I passed the test. My twin did not, and now I'll never see her again.

How did this happen? Well, I'll tell you. We were at the international twin convention in which every twin of the age 7 was forced to go to. If we didn't go we were killed. Those were the rules.

Whenever a pair of twins go, they are forced to compete against each other for three days. For every day the twins face, they are to go into the separate indicated woods for 1 week. Multiple challenges would be placed in the area each twin was contained in. Each twin would be allowed to carry a backpack with the following items: a weapon of choice, an extra set of clothes, a rope, a tent, and an item of your choice that is light. Whichever twin won would live. The loser would die.

We were picked in order of seniority, so, with our birthday being on the 1st of January, we were picked to go in first. My twin's extra item was her diary, while mine was a small knife/leaf key. I would use it to survive.

Soon after we had approved all our items, we were harshly shoved into the two separate forests.

A.N. So... How is it? I've got more chapters already typed up, so I'll post those. Should I continue though? I'll keep writing this story no matter how long it takes. I just hope you enjoy the characters as much as I do. By the way, I find that intros are always bland.