Aello couldn't believe she was having this fight with her parents it was humiliating and disrespectful everything she thought her parents weren't."Look, I know that it's shocking bu- "Shocking..Shocking it's crazy!" Her dad said. "Excuse me." Aello said "Since when did I need my parents permission to choose which sexuality I could be." "Since you were born I will not permit this!" Her dad studdered "Do you know how many people will think your weird!" Aello looked at her mom and rolled her eyes she knew her mom was a wuss and would never stand up for her daughter so she ended this quickly. "These "people" are strangers so why should I care what they think you should be supporting me and not treating me like I'm some alien from fucking are done here."

She left and went to her dad yelled after her to come back but she just ignored his calls she needed to get away from him and the only place she could do that was her flopped on her bed and drifted to sleep wanting to erase the argument from her mind.

Aello stretched and woke up and she knew she was somewhere else as soon as she felt her hands rub against a cold hard steel. She rubbed her eyes to adjust her around she noticed that there were wires everywhere and just emptiness ahead it was dark so she couldn't see beyond that."What the hell is this place." She said In a whispery voice. "Ah I've seen you have woken from your slumber did you sleep well princess." She heard a voice call but couldn't direct where exactly it was coming from. "Who the hell are you and what I am doing here?!" She said with a raging tone. "Don't get upset I promise it gets worse." The mysterious man chuckled. "What the hell kind of sick joke is this?" She feels a raging burn emit from her body and screams. "I would watch my tone if I were you this is not a joke and that shock collar you are wearing proves that. " She looks down. "You have got to be kidding me." "Isn't it lovely I had it especially made for you." He says in a giddy tone." "Oh yeah it's wonderful the fucking chains look so shiny it's blinding my eyes." She knew she was going to die so she figured why not be as sarcastic as possible."Now could you just tell what I have to do to get out of here and out of this collar." The announcer laughed. "Of course but first I have prepared some items for you that you will need if you don't want to die." Aello pratically scoffed at this she knew was going to die either way so it didn't matter to scanned her items it was a backpack with snacks, 2 water bottles, rope, a hat, a steel bat and a long sleeved shirt. She wondered why she would need a shirt, but than she looked down. "What the fuck you could've told me I was shirtless you ass!" She immediately put the shirt on. "Aww but than the view would get taken away." Aello growled at him. "Anywho it is time for me to go, enjoy the walk it is going to be quite enjoyable I assure you. Tata!" Aello wanted to ask more questions but just by talking to that douche she knew he was a stubborn guy so she put her backpack and her hat on took the bat in a stirn grip and started to walk.