Here I Am

By Alison Reed

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to this story. This is a true story, though I have changed names and places to protect those involved. Since it is a true story please don't be to harsh. Thank you.

May 31st, 2014 10:18 PM

I haven't written in so long. I don't really know where to begin, so much has changed. For starters I have a job and am living at grandma and grandpa's. This is so weird. It is weird being in town all of the time. Another piece of news, I almost have a new boyfriend! It's Stewart! I really like him. He has been so good to me. He's the reason I got my job. He is very different from the other guys I've liked. He is sweet, cute, and he's bigger. For the first time that doesn't bother me. I like that he is bigger, it fits him. I found out today that he has lost fourteen pounds. Way to go Stewart!

I can't stop thinking about him. Maybe partly because I don't want to. I can tell each day that I am changing and growing up. It's a good thing, but is also scary. So much has changed so quickly. Mom has left dad for another man. They are trying to work on it. I don't have much faith. To be honest I don't care if she comes back. I will never be able to trust her again. She didn't just cheat on dad. She lied and stole money from all of us! I'm surprised that I don't hate her. And Stewart comes to mind. He helps me to destress.

I got my first pay check today! That is exciting. I had to fill out W-4 forms! That was not fun. I told Stewart how I feel about him today. It went really well. I was so nervous I was shaking. I wonder if he noticed. He said we could hang out and see where that leads. That doesn't bother me at all. That is what I was hoping for. I know that with this chance I have a really good shot. It would be so easy to fall in love with Stewart Hallman.

I can almost hear his voice. Oh, his voice. He sings, dance, and speaks Spanish! He is so cute when he speaks Spanish. He knows I have a crush on him, that is what I told him today. I don't think he realized just how big of a crush it is. I wish I could remember everything that he said to me today. I played the scene over in my mind many times, but I've forgotten anyway.

Oh, a few things I forgot to mention; dad is moving into his new appartment tomorrow, and grandma's brother is coming to visit Monday, June 2nd. We have to clean the whole house. I just remembered what Stewart said! Finally! When I told him, by his car, he said, "No!"

I am so tired and sore from today. I didn't work, so I skated. I get to skate for free. I love that I can still skate. At least for now. Ben told me that my skating is improving. He said that they might need me to skate sometime, so it was good that I was getting better. That'd be cool, but I don't see that happening, because the girls aren't allowed to skate when we work. Jerry told me years ago that they don't get respect at the other postions. Things are changing at Skateworld though, so maybe one day.

After note: I know this first chapter is a little weird, but I was just getting back into writing in my journel again. Trust me this gets better and a lot longer. Thank you for reading and please review.