"I can't believe I'm going to camp! Its gana be so fun!" Sunny says as she finally spots the sign for the camp she's going to.

"You'll be sharing a cabin with your brother, he's already there. He caught a ride with his friend." Judy (mom) says while she was entering the camp.

As soon as she was parked as close as she can, Sunny jumped out the car and looked around, sunny has shoulder length dirty blonde hair and shiny green eyes "I can't believe that I'm here already!" Sunny says excitedly.

Judy got out of the car and took Sunny's bags out the car and put them beside "Have fun, be safe. You'll be able to find your brothers cabin right?" she asks.

"I hope, I'm pretty sure I can…" Sunny replies looking around.

"Ok see you soon." Judy says as she kisses Judy on thee cheek got into the car and drove off.

As soon as Sunny knew her mom was long gone she started to look for her brother's cabin. "…why aren't there any names on these cabins…" Sunny says as she walked inside a random cabin, three girls were in the cabin and they were doing something,

"Hi…I'm new here I'm looking for-"

"I know who you are…your Devin Dejade's little sister right?" the girl asks.

"Y-yea…sorry to interrupt you but do you know where his cabin is?" Sunny asks.

"Oh yea, but first let me introduce us, my name is Savannah this is Katherine and Autumn." Savannah has long curly light brown hair and crystal grey eyes.

"Nice to meet you, my name-"

"Sunny, I love that name, its so…sunny!" Savannah says cutting Sunny off.

"Haha…well can you tell me where my brothers' cabin is?" Sunny asks.

"Sure, come on girls." Savannah says and walks out the cabin. Savannah led Sunny, and the other girls, to Sunny's brothers' cabin, when they got there Savannah stopped "Welp here you go~ See you around." then she walked off with the other girls following her.

After the girls left Sunny knocked on the door, when no one answered she let herself in and put her stuff down. Minutes later when she was done packing her stuff away in an empty cabinet, she hear boy voices outside laughing and yelling at each other.

Then the door opened and two boys were just staring at her, one was about her age and another looked like he was about her brother's age "What's wrong? Oh, hey Sunny. About time you go here. Guys this is my little sister Sunny." All the boys said hey and started talking again.

"Did you meet Brooke yet?" the boy that looked her age asks as he walks up to her.

"Who?" Sunny asks tilting her head.

"Hey, Devin can I take Sunny to meet someone?" the boy asks.

"Sure." Devin says jumping onto his bed.

Sunny followed the boy out the cabin, "I never got your name. What is it?" Sunny asks.

"It's Landon." Landon says facing her smiling. Landon was pretty cute to Sunny, he had short golden blonde hair, dark royal blue eyes and dimples when he smiles.

"Ah…well who did you say you want me to meet?" Sunny asks.

"Her name's Brooke, she's really nice. I bet you two will become good friends." Landon replies. They walked through some kind of forest when they finally spotted a girl sitting on a bench next to a river.

She turned around when they were making loud crunching noises, because of the leaves. "Hey Landon." she says getting up and walking to them.

"Hey, well this is Sunny. She's Devin's sister." Landon says.

"Awesome! I'm Brooke." Brooke says holding out her hand.

Sunny shook her hand and smiled "Why are you out here alone?"

"I don't really know, probably because it's the most peaceful place on camp." Brooke replies, "So, what are you guys up to for the day?", Sunny shrugged, "She's probably just going to hang around us today." Landon replies.

"Kay, well I'll go back to campus with you two. I think the scavenger hunt is about to begin." Brooke points out. They started walking back; Sunny and Brooke were talking on the way "So did you meet anyone else other than me and Landon?" Brooke asks.

"Yea, this girl named Savannah and her friends Katherine and Autumn." Sunny replies.

"Good good. They're nice, well her friends are." Brooke says.

"Ok everyone! Make a group of 4 and come see me to get your map!" one of the consolers says waving papers in the air.

"Wana be in our group Sunny?" Landon asks.

"Sure, who's going to be in it?" Sunny asks.

"Me, Brooke, and my friend Jayson that you never met." He replies.

"Oh…" Just then Brooke was walking back with this boy.

"Hey Brooke, Sunny this is Jayson." Landon says when they were close enough. Sunny thought he was drop dead hot. His brown hair hung right above his shiny blue eyes that were just perfect on him.

"Hey, Nice to meet you Sunny." he says holding out his hand.

"Haha…you too." Sunny replies shaking hands.

"You look just like your brother; do you act anything like him?" Jayson asks.

"I'm pretty sure I don't." Sunny replies laughing.

"Is this your group of four?" one of the councilors asks handing them a paper.

"Yep, thanks Avalon." Jayson says looking at the paper.

"No prob. Good luck. Oh and mom wants to talk to you after this Brookie." Avalon says then walks off.

"That's your sister?" Sunny asks looking at Avalon then back at Brooke.

"Yup, don't we look alike?" Brooke asks. Sunny did think they looked alike, but their hair were done differently, Brooke had hers braded in a French braid and Avalon's was really really curly but it suit her.

"Ok guys lets get to it, Girls don't trip or get hurt anytime on this scavenger hunt." Landon says.

"Ok boss…" Brooke says and Sunny laughed to herself and then they were off…until someone behind them called Sunny's name. They all turned around to see Savannah running to them and her friends following closely behind.

"Omg Sunny I was calling you for hours." Savannah says out of breath when she was in front of them.

"Really? Sorry." Sunny says.

"Its ok, I was going to ask if you want to be in our group but I see you're already in one." Savannah says.

"Haha, sorry. You could've asked me the first time you saw me." Sunny point out.

"True but I forgot about scavenger hunts, I don't even like them. Jaysonnn~" Savannah whines walking up to him and leaning on him.

"What's wrong?" Jayson asks still looking at the paper.

"I don't want to do this, what if I get bug bites or I fall or something?" Savannah questions as she was wrapping her arms around him.

"Then I'd kiss it to make it better?" Jayson replies sounding irritated but I think Sunny's the only one who noticed. Savannah sighed, turned Jayson around and kissed him "See you later" then she skipped off. Sunny had to keep herself from her jaw dropping, but she thought she had a shocked look on her face because Brooke started laughing.

They started walking and Brooke and Sunny were just talking behind "So Jayson has a girlfriend?" Sunny asks.

"Yep,Sadly" Brooke replies. Sunny sighed.

Brooke laughed "You like him don't you? Love at first sight?"

Sunny laughed awkwardly "I never said I like him, but I do think he's cute."

Brooke laughed "He is cute, don't worry I don't like him that time passed on."

"I wasn't going to say anything even if you did like him." Sunny points out. As soon as she finished Landon shouted found it as he ran towards a rock and found 4 flash lights.

"Ok we found the flashlight, now it's telling us to go to a cave to find a…rope?" Jayson says raising his eyebrows.

"We have to go in a cave!?" Sunny asks freaking out.

Landon laughed "Yep, and all the caves around this place is filled with creepy crawlers and other mystical things."

"Ok, that didn't scare me at all…" Sunny says laughing.

"The cave should be over there. I still remember going in there last year." Brooke points out. They all started walking to the cave.

"Can I take a gem?" Sunny asks looking around her surroundings when they entered the cave.

"I dono, people tell us not to, but I don't see why not." Landon replies. They started walking further into the cave when they finally found their rope but as soon as he picked it up there was a big boom and the cave shook making small and large rocks drop from the top.

"Is this supposed to happen?" Sunny asks.

"Not likely..."

"People said that this was supposed to happen if you take a gem…then we get locked in some plac-" Landon was explaining but then the ground beneath then started cracking and then collapsed trapping them in, what looked like, a hole.

"I heard someone had the same map last year. And the person got trapped and never got out!" Brooke says putting a hand to her chin. Sunny instantly freaked out until she heard Brooke laughing and shaking her head "Just kidding."

"We still have to get out of here…lord knows what'll happy next." Jayson says picking up the rope.

"What are you guys doing down there?" Savannah asks looking like she wanted to laugh.

"What does it look like?" Landon asks.

Savannah made a pft sound and flipped her hair behind her shoulder "I won't help you if you're rude to me." Landon shook his head and let out a sigh. Savannah smiled "Good, now pass me your rope." Jayson passed her the rope and everyone got out "Ooh are you ok Jay?" Savannah asks lifting up his sleeve looking at a deep gash on his arm.

"I'm fine, let's just get back to camp before this whole cave collapses on us." Jayson replies wrapping his arm around her. After they got to camp everyone went into there own cabin and enjoyed the rest of the night, but Sunny decided to talk a walk around camp. She was walking around cabins randomly looking for whatever when she spotted Jayson.

She knocked on the cabin door before walking in "Hey Sunny." Jayson says turning around.

"Hey…" Sunny replies looking at his arms that were shown and noticing how bulky he is "y-you have a single cabin?"

Jayson laughed as she was choking on her words "Yea, I didn't want one but Savannah insisted."

"Oh…are you ok? Did you really have a gash on your arm?" Sunny asks as she watches Jayson dab his shoulder with a wet napkin.

"Yea…I have lots of cuts now. But you don't need to worry." He replies flinching when he touched a long big deep gash on the side of his arm.

"Are you ok? That doesn't look ok…" Sunny freaks.

Jayson laughed "I was just kidding, it did hurt but I just flinched to see your reaction."

"Haha funny." Sunny says sarcastically.

Jayson looked at her when he said that "You're cute you know that?"

Sunny felt her face heat up "Psh…don't try to flatter me."

Jayson laughed "Good you're not like one of those girls who goes on and on about themselves when someone calls them cute."

"I'm glad myself…hey do you really like Savannah?" Sunny asks.

"Yea…I guess, she could be cute at times too but sometimes she's so clingy when I'm with my friends." Jayson replies.

"Then why are you dating her?" Sunny asks catching his full attention "Never mind!" Sunny shrieks putting her hands up.

Jayson laughed "It's ok; I'm dating her because I like her. Anyways can you help me here?" Jayson asks dabbing a wet wash cloth on his arm.

Sunny walked over to him "With?"

"Can you wrap something wet around this so it can stop bleeding?" Jayson asks.

"Or I can just wrap a bandage around it." Sunny says taking a bandage off his dresser.

"Ok, how did all these cuts happen anyways?" Sunny asks when she started wrapping his arm with the bandage, and hearing what he had to say.

After she was done wrapping his arm they sat in awkward silence "Soo…how's camp? Like it so far?" Jayson asks breaking the silence.

"I'ts fun, except for us falling into a hole…" Sunny replies. Jayson laughed at her "Stop laughing at me…nothing's funny." Sunny says crossing her arms.

"You're so cute; you act like a little kid." Jayson says and makes her blush.

"I-I should get going now, it was nice to meet you today." Sunny says getting up.

"No problem, see you tomorrow." Jayson replies closing the door behind her. Sunny smiled she thought Jayson was a really nice guy, but she couldn't tell Savannah or she'd probably get mad.