Soooo, while I was browsing tumblr, I saw this from the blog "theonethatgotleftbehind". (I do not have the picture, so I must quote.)

"Someone should write a musical about a group of theatre-obsessed teenagers who express themselves best through acting, dancing and singing, yet struggle to emote the same feelings outside of performing."

As a writer and thespian myself, I found this to be quite brilliant and that should definitely work on the big stage, but I need your help.

Here are things I need help with:

1. What should the music be like?

The problem with music is what genre should we put it in and what would it to to help the script?

Either way, what approach should we take? Shall we take the We Will Rock You or Mamma Mia approach, meaning we take already existing songs and incorporate them into the story? Or must we take a risk and compose our own music?

I will accept mash-ups of two Broadway or one Broadway, one non-theatre related song. ( I have thought of mash-ups aplenty)

Mash Up Examples and Context:
Matchmaker from Fiddler on the Roof and I Feel Pretty from West Side Story
Context: One girl is desperately waiting for love while the one she idolizes is getting ready for a date.

On My Own from Les Miserables and If I Loved You from Carousel
Context: Two songs with a similar premise

2. Script and Characters

For this section, I have rules.
No cliche plot points or characters.
No stereotypes, but you can avert or subvert one.
One character per role- I don't want 500 Eponine's and 134 Elder Price's. I want distinction
Any role is acceptable, but it has to fit the personality of the character

If you want to submit a character idea, you must have:
Ethnicity/Skin Color:
Dream Role and reason why:
Vocal Range:

Or if your character is an adult e.g. teacher, parent, etc
Ethnicity/Skin Color
Vocal Range (optional):

3. Script part 2

I have the general idea for the script:
It is a slice of life story set at a public high school surrounding the drama/glee club. The teacher notices that his students act drastically different outside his class and he starts to wonder why his students even joined the club in the first place.
After his observations, he challenges his students to be more outgoing like they are in his club. There will be love triangles, mediocre drama, and a decent balance of comedy and emotional moments to tug at your heartstrings.

I also need help with a title. I'm thinking about "Don't Dream It, Be It".

Characters I have come up with using my template:

Thanks for your feedback! I love feedback! To let your creative juice flowing, I will give a few character examples- two students and the teacher

Name: Alexander Morrison
Gender: Male
Occupation: Geometry/ Drama club teacher
Hair: Straight, normally neat (or in his words, fabulous), black hair
Eyes: light brown and wears thick Weird Al-type glasses
Ethnicity/Skin Color: Caucasian
Age: 25
Personality: He is a pretty decent teacher, but a terrible not the best person. He has the exact same fears and insecurities as his students. He is the one who is nebulous and forcing his students out of their comfort zone; well he still is young. ( If you are working on scripting this character, DON'T MAKE HIM OBLIVIOUS TO HIS STUDENT'S UNCOMFORTABLENESS! EMPATHY IS STILL A THING!)
Vocal Range (optional): Tenor

Name: Margaret "Maggie" Wyss
Gender: Female
Hair: Wavy, reddish-blonde hair normally put in a side braid
Eyes: Bright green eyes
Ethnicity/Skin Color: Caucasian
Age: 15, May 13
Personality: As the youngest member of drama club, she still is quite naive and the most enthusiastic of the 22 students in the club. Outside of the club though, she is the shyest person you would ever meet. Other characteristics of Maggie are that she is also the sweetest person you will ever meet, she gets easily distracted, and gives the best psychiatric advice.
Dream Role and reason why: Sally Brown from "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown". She sees this character and acting in general as an outlet for her excitement and can rock "My New Philosophy".
Vocal Range: Mezzo-Soprano.

Name: Fredrich Mars
Gender: Male
Hair: shaggy, light brown hair
Eyes: dark blue
Ethnicity/Skin Color: Caucasian
Age: 15, September 25
Personality: Fredrich has often been misinterpreted to being homosexual due to his flamboyant, outgoing personality outside of drama club. He tries to work on the over-eccentric attitude inside a closeted environment with those with similar interests.
Dream Role and reason why: He has always found the role of Angel Dummont Schunard quite alluring.
Vocal Range: Baritone