not really...but if you disturb the dream process, you mess all of them up.

austin: oh man

henry jr: don't silly! i setted up to stop them be evil! but it's ya typed machine too!

Henry: *look at Henry Jr* You don't know what you're even doing and also...how come they know you?

henry jr: *rolls eyes* i do know but they don't let me stop them and they were messing this future like shees does! remember shees suffered yours!

Henry: I don't know...

Varen and Victor: *transform back into their shee form*

henry jr: *facepalm* how ya forget what shees did to ya?

Henry: Only the seasonal shees attacked me, not Varen or Victor.

henry jr: i know then now they turned them into this!

Winter: Because you mess with their memories and they turned into this.

henry jr: because it is their turn to suffering this future like shees does *To winter* stop lying! ya mess with them too! because ya made forget their human or parents!

Winter: No..the machine doesn't wipe their memories little kid. *closes portal and picks up Henry Jr* You're the one who's annoying us.

Henry: I'm confuse...you don't have a future, past, or present self? *look at Winter*

henry jr: ohhh no wonder shees made people blame each other *shakes head and uses shadow weapons around winter and glares at winter* still lying

Winter: *let Henry Jr go* No. We don't have any of those future, past, or present shee. We are timeless and we are the only one.

henry jr: *rolls eyes*

Winter: *look at Henry Jr* This is not a lie *hisses*

henry: who mess timelines many times? shees did messed timelines many times as annoying!

Yona: The Shees but it's true. They don't have a past, present, or future form.

henry jr: hmph...*crosses arms*

kimmy: *sweatdrops*

twins: but, shees did fought us or tried kill us then now this future?

Winter: *creates an icicles sword and points at Henry* Do you want me to kill your ancestor?

Henry: *steps back with surprise*

henry jr: !…n-no…hey! leave henry alone!

Winter: Go back to your timeline *opens the portal to the correct timeline*

henry jr: *growls at winter* i will get ya for this, shee *scoffs and to henry* beware of shees, as warning and they will plan to kill us or your family *Goes into portal*

kimmy; *blinks*

Henry: You're the ones who need to be warn.

kimmy: *facepalm*

Winter: *closes portal* Now where were we? *turns to Victor and Varen* Now that future boy messes them up, I guess they stay shees forever.

twins: *sighs*

kimmy: hold on, why not fix them back to right "shees" back?

Winter: No. *then all of the seasonal shees laugh together*

kimmy: *stares*

Victor: *growls at Dustin and Austin*

austin and dustin: what? we just stopped ya attack

Varen: *uses shee strength to get out of the cage and flies up with Victor*

twins: umm we did not make cage

austin and dustin: and where cage from?

dustin: just wraps like web

austin: yep

kimmy: ok can we back to picnic? it getting me confuse

Victor and Varen: *flies up the sky and then turned into vultures and peck at Kimmy and Dustin's tail*

kimmy: hey! *shoos them away*

dustin: what ya doing?!

Victor and Varen: *caws and pecks them in the head*

kimmy: help henry! *makes chant to block peck*

twins: *makes winds to blow them away*

kimmy: henry?

Henry: *eating a sandwich*

kimmy: *stares at henry*….*Sighs*

Victor and Varen: *flies away*

twins: *Whisper to kimmy* i don't get it, why he took side of shees?

Chrona: *comes out with a time gear necklace and put them on Victor and Varen*

kimmy: hm?

Victor and Varen: *immediately turned back to normal*

Chrona: I found a cure for half-shees.

kimmy: really?

twins: good timing!

Seasonal Shees: *all frustrated and hated Chrona and teleports*

time skasker: i helped chrona! meow

Chrona: Time gears singing the clocktower's chime song.

kimmy: ohh that's how to save them *smile*

time skasker: meow, shees lied at ya but shees forced this boy back to future, yep meow *Shrugs*

twins: aha! i knew it and he did tried save our families/friends

kimmy: hush, twins *to chrona* umm about henry... ya know, warning from future?

Henry: Nope *smiles*

kimmy: hm?

time skasker: ?

Victor and Varen: *falling from the sky when they lost Shee powers* Ahh! *landed on the ground.

kimmy: oh my

Varen: *took the necklace off* That hurts from the sky.

austin and dustin: ya ok?

Victor: At least...we're still half shees. *takes necklace off*

austin and dustin: well, that means good news, right?

Victor: Yes...

Henry: Then we're all good.

kimmy: yeah...

Varen: The Shees put us in a machine to show us our past childhood was like until is was disturbed.

twins: ah...

Victor: The process was to see how long we can stand it