Dear Reader,

Hello! How are you? I'm not that great. I think I sprained my wrist. I can hardly type. Oh well.

So this is the beginning of me just doing rants. These letters are going to be to you, the reader, because the world (yes you are part of the world) needs to know how stupid some of the things this planet does.

So, my first topic will be stereotypes. Goddamn. Stereotypes. Aren't they just terrible? Like, why in the world were they created in the first place. Let me get things straight; humans are complex. They are. Just saying. So if someone has a certain job, that doesn't mean they have a fixed personality to go with that job.

Another example; blondes. I'm dirty blond. That's right I can hear you all gasping. It's so horrible. Well actually, it's not. It's not terrible at all. Just because I'm a blond, doesn't mean that I'm stupid. C'mon humanity, where did you even get that idea?

Clothes as well. Just because someone wears black, doesn't mean they're goth. Maybe that's their favorite color. So what? It doesn't affect you in any way. Leave them alone. God. People these days.

Another common one. Vegetarians. I'm kind of one myself. So what? Because I'm kind of vegetarian, it doesn't mean I'm going to try to force it on to you, or that I'm a tree-hugging hippie.

Speaking of tree-hugging hippies. Have you people heard about Global Warming? That's happening. Did you hear about the sheep in New Zealand that had damage to their eyes done because the methane destroyed the radiation blocking atmosphere/shield/thing? (I'm sorry, I don't know everything, okay?) God, stuff is happening. Too much carbon also equals not good. And we are using a hell of a lot more carbon. Just because I believe in global warming doesn't mean I am a tree-hugging hippie.

Not all cheerleaders are dumb and preppy. Not all white girls are the stupid littles shits that laugh stupidly and go to Starbucks and wear miniskirts and are girly and shit. Not all black guys are super violent.

Stereotypes suck. So stop shitting around, and defy more stereotypes. I give you full permission for you to slap anyone who tries to put you into s stereotype. Tell 'em Live sent ya. And them give 'em more hell.