"You know how to use knifes huh?" Justin jokes then the smell of her blood drifted up his nose and he made a low growl.

"Stupid thunder storms… do you have any idea if Jayson keeps paper towels?" Sunny asks covering up her hand.

"No idea, he's probably coming back soon." Justin replies "Let me see it." He says without thinking.

"How can you? It's dark in here." Sunny points out.

"I have a phone. Comee" Justin practically whines.

"Ok ok…" Sunny says and sits on his bed holding out his hand so he could take her hand.


"Justin, are you ok?" Sunny asks noticing his eyes turned completely dark grey. His response was just licking her hand.

"J-Justin…" Sunny starts but stops and winces when Justin bit down on her hand.

"Justin! What are you doing?" Justin looked up and her and licked his lips, he looked straight into her eyes "Being loud can make people come, you need to be quiet."

"…I'll be quiet." Sunny says her mouth moving on her own as Justin started moving towards her neck. Sunny could feel something piercing her skin and send waves of pain through her which snapped her out of the trance she was just in "Jus-" she was saying but Justin cut her off by biting down harder and covering her mouth. Jayson came back minutes later soaking from the rain and pulled Justin away from her

"Dude really? You just came here, don't start." Then he looked at Sunny who had her hand on her neck. He walked up to her and made her look into his eyes and placed his hand on her bite marks and made it disappear "Forget everything that happened tonight, well up to the part when I left ok?"

Sunny nodded her head moving on her own then she tilted her head "Jayson! …What the heck was I just doing?"

Jayson let out a breath "You probably fell asleep, I just got back."

"Oh…" Sunny says still a little spaced out but then snapped back into reality and blushed when she realized how close Jayson was to her and turned away.

Jayson laughed "You should get back to your cabin and get some rest."

"Yea…thanks for letting me stay." Sunny says and stood up but slipped on something and fell hitting her nose on something hard. "O-ow."

Jayson looked on what she slipped on "How do you end up hurting yourself here?"

"I really don't know, well see you tomorrow." Sunny says opening the door and was greeted by a bunch of rain.

"Oh, want me to walk you to your cabin?" Jayson asks.

"Please…" Sunny begs.

Jayson laughed and walked out before her, leader her to her cabin "You know, you should room in with Brooke. I think her sister is with her, but she needs a pal to talk with ya know?"

"I should say the same to you. Lord knows were Justin ran off too, but I think if I ever move out of this cabin you should move in. Landon's here, my brother's here, some other older dude is here." Sunny points out.

Jayson laughed "In my point of view I think rooming by my self is fine. But Brooke's a girl; girls get lonely, just saying."

"I will think about that, thanks." Sunny says walking onto the cabin and about to open the door.

"Oh here." Jayson says tossing her a rag "I'm not sure if your brother would like it if you went in there with a bloody nose." Sunny caught the rag, nearly dropping it and touched her nose, then she dabbed the rag on her nose, cleaning herself up before walking in the cabin.

"Hey Sunny." Landon greets playing with his soccer ball.

"Hey…where is everyone?" Sunny asked.

"Um…I don't know…" Landon replied and stomped his foot down on the soccer ball.

Sunny changed before lying down on her bed "I meant to ask you think question before…" she started.

"Yea?" Landon asked while starting to kick the ball around again.

"How good are you at soccer?" Sunny asked.

"Pretty good, why? Do you want to play me?" Landon asked.

"I would actually. I play a little soccer myself, I'm pretty sure I could beat you." Sunny bragged.

"Don't be so cocky." Landon smiled, then laughed.