I saw my soul sever itself

from my flesh and off it flew.

It broke the bonds of my mortality

and I watched, awed at the view.

I saw it soar, spiraling skyward,

And as it circled my spirit smiled.

Perhaps, I pondered, it'd pierce the sky,

Pure and cheerful as a child.

Clean through the clouds it cannoned upwards,

Rocketing with rascally rejoicing and glee

Lively, laughing and loving and lifting up higher

Til suddenly it was someplace my eyes couldn't see.

It certainly seemed it would still ceaselessly

Sail higher and higher for all eternity

But heavy and hard it became indeed,

Revealing my guilt and my grief and my greed.

It slowed and it stopped and suddenly began

to slip and to sink back towards the world of man.

It crashed through the clouds with a stentorian sound

It accelerated severely as it swiftly sped towards the ground.

It smashed through the surface sinking deeper still

Towards the fiery furnace the forlorn souls fill.

The cacophonous clamoring of the condemned's cries of pain

Pierce the soul, struggling crazily to find something that's sane.

I awake with my heart, pounding hard in my chest,

As if a myriad of madness beat within my breast.

"A nightmare. Just a nightmare." I first mumble, then, cry

aloud, for I know where I'll go when I die.

For my sins, no recompense will heaven allow,

It's true, why not then send my soul to hell now?