"Who the domination are you; how dare you treat me like that!" How dare this man take privilege, she was a queen. "How did you even get in here?"

The man lifted a hand to rub his cheek, but nothing in his posture showed the slightest remorse. " Jarvis, master of the Wind, at your service." He dropped into a bow. "I'm here because you opened the Vial." He raised one of his white eyebrows, "How could we trust you with the magic? Did you think we would let you blame our country, when you misused our gift? That could easily cause a war, I'm the insurance policy. Now what am I here for?"

He did wait for her to answer, but reached past her, to pick the book up off the table. "How quaint, it must have cost a pretty penny for this I imagine." He flipped through the book. "Well at least these are all simple spells, I guess I won't have to start an investigation for our mutual rat. You thought spirit merge would work?" he snorted "Not going to be strong enough to bring him back to life. Don't you realize that a spell like that would be forbidden magic, it makes a mockery of life itself."

'Forbidden, like I will let that stop me.' She thought as she grabbed Jarvis's hand. "Please bring my baby back to me. I won't tell anyone what you did."

Leaning over, Jarvis whispered in her ear, it took all her will not to pull away from the unwanted intimacy. "Darling, that's no easy thing, and all forbidden magic comes at a great cost-are you willing to pay it?"

"I would pay any price to have him back."

"Are you sure about that? A life, for a life, as the saying goes. In magic that is a literal thing."

"Alright." She never thought anything would prompt her to willingly kill herself-but for Nathanial she was willing. She took a deep breath to calm herself, "Take mine."

A smile appeared on Jarvis's face, and she knew that she was about to die. She closed her eyes so she that would not see it coming, and change her mind at the last second.

"Quite determined aren't you, but there is no need to go quite that far." That was enough to get her to open her eyes to stare stupidly up at him.

Jarvis placed a hand on her stomach. "A woman carries the lives of many within her. Could you live with the thought that he would be your last? Could you hold your son for four years, then walk away, knowing that your arms will never carry another baby within them."

"Walk away! I could never do that!" She slapped the hand draped over her stomach.

"Alright then, I will reseal the Vial and go." Jarvis reached across her, for the vial.

"Wait! Don't go." She pushed his hand way from the vial. "But you have to understand, I can't let Nathaniel go after four years! He's the prince, the only one this kingdom will have according to you."

"Well besides being a prince, he would also be a magician. Not only would Romania disapprove, but Serbia would make a fuss also. If you decide to do this, we will scrap the spirit merge. It gives you nothing more then a boost of speed, and energy. Made solely for a long trek, where time is of the essence. What we should do is a summoning, standard fix for a sickly magician. Then do the life transfer."

Wracked with indecision, she sank into an armchair, and put her head in her hands. A sob escaped her, as she realized how much of a cowered she had been. It was so much easer to say yes, when one knew that they would not have to face consciences. Dying was sometimes easier to face then living.

She knew in her heart that she would be taken into Luna's loving embrace upon death, so she was not that scared of dying. Starting a civil war, by giving up an heir. That was a whole different affair.

I guess there is always Kendrick. The face of Manuel nephew popped into her mind. 'If we made him the official heir; could we prevent war?' She tilted her head up, looking at Nathaniel. She had promised to do anything to bring him back. "Alright, go ahead"

A perverted look spread across Jarvis face, and she felt the a shiver of disgust run through her. This filthy old man had already dared to lay hands on her. The look did not sit well with her, not at all. "Alright, take of your panties."

She gritted her teeth, and felt her brow crease, as she fought the urge to not just slap him this time; but punch him. An unconscious mage would get her nothing at all though.

All she allowed herself was scathing words. "You are going to demand that of me too? You disgust me." The skirt was half way up, before Jarvis spun on his heel away from her.

"You misunderstood me. I just need your womb blood for the ritual." He held his hand out waiting. The bloody garment was dropped into it in short order. With garment in hand, he approached Nathaniel lifeless body. She quickly got out of his way before he changed his mind.

Jarvis dipped his index finger in the warm blood, and drew on Nathaniel's chest.

Knowing that he could not see her, she succumbed to the weakness that was taxing her sat heavily on a armchair. As he started to turn towards her, she straitened again, she would not show weakness to this man.

Jarvis handed back the panties to her, "There is no reason that you should have to spoil the dress."

Taking the garment, she whispered, "Thank you." All she got was a grunt in response.

She watched as he wiped the excess of blood on his pants, and then just stared at Nathaniel. The question, when he asked it, startled her.

"Where could I get something sharp?"

"Whatever for? Do you need it for the spell?"

"No, I'm going to give him a tattoo, might as well do that when he can't feel a thing."

"Y-you can't tattoo my baby!" Her anger was doubled by the fact, that all throughout their conversation, he was wondering around the library, opening drawers. Did he not think that this conversation warranted his attention?

"All magicians get tattoos. Gives them a fearsome look, and shows their rank. Our Tattoos grows in relation to a magicians power." Opening a drawer Jarvis found the letter opener. "Perfect." As he walked back to Nathaniel, he slit his thumb. "It also stops any backlash in magic from a blotched spell. Every magician needs one at least somewhere." With the blood from his thumb, Jarvis drew something onto his palm.

Before he reached the table, he had finished drawing the symbol on his hand, but when he slammed it into the table by Nathaniel's feet, she was not proud of the fact that she jumped just a little bit.

"I summon the imp Gali" Where his hand once was, there appeared a red and black creature the size of a dog, but that looked more like a fungi with a mouth.

"Yo, what is up boss man?" If anything the creature looked even more disgusting when it opened its mouth, with its forked tongue almost brushing the table.

Jarvis poised the letter opener in a striking position above the imp. "Open up."

The creature curled up, "Ah, Hell no! Everything tastes disgusting for weeks from the ink." With its defensive position she could not see its mouth, it just inflated then deflated with every word.

Jarvis waved the vial in front of the little blob, "I will give you a lick."

It popped up like a spring, "Two, and you got yourself a deal!"

Jarvis nodded, "OK, one now, and the other when I'm done." Jarvis shook the vial, then dipped his index finger in.

She was totally flabbergasted when she saw Jarvis arch his back, and shiver.

He held it out to Gamakichi, who's tongue shot out, and licked it off. After swallowing, Gali obediently stuck out his tongue for use.

Jarvis ran his thumb down the slippery appendage. He stopped halfway down, and drove the letter opener in. The letter opener came out coated in a thick black ink. Jarvis then bent over Nathaniel to dig the knife into his cheeks. Setting down the knife he put his thumb in the still leaking tongue, and smeared an extra layer of ink on top of the slowly leaking wounds.

"Now Gali, I want you to go to summoning pad in my house, and tell Anko that I will have to stay here for a while. I think about three weeks should be good." Jarvis held out another drop to the toad. "Now be gone with you." Even before the tongue returned to the imp's mouth, it had disappeared into smoke; leaving in its wake, the smell of sulfur.

Jarvis once again dipped his finger into the potion, and drew over the pattern already stained red.

As Jarvis completed his finger painting, he muttered something in Serbian, and the pattern started to glow.

She had to bite her lip to keep from gasping as Nathaniel opened his eyes, but instead of a babies blue, his eyes were the same red as the light that was surrounding him. But that mattered little to her, he was alive and that was all that mattered; but as the light faded, Nathaniel still had the sickly pallor of the dead. Quickly her eyes drifted to the chest praying it would move. When it didn't she had to sit down as the dejection overtook her.

"Prepare to be in a world of hurt Katina." Giving her no time to do so, Jarvis again muttered in Serbian.

His words where drowned out by my own scream, as burning/tearing sensation started in her stomach -worse then the pain of child birth - And the pain only grew worse. When it came, she blissfully welcomed the release the darkness promised her.