Okay first off I'll let you know that there are four routes. First is Mage Wars, second is Bitter Memories, third is Dragon Soul and fourth is Promised Land. So now we'll start off with Mage Wars!

The night sky was riddled with brilliant stars. I lay on the soft grass in my backyard. In this world, a vast world full of people. There is a group of special people who are known as Mages. And I am one of those Mages. Catch is, I'm the weakest one, the best I can do is conjure up some cheap illusions.

Not like it matters though. I may ramble on in my mind a lot but I'm really shy. And as such I don't really have many friends to tell me how pathetic I am. And the ones that I do have probably don't even know about Mages in the first place.

Staring at those thousands of stars in the night sky. I single one out, the one that's dimmer than all the rest far away from the others. That's me. I remember back when I was younger my Dad used to tell me stories about how great of a Mage he was.

I wish I could be more like him. Brave, cunning, strong. A useful Mage...

My Dad and I had so many good times. He would always give me piggyback rides or wrestle with me. Sometimes he would take me out for ice cream.

I still remember the sweet sensation of the vanilla treat coating my small tongue. I grew up in a small family with just me and my Dad.

But that was fine with me. What wasn't fine was when he left, saying he'll be back soon. And never came back. Sometimes I'm not sure what to believe. I don't wanna think he left me on purpose. That's not the kind of man he was. However, I don't wanna come to the conclusion that he died either.

After he left, I moved in with my Grandfather. He always talked about how much he hated magic so I never got the chance to hone my skills. Otherwise I would get severely beat up. Or scolded if I was lucky and he was in a good mood. I can still use some magic though.

But compared to Mages who actually practice, I'm mince-meat. For a while my mind just wonders. Then suddenly I come across a surprising image.

...It's me...

I'm staring at myself in awe.

Without hesitation, he speaks, "Yuuji Yuki, do you know what you want? Do you know who it is? Do you know which path you will choose?"

His voice begins drowning as he fades away. I rub my eyes awakening to the bright sun's greeting. Did I fall asleep outside? That's not good. Oh well, it can't be helped I guess. I check my watch casually. School will be starting soon. I better get going.

As I make my way to school I'm greeted by my friend Izaki, "Hey, Yuuji! Bro, how have ya been?"

I make a small smile and speak softly as the wind rustles the nearby trees, "Good I guess."

Izaki wrapped his arm around my neck startling me. "Come on bro! We're best buds, no need to be shy around me."


Izaki pumped his fist, "Now come on loud and clear this time! How are you, bro!"

I try to speak as loud as I can but instead it just comes out like a squeak, "I-uh, I'm good!"

Izaki sighs clearly disappointed but then just shrugs, "Eh whatever. You've got plenty of time to become a strong warrior, young one!"

"Izaki. We should really head to school now. Or else we'll be late."

"Oh yeah. That reminds me. I heard there was going to be a new transfer student. I hope she's hot."

Izaki and I head to school. As I'm walking out of the classroom, a blonde girl runs up to me, "Yuuji, is it really you?!"

"Yeah. Um, I'm sorry but do I know you."

"The girl's eyes head towards the ground. Clearly, I've made her upset. "You mean, you don't remember me?"

I shake my head causing my long black hair to sway back and fourth, Man I feel really bad now, "No. I'm sorry."

The kind girl smiles at me, "It's fine Yuuji. It's been a while so it's only natural that you wouldn't remember me. Anyway, I'm Reika, we used to play together when we were kids. I had to move to England."

As Reika began talking about England I noticed something strange. I sensed a large amount of mana coming from her.

"Then a thought struck me, could she be a Mage too?"

"Hey, Yuuji. Are you okay?"

Reika's voice brought me back to earth, "Huh? Oh yeah, I'm fine."

"Okay, cause you liked like you were spaced out there for a minute. Well, I have to get home, but I'll see you later. Bye!"

"Bye Reika."

Reika runs off in a rush. I wonder where she could be going in such a hurry. "Since Izaki had kendo practice, I walked home alone. Once I finally make it to my house, I decide to go check the mail box.

Lifting up the lid, I slide out a single a peculiar looking envelope with the words, Mage Wars inscribed on it. Not much mail today, I guess. " then realize, the strange envelope is addressed to me. I scan the envelope uneasily and I decide to open the envelope. I wrap my slim fingers around the rectangular paper and carefully open it up.

I pull out the letter inside. It's some sort of invitation. Inviting me to...to...to compete in the Mage Wars? I'm kind of confused on what I should do now. I mean I know I could get in trouble with Grandpa for this.

But still, it seems like it would be a good way to train my magic skills. I take out a small pen that fit perfectly in my hands and signed the envelope. Then I place it back in the mail with the resend address. I guess I would just have to keep this a secret from my Grandpa.

I walk back home. Nothing very interesting happened for the rest of the day. The blaring sun greets me as soon as I wake up. I feel really tired today. So I might as well put the crappy magic I do have to good use.

My teacher lives right next door to me and usually comes over before school. I walk downstairs and stare him in the eyes. Through our eyes and our eyes only, it is now snowing.

There you see? That's the extent of my magical capabilities. I can create illusions but only on one person at a time. And they have to be gullible enough to even believe it's real in the first place. Well, since it was now a snow day. I decided to go take a walk on the path I usually take for school when I came across Reika.

"Hey Yuuji." Reika didn't sound as happy as she usually does. She sounded kind of worried.

"Hi, Reika."

I wondered if I should I ask her what's wrong. Then she suddenly speaks, "Yujji, did you check your mail this morning?"

"I shook my head, "No. Why?"

You and I are both competing in the Mage Wars.

No way! I didn't believe what I was hearing. Reika was a Mage just like me. I never knew. So then Reika got an invitation also. But I wondered why she seemed so sad about it. "It should be fun that we're doing this together, right?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

Reika lowered her head, "I'm going to have to fight you Yuuji. If someone else doesn't kill us first.

My emerald green eyes widen, "Hold on. Um, what do you mean kill? Isn't this just for fun?"

"Didn't you read all of the letter? The Mage Wars is where sixteen powerful Mages are invited to fight for entrance into the Promised Land. The last Mage standing wins." Reika explained still staring at the ground.

Powerful Mages? I wonder why I was chosen then. "Reika. I don't wanna fight you. So I'm gonna quit, okay?"

"It's not that simple Yuuji. When you signed that letter, the price you paid to enter was your soul." Reika finally looked up at me and straight in the eyes, no less, If you quit now, you'll die."