I can do this I can do this I can do this I can do this I can't do this I can't do this…

"For fuck's sake just get in already." Dorian said exasperatedly from behind me.

"Language Dorian" Mom hissed beside me. "And Eva, he is right, get in. its gonna be okay." She smiled at me, and gave me a small shove. Dan snorted and gave me a shove as well. I glared at him.

"I will. I just need some time." Turns out I didn't get any time at all, as Dan wrapped his hands around my waist, picked me up, and then threw me onto the grass, inside the school compound. I got up, brushed my pants and slapped him on the head. Dan scowled.

"You were being unnecessarily melodramatic Eva. 'Beginning a new phase, changes, Peter this Peter that' blah blah blah…OW. Don't pinch me it hurts. And entering the school compound isn't that big a deal. Now lets go or we are gonna be late. BYE MOM!" He hollered at her.

I said goodbye to mom as well and took a deep breath, preparing myself for the day ahead. Senior years shouldn't be this craptatstic. Sigh.

"Dan, what if everyone starts staring at me? Do I look okay?" I was having a complete nervous breakdown, momentarily forgetting I was angry with Dan a minute ago. I knew something bad was bound to happen. Gah, I needed to stop thinking about that.

To distract myself, I tried to look around me. Bridgeway High was beautiful, with sunny gardens and pretty students. High schoolers were sitting around in the grass, talking and enjoying the few extra minutes before school starts. I even saw a kid with bright red streaks in his hair hanging upside down from a tree with his knees hooked around a branch. A girl with her long dark hair in a ponytail with blue highlights was laughing at him. Then, another guy with dirty blond hair, which had black and brown streaks in it, approached them. He was wearing a black leather jacket with the sleeves ripped off. His eyes met mine and they widened in shock. He approached me quickly, smiling flirtatiously.

"What the he- oh. Yeah, Rick went punk, sort of. Just be glad that he stays away from skinny jeans." Dan sighed theatrically, but I sensed some sort of underlying tension beneath his joking words. The guy was actually Richard. My friend Rick, Peter's supposed nemesis Rick, the hilarious preppy Rick. I would not have, in a million years, imagined him to get a piercing. And now he had five, two in both ears and one labret. Holy Hera. Also, as far as I remembered, he hated black. He used to throw a fit whenever his sister, May, wore her black frilly frock. And now he was dressed mostly like a Goth kid. Un-fucking-believable.

Ignoring my sudden desire to bolt (that would have been rude) I slowly approached him. He had already noticed me, and was smirking in a really unnerving way. His eyes had this weird glint, as though he was plotting my murder. Which, knowing him, he might as well have been. Finally, he stopped in front of me, Dan trailing behind me. He didn't even acknowledge Dan; rather he very pointedly ignored him. I frowned at that, as far as I remembered, they used to be friends. I was distracted from my thoughts, however, when Rick whistled appreciatively.

"Puberty looks good on you." He said. I rolled my eyes. Typical Rick, that's what he says to me after seeing me for the first time in years.

"Puberty doesn't look like anything." I replied, snorting in an unladylike way. However, while he was checking me out in a not so discreet manner, I decided to return the favor. He was hot. I mean, I hadn't really thought about him like that ever. He was always the annoying kid who somehow ends up being a cool friend. Now, what with those muscles, he looked extremely good. Handsome in fact. The only thing that had remained the same were his stormy gray eyes.

"Stop checking me out." I said, finally, exasperated.

"Don't flatter yourself. I just liked your T-shirt." He smirked.

I felt the familiar twinge of annoyance. Ugh.

"Nice to see you too." The sarcasm could not be missed.

"Ditto." He said, his eyes were still laughing at me. I hated them, his eyes. They always seemed to be teasing me, mocking me. Peter used to say the same too…oh God, Peter. Is he here too? Of course he is. No…no don't think about that, look at the trees the sun, the…Oh good God above.

The last exclamation was uttered due to the fact that one of my least favorite people in the world was coming this way.

I braced myself for the insults as Kira sashayed towards us. The Greek Goddess stopped in front of us and smiled at Dan. She ignored Rick and directed her golden eyes at me.

"New whore in town." Her smirk was annoying, downright infuriating. Five minutes since I came here, and I was already being bullied. Not that I would ever let myself be bullied. Nada.

"Can't beat the old one." I smirked, challenging her.

"I am ready to judge, after some practical tests, obviously."

Both of us groaned at Rick's bad joke. Some things never change.

"Shut up please." Kira said, eyeing him warily. I personally thought that Kira has a crush on him. Not that I would ever curse Rick to such a fate.

"Classes are about to start. I am going. Bye." Dan mumbled and shuffled away, his head down and hands in his pockets. I frowned again, my suspicions increasing. He actually didn't talk to Rick then, huh? My suspicions were confirmed when I turned around and found Rick glaring at Dan. Glaring with such contempt, that I gasped. Rick may be many things, but he was never angry. Even Kira looked uncomfortable. Ice Bitch loosing her composure is definitely unusual. Rick was about to say something, probably change the topic, when Seth joined us.

"Hey." He said, to all of us, his green eyes sparkling. Rick grinned back at him, all traces of anger gone, and Kira snorted, very daintily.

"I shall not socialize with losers." She said, rolling her hazel eyes. She had obviously meant to leave, but wasn't quite successful as someone spun her around and plopped a chaste kiss on her cheeks, almost on her lips. She let out a melodramatically horrified gasp and shoved the person backwards. The red haired guy from before, who was earlier talking to Rick, grinned and flew her a kiss. Kira growled at him, and said in a contemptuous voice,

"You pathetic piece of shit!"

I personally found this a little too harsh. But Rick just chuckled and thumped the guy on his back, "Well done Jake. Now the whole world shall know that she socializes with losers. " He said smirking. Quite a few people were actually staring at Jake with mildly disgusted expressions, and a group of guys were actually glaring at Rick. I frowned for the umpteenth time that day. Kira, also noticing the expressions, got a fleeting look of anger, towards whom I am not sure. But she quickly stomped away, and Rick bid his goodbye and followed her after the bell had ringed.

I took out my timetable as the blue haired pretty girl approached us. I was introduced to them all. Her name was Violet, and she was in the same grade as us, and so was Jake. I had Legal Studies first. I asked the others if they could show me the classroom. Seth said he also had Legal Studies. We started running towards the building, with Jake behind us, laughing.

"So…you new here?" Jake asked me, grinning.

"Yeah. Sort of." Jake nodded and we continued trudging down the hallways fast. We didn't have much time to talk so both of them bid us goodbye and went off to their classes, while I went towards Legal Studies with Seth.

Classes were boring. I had three classes before lunch, and three after. Lunch break however, was messy.

Walking down the hallways, I felt dizzy. The school was huge, gigantic, enormous, and…well you get the idea. Finding the cafeteria was a mission in itself. I asked a random girl, probably a freshman, as she was so tiny, where the cafeteria was. She said it was across the sports field. The sports field, which was huge. Someone up there hates me.

Panting and huffing, I finally reached the cafeteria, where there was another huge line of students. The girl in front of me turned around, and smirked. Now you might be thinking why a random girl was smirking at me. She wasn't, actually. I mean she wasn't a random girl. She was none other than my annoying cruel and bitchy cousin Nicky. Kill me now.

She looked as perfect as she ever had, with her blond hair in a shiny ponytail and her dark hazel, almost brown, eyes perfectly lined. Her full lips were pulled in an annoying smirk. She was donning a small denim skirt and a dark gray halter-top.

"You look pretty worn out. Must be hard for fat people to walk that far."

I gritted my teeth, and kept shut. Replying would be like prompting her. Keep quite and she would go away. And I wasn't fat either. But how could I forget that someone up there hates me? How?

"Who's fat?" A familiar voice spoke up from behind me. I swear I felt sweat drops appear on my forehead instantly. My pulse racing, I clutched my bag tighter.

I had been expecting it. Really, I had. But I guess it didn't really matter that I knew this would happen eventually. That I would not be able to stay out of his radar while studying in the same school. No way.

Peter kept looking expectantly at Nicky, who was smirking, a malicious glint in her hazel eyes. All the wrong people in my life had hazel eyes. All of them, even Peter, although his were tinged a bit green. He hadn't yet noticed me standing in front of him. Maybe I could sneak out?

"I was just talking to Evanora here. She's new here. You remember her, right?"

God, how I wanted to wipe that stupid smirk off her pretty face. How much I wanted to punch her, to kick her, to kill her. But I, being the composed person I was, kept my cool. I didn't even look at her. Ignoring people seemed kind of easy when you wished they didn't exist. I wish I wished that Peter didn't exist as well.


Can I rip my hair out? Can I scream in frustration? Three years later we meet and all he could say is 'Oh'? I take back my earlier statement. I do wish he didn't exist. Life would have been way easier. But this wasn't the end of surprises, not even close.

"Well, Eva, I hope you don't mind that I am dating him. Not that you have any right to mind. But I just care about you so much you know? I wouldn't want you to get hurt…" she drawled.

They are dating? My cousin Nicky is dating Peter? Now I wish I didn't exist. And was it really necessary to drop that information out of the blue? I didn't bother replying to her.

Peter's hazel eyes were boring into my back, I was pretty sure. I could feel my neck burning from his glare. I also knew he was glaring when I saw Nicky scowl and turn away. I however, ignored both of them. They could reproduce and create fifty pretty babies for all I cared. I didn't give a damn.

Who was I kidding? Of course I gave a damn. I was too angry to even think straight. And is it even possible to produce fifty kids? I don't think so. Random huh?

But even though I was pretty much a hot twisted smelly mush on the inside, I pretended to be completely cool on the outside. Its time like these when Inner Eva took control. She was calm, quite, witty, and sophisticated. And I must say, my Inner Eva did a pretty impressive job that day.

"Nose, I am hungry. Buy your food and move out of the line." I said coolly, when she turned around to say something else. She reddened and quietly bought her food. The nickname 'Nose', is simply because, Little Miss Perfect had a very blunt and tiny nose. It was actually a bit cute, but she thought it was ugly, so it had been easy to nickname her that.

After she left, it was just Peter and I. I quickly bought my food and brushed past him. Did you get the significance of that sentence? I brushed past him. My arm touched his arm, a bit. It was the first contact we had had in three years. I felt a bit smug when I turned around and saw him stiffen. I also quickly studied his outfit, black pinstriped trousers and a dark green Bauhaus T-shirt underneath a ripped cardigan. Turning around, however, wasn't a very good idea in a busy cafeteria. I stumbled on something and would have tumbled backwards, had Rick not caught me. He smirked, not the evil Nicky-smirk, and led me towards his table. I thanked him and started walking towards it when I realized that Dan wasn't sitting with them. No Dan was sitting with Josh (Nicky's brother) and a couple of athletic looking guys and preppy girls. They were probably the jocks, forgive me for the cliques. Now this wasn't a tough decision.

Rick's table was filled with Jake, Violet, Seth and many other kids I didn't really know. But I went and sat with them anyway.

I had also though that Peter would most probably sit with my Dan. But instead, he came over and sat next to Jake, and started chatting with him. Now I wont really make a big issue out of this. But I still didn't get why Dan wasn't sitting with us; he was friends with Peter too. Shrugging to myself, I started gulping down my sandwich. Seth and I were quietly eating our lunches, while Rick was flirting with Violet, and Peter continued joking with Jake. Two other guys were bickering about some cartoon show, and a girl with lime green hair and two ponytails was reading a book. I didn't notice this before, but Violet's eyes were a dark yet bright shade of blue, almost violet. So cool. She was very pretty too. I may as well say that she was one of the prettiest girls in the school. Her dark blue bangs hid her face while she blushed at something Rick had said. She caught me looking at her and smiled. I smiled back, of course. I looked away and settled my eyes on Jake. He was cute, undeniably. He was the lean muscled kind. His brown eyes were dark and warm and he totally pulled that heavy eyeliner off. He had a very boyish, yet mischievous, grin. His hair was a bit long, and his scarlet bangs often got in front of his eyes, which he impatiently removed. His lip piercing looked cool too. He also had his eyebrows pierced. He didn't catch me staring at him, as he was too engrossed in his conversation with Peter. Seth, however, caught my eye, and smiled. He looked like a taller, less skinny Harry Potter, just without the glasses, and with much, much more messy hair.

I concentrated on my food, and tried to ignore Seth's smirk.

But the drama didn't end, people, because in just a few moments, Dan came and stood behind Seth, and looked at me.

"Don't sit with these morons sis."

Now I would've gone and sat with him if he had simply asked me to. But when he demeaned the others like that, no way in hell was I going to sit with him. And I had always been protective of Seth, and not to mention Peter was included in his 'morons'. Somewhere in the back of my mind I stored the question 'Why is Dan behaving like this towards his friends?' but I ignored it then, as a white-hot lump of unwanted anger burned inside me.

"No." I said bluntly, trying to sound bored.

Dan clenched his fists and gritted his teeth, and asked me to sit with him again. I gave him the same reply.

"It is in your best interest to not mingle with people like…them." He spat the last word, as though it was a curse.

"I can take care of my interests myself, Dorian." I said back, just as icily.

Dan opened his mouth to say something again, but Jake cut him off.

"Its not a crime to sit with us, you know." He said with a roll of his eyes.

Peter continued eating his lunch, as though nothing had happened, while Seth kept glancing between Rick and Dorian. I turned around to look at Rick but was unsuccessful as someone yanked me off the table, very harshly. I gave an indignant cry and stumbled towards said person, managing to get out of my chair without scraping my knees. My poor lunch crashed to the floor very noisily. The cafeteria was deathly quiet by now, all eyes staring at our table, like a soap opera was going on. The two other guys had stood up as well. The girl kept reading.

"What the fuck Joshua?!" Seth cried angrily. My eyes widened a bit, Seth rarely swore. Dan turned towards him with an annoyed look and told him to shut up. While Seth was giving Dan some witty comeback, I turned around to look at the person who had hauled me up. Dark blue eyes glanced at me with something akin to disgust and then went back towards glaring at Peter. It was my cousin Josh, someone whom I didn't like much more than I liked Nicky. It took me a second to realize Peter was glaring at him too. His dark eyes were now a murky green of sorts, but you could almost see a dangerous flash of hazel underneath. I had always loved his eyes.

Another movement in my peripheral vision made me stop looking at Peter and stare at Rick, whose gray eyes were now trained on Josh. Josh loosened his grip on my wrist and smirked at Rick.

"How's life Richard?" The question had a nasty undertone to it, as though he was implying something else. But it was Peter who stood up from the table with a growl, his knuckles, which were visible as his gloves had the fingers chopped off, clenched and whitened. It was then that some of the bangs fell more prominently over his face and I noticed that his right ear had two piercings. His gaze flickered to me for a moment and then went back to glaring at Josh.

Seth had already left, deciding not to stay and watch the fight. I found that a bit cowardly. He was supposed to help his friends in times exactly like this. I was still inwardly pleased that Dan hadn't at least said something awful to Peter. I could only hope that at least they were still friends. My hopes were crushed, however, when Peter opened his mouth to say something, and Dan cut it off saying,

"Shove it punk! No one wants to listen to you blabber. Lets go Josh, Evanora."

Before I could scowl, or even tell Dan that I wont listen to him, something beside me made a floppy and wet sound. I turned around and gasped when I saw Mac and cheese, Jake's lunch, making its descent down Josh's face and falling onto his clothes. The sight was utterly ridiculous.

The whole cafeteria held his breath as Josh's jaw slowly tightened. His resemblance to Nicky was almost striking at that moment. Then, without a warning, he shoved me away and lunged for Jake across the table. Peter acted just as fast by shoving Jake behind him the same time Rick lunged for Josh, pushing me aside. Before either Josh or Rick could reach their targets, a couple of guys I had seen sitting with Josh came and restrained him. Violet also had successfully pulled Rick back by merely shouting his name. The two other guys came and flanked Rick. Josh, unable to vent his frustration, started screaming incoherent words.

"You…losers…utter failures…all of you…all of you will…you morons…dead…all of you…the same way she went…all of you..." He kept saying, his face red and scrunched up in anger. Soon he shook the other guys off him and marched towards the washrooms. Everyone else dispersed after that, gossiping and whispering. Peter was still standing there, covering Jake, who was smirking. Rick was standing still, not even moving. Violet was glaring at Jake and Dan was glaring at me.

"What. Was. That."

Yeah I said that. Blame me for being completely bamboozled. This was all turning out to be a bad TV show.


"I wasn't talking to you." I said icily to Peter. It just came naturally, after all this trouble to ignore him, I couldn't let him just talk to me. I saw his jaw clench, but he just shrugged and walked out of the canteen. I watched him as Nicky emerged from the crowd of students and tried to talk to him while he shook her off and walked away.

"That's a good lunch wasted. I miss my macaroni." Everyone ignored Jake.

"You guys still not talking?" Rick asked me nervously.

"You two are the ones who won't be talking." Dan said coldly.

That was the last straw. I was tired, hungry, upset and angry. And that rhymed.

Anyways, I just couldn't take it anymore. This day was turning out to be worse than I expected.

"You guys are just impossible. I wont even ask what that shit was about. I can't seem to care. And you know what Dorian? I am not talking to you until you stop being a jerk."

I felt satisfied seeing their shocked faces when I marched out of the cafeteria. They deserved it, to be quite frank. Not only was everything a complete mess, it was a mystery too, of sorts. And I would have expected to be filled in about the ongoing fights and stuff. The fact that they had made me feel like such a tremendous outsider and yet somehow managed to include me in their issue, while making me believe I was the reason they were fighting, was just too much to take. I tried to calm myself down before class started and walked towards an empty room. It was the indoor stadium, and it was fairly large. I ran towards the bleachers and sat down, the emptiness around me giving me momentary solitude. But soon the doors opened hesitantly, and in stepped Jake. He gave me a cheerful smile and closed the door behind him.

"I followed you in here. Since I didn't hear you crying, I came in. Don't mind." He sat down beside me and smiled at me, his bangs falling in his face again. His hair was almost completely red, with black roots erupting, giving it a cool look.

"I don't mind. And I wasn't that sad, so no tears."

"Well it can't be nice feeling so left out and all. I didn't mean to say it that way but…you do notice that things have changed a lot since you were last here, right?" He said in a rush.

I stared at him for a moment or two, seeing him in a whole new light. I hadn't expected Jake to be the one who would understand me this much. I cleared my throat and looked away.

"Yeah I noticed. And it saddens me. Dan and Peter, those two were like…so close. And Rick, even though he used to fight with Dan, they were tight as well. How did things get so…messy? And what is Josh doing in between? It's like my family versus my friends. And Nicky-"

"Whoa whoa yeah I get it. Stop the ranting. Uh, I have heard a lot about you, you know? Dan used to talk about you a lot."

"He doesn't now?" I asked.

"I wouldn't know. We don't talk, per se." he said wistfully.

I frowned at that. They used to be friends?

"I guess you wouldn't just tell me why things are how they are, would you?"

"Well, stuff happened. I mean, we all used to be this whole huge group of friends but then Rick and Josh got in a fight and everyone started taking sides. Nicky and Seth, those two are like Switzerland."

"What did they fight about?" I asked.

"Normal high school drama. Nothing big but…well it's big now." He gave me a small grin, but quickly looked away, "Uh listen, don't mind Dan. He is just confused. Thing is, we aren't all that famous you know? More like infamous, or losers some would say. By 'we' I obviously mean Rick, Violet and the rest. So…you can hang with Josh and all if you want to…" He raked a hand through his crimson hair. I noticed a skull ring on his finger.

"I am not that mental yet. And I know all about high school popularity, trust me." I said with a wry grin.

"If you say so." His smile was disarming.

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