Hi everyone,

How are you? I hope each and every one of you is well and full of your favorite food. I am doing well too, and I have some news to share with you.

First of all, The Lotus and the Loon has launched on Tapas today. It's got an absolutely beautiful new cover that they designed (I am sure you'd all recognize it when you see it, haha!) and I couldn't be more thrilled with Tapas as my new home. Though the book has technically 'launched', I was told that next week they will be doing the promotion for TLTL, so I suppose that's when the real publicity will begin. I really wanted to check in with my fictionpress readers before that time, though.

If you would like to sign up for Tapas, it would be in your best interest to use this code - GRAC104Z. This will give you 200 coins when you make an account, and overall make it easier to continue reading TLTL in the future.

Tapas is a site where readers must pay-per-chapter, at least for premium authors like myself. I realize this may disappoint a lot of you, as you've come this far with me while the chapters were free. The good news is, though, that you can gather coins on Tapas without ever paying a dime. You just watch a few ads and you can easily gather enough coins within a minute or two to read a locked chapter. I think it's truly a great feature. I'll also be giving out free chapters in the future.

My chapters have been priced at 105 coins. I really feel that I need to humbly state that this is not within my control. It is entirely Tapas that decides the pricing of chapters. They consider aspects like length and I am guessing quality (?) Lol. I see reviews sometimes where readers are blaming the authors for the chapters being unreasonably priced, and rating the book poorly because of it... and it just makes me feel really sad for those authors, because it's beyond their control.

Also, the maximum length that Tapas wants for a chapter is 1500 words - much shorter than what you guys are used to. Essentially, the chapters are 'bite-sized' pieces meant to be read in under fifteen minutes. What this means is that I had to chop ever chapter up into smaller chapters in order for them to fit these specifications. So now, TLTL is seventy-five chapters long! Lol! And so far, only fifty have been uploaded. I was told by Tapas that they'll update the story at five episodes a week, until the reserve is drained. You are all up to date on the story at this point, so it'll be approximately one month before you see an update to the story on Tapas. I hope this makes sense.

I would very much love it if you guys could join tapas and leave a review of the book :D Even if you're discouraged from buying the chapters further, I would very much like to have a piece of every one of you that I can read and remember how far we've come together. Or you can just scribble on my wall - I'd like that, too!

I'll have to take the chapters of TLTL down from here soon (like, today or tomorrow). I'll probably leave the first four up for free like Tapas has done. Please also follow me on twitter (AT GraceZimmermann), so that I can keep you updated once the story comes down from FP. Or you could just go to Tapas and subscribe to stay updated! God, this a lot to explain, innit? I hope I am not overwhelming you.

That's all for now. Stay dandy! See you on Tapas!

Ps. I very much encourage you to download the Tapas app! It's very well designed and easy to manage, and that's the only way you can watch ads.

Pss. I am writing a new story for the FicFun competition! The first chapter is up now on FicFun! It's called The Tempest Tower. I'll be competing under romance (oooOOooo) so please anticipate me and follow it, if you like! It's a story idea that I have carried with me since I first thought of Handmaiden and TLTL. Maybe I should call these three ideas the Primals, LOL. They're the strongest out of all the ideas I've ever had, and also the oldest.