Don't Dream It, Be It Updates

"Music update: My fellow compatriot, POTOperson, said this on my deviantart:"Genre-wise I think that, considering it's a show that seems to lend itself to a hodge-podge of characters who love the diverse world of theatre I don't see why not get diverse with the genre too. I mean you've got Chicago, The Phantom of the Opera, Ragtime, Once, Hairspray, The Music Man, and In the Heights all with vastly different musical styles but they're all considered showtunes. When considering if you want to go original or get already established songs, depending on what you ultimately want to do with the show, knowing how easy or difficult it would be to get the rights to the songs. Granted, it would be exceedingly cool to mix already established songs since they are expressing a love of theatre but original music is always cool."I agree with this: She has written a musical herself, check it out. ;).

I need more mash-up and song suggestion help: Here's what I have so far: my Matchmaker/I Feel Pretty mash-up (I will definitely use this one), "It Takes Two" from Into the Woods, and an original song about theatricality.

Character update: To ensure positions: There are 22 members in the club. I need parents, more teachers,a guidance counsellor, and antagonizing students. Template is in my dooblydoo.

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