Whats annoying about brother:

Did this in school, It's not really good but review just the same and tell me how good it is. :D (List poem) For my little bro:

The way he chews,

The games he plays,

The way he falls into a door,

He is my annoying brother.

His curly hair stands on end,

Our loving bond can not seem to mend,

For he is my annoying brother.

The sticky goo he leaves around,

He is always begging me for a pound,

He is my annoying brother.

The way he laughs,

The way he cries,

The way he hates saying goodbye...

When I leave.

Maybe he's not so bad after all,

He has been there when I need him most,

He's been there at my back and call,

He is my brother.

My little brother,

My other half,

He's always there to save me from falling,

He is my little brother.

So thanks for being there,

my little bro,

Thanks for being there to care,

Cos' your my little bro,

I love you so much,

and if you left,

I would fade away.

I love you bro,

From redheadedpichu! ;3