"Price!" The English teacher, Mr. Odom shouted while slamming his hand on his desk, startling Samantha out of her gaze out the window. Samantha raised an eyebrow at her teacher and his mouth twitched. The school bell rang, ending the school day. Before Samantha could leave, Mr. Odom, called her to the front of the room "Don't you get tired of doing this everyday in class?" he asked.

"Don't you get tired of writing blue slips up for me?" Samantha asks back and grabbed the slip on the teacher's desk and walked out.

"Did you get detention again?" Samantha's friend Mindy says at the door. Samantha nodded. Mindy knew it wasn't like Samantha to get detentions so she knew better then to think Mindy was changing. "So wanna hang out later?" Mindy asked.

"Can't" Samantha replied flat out.

"Whyyyyy?" Mindy whined.

"I have stuff to do; I'm a very busy person." Samantha replied and stopped at the front doors of the school. Mindy was pouting. "Don't pout; I'm not your boyfriend I don't have to be with you 24/7." Samantha said with a sigh.

"I know, I know, but you're my best friend, we use to hang out all the time together." Mindy whined "I'm kind of used to having you around."

"I'm Sorry Mindy, but I'll see if we can maybe hang out this weekend, see you later." Samantha replied. She walked out the door while looking at her phone. A black car was parked at the corner she turned every day from school. The black car started its engine and followed the street down when she passed by it. She saw a pair of eyes look at her through the glass but she just ignored it. When she got home she slapped the blue slip on the table next to her other ones and threw her shoe at her friend, Cory.

"Welcome home, its nice to see you home too." Cory says while catching the shoe before it hit his face. Cory didn't go to school, he was home schooled.

"That makes 20." Samantha says.

"Cuse me?" Cory asks.

"That makes 20 blue slips. And 20 evil days of talking back to my teacher, I better get my money." Samantha snaps.

Cory laughed "I really didn't think you'd do it." Cory got up and counted the total blue slips on the table and looked up "They want you in quest room."

"For what?" Samantha asked.

"Does it matter?" Cory replied.

Samantha started walking upstairs "I still better get my money." She took her hair out of her pony tail and put on a white shirt, black pants, black leather boots and her black leather jacket.

"Have fun, don't get the boss angry." Cory says.

"Like I would try." Samantha replied while opening the front door and walking out.

She walked to this big black glassed building and punched in a code of numbers. She walked though the doors and was welcomed with a bunch of 'Heys'.

"About time you got here." Samantha's friend May, greeted when Samantha walked passed her.

Samantha was born into a world of Slayers. She's been a Vampire Slayer since she lost her parents at 5 years old, and May has been her friend ever since. "What does boss have planned for us this time?" Samantha asked.

"Um…the usual duh." May replied.

They walked to a room "I'll be waiting outside." May mumbles while looking at her phone.

Samantha walked inside the room and sat in a wheelie chair.

The boss was looking straight at her, hands crossed under his chin "Price. You, May and other members of this society are going to track down another society."

Samantha raised an eyebrow "And what is this other society?"

"There's a society that makes vampires, and kills us." The boss replied.

"Wow, so when we find the place what do we do?" Samantha asked.

"For one, finding the place isn't going to be easy, they must have about 500 vampires outside the building. I don't expect you to get far." The boss replied.

"Gee, thanks for believing in us." Samantha says.

"This Society is very strong, but it has its weaknesses. I want you and the other to get into the slayer building and gather as much information as you can, understand?" The boss explains.

"Yes sir, so when do we start?" Samantha asked.

"Tonight, and every day till then, and of course without getting kidnapped, killed, or caught." The boss explained "And don't push it too far, you know what happens when you wear yourself out."

"Yea yea." Samantha replies and got out of the seat and walked out of the room.

"Took ya long enough, I even changed. So, you ready to search the hell out of that society?" May asks.

"You know it, let me get packed." Samantha says and walked off to her little slayer room. The room contained, and knifes, bows, bombs, bullets, anything else you can think of in a slayer's room.

After Samantha got ready they hurried away on their journey. "Hey Price, want to be the first one to get inside?" a boy asks.

"Hey, want to be the first one to be killed?" May asked the boy who asked Sam that question.

"Excuse me!" the boy scoffed as something sharp flew past him.

"You see, you're big mouth got us caught!" May shouted and started running into a safer spot with the rest of the slayers.

The weapons that came flying towards the slayers way suddenly stopped and a bunch of vampires walked out into the area where they were hiding. "There's nothing out here we need to get back to post." One vampire said. Another sniffed the air "No there's people out here for sure. I smell one." Samantha looked over to the boys who where close by her, they shook their heads and pointed to May who was holding her arm. "They're probably just passing through. Let's go." One of the vampires said and walked back towards the society building.

"Slayers, change of plans. Only the girls will be allowed to get in through the front entrance, boys, you'll have to sneak in. Do you copy?" the leader of the group asked. The slayers received this message through their earpiece.

"May's been hit. I don't think it'd be safe for her to go in." Samantha said back into her earpiece.

"Then go in alone Price, our time to figure out what this society is up to is limited." The leader replied.

"I can go, I'm not dying. It's just a little cut, It'll heal." May interrupted.

"Either both girls go or just Price, okay? Get the work done for today." The leader ended.

"Good luck you two." One of the guys said. Sam nodded for May to come along as they started their trail.