I trudged through the snow, cracking the ice under my feet with my exo-suit. I fell face first into the snow and looked up, spitting snow out of my mouth. I watched as a majestically gleaming orca whale breached out of the water and slammed onto the ice I was near, splashing me. The whale submerged into the icy depths and I shivered.

"I h-hate the cold." I heard the growl of a polar bear and quickly flipped around. The bear hovered over me and then swung its paws down at me. "Whoa!" I rolled out of the way and the bear smashed the thick ice with his strong paws. The bear grabbed a fish and put it in his mouth. It grunted and I exchanged a glance with it. "Well... That c-could've gone better." I began walking back to Canada and realized that I'm 3.4 miles away from the nearest Province. "Ugh. I should've just stayed and fought like Pyro would've done. He doesn't have any powers either. God, why can't I just go back to New York?" I pulled my hair back and let out a huge sigh. I heard a voice and dogs barking. I began frantically looking for a place to hide. "Most of the natives of this tundra have already tried to kill me." I don't really know how to fight without my powers so I usually just run. "I did have a spear... But." I remembered that an arctic wolf tried to kill me and I speared it. The spear head broke off in the wolfs body and I ran as fast as I could away from it.


"Wait... Is that Pyro?" I crouched down and listened.


"Yep, that's Pyro. PYRO! I mean, RILEY!"

"IT'S TONI! I SEE HER! C'MON TORI!" I furrowed my brow and jumped at the sound of a yell of success. "Tori! This is Toni." I spun around and saw Pyro in a parka and a girl with a smiling face.

"Riley!" I ran to Pyro and hugged him. "You're still alive!"

"Well... Yeah. Anyway there's someone I want you to meet. Toni, this is my big sister, Tori. Her real name is Victoria, just like your real name is-"

"Don't." I looked at the ground and then walked onto the sled. "Take me to the closest Province. We're going back to New York."

"Oh, Toni. Y'see... New York is still flooded and if we manage to drain the water out, all of the windows of the buildings are shattered and the stone and wood and all that good stuff is eroded, broken or rotted. So New York isn't gonna happen."