This was created for an assignment that had a word limit, thus the exposition and overall plot is limited. I might elaborate on this in the future.

By Adrian Chong


The rocking wakes me. I instantly notice the pain. My entire body feels like it was thrown about a washing machine. I can't see due to some sort of mask. I struggle against the bonds, but the chains aren't made from regular weak iron. The front of my mask slides open and it takes a moment for my eyes to adjust to the light.

"Congratulations," the short man dressed in black military attire smiles maliciously, "you were chosen from our Australian prisoners to be taken to our experimental laboratories."

"What is this?" I snarl.

He shuts my mask and laughs. Now I remember. I was in my office. Boss said there was someone important who wanted to see me. It was my lieutenant. Then there were a lot of explosions. The building collapsed and everything went black.

My coffin lurches backwards and slams down onto a conveyer-belt. All of the chains and restraints pop open. The coffin is pulled apart and I'm ejected into a prison cell.

"Remove your dirty clothing," echoes through the cell, "and put on the uniform."

I survey my cell. It's tiled with pristine white stone, but I'm sure underneath that there's heavy metal. Experimental laboratory the man on the truck had said. No way. No one gets to do whatever he or she want with me. I approach the door and curl back my arm. It looks like reinforced steel. I should be able to bust this down. There's a familiar sound - the sound of a knife sliding into flesh. Pistons and cranks clatter in the wall. It slides open to reveal a pair wearing worn military clothing.

"Were you a police officer before this?" the older man asks with a stern look.

"Obviously," I snort, I am still dressed in my police attire.

"Come with us."

"I would have been fine on my own, but whatever."

The older man checks around the corner.

"You can call him Law," the female accomplice explains, "I'm Fii."

Fii's short blonde hair is looking nice despite what I assume to be a war situation. The cracks of Law's rifle echoes throughout the hallway. Several bodies thud to the ground in the distance.

Law heads down the hallway and stays to the right side. Fii follows after him and I follow after Fii. A grenade rolls down the hallway and the two back away. I stroll up to it and kick the thing back down the hallway. It bounces against the far wall and blasts off the white tiles to reveal the black metal beneath. There's a cascade of marching and we turn into the open doorways of the cells. Fii tosses two handguns to me. I catch them and quickly check them. There are the safety clips, that's how they fire and there are the triggers. Law and Fii shoulder their rifles and wait.

Law detaches what I assume to be two explosives from his belt and hurls them down the hallway. A moment passes and there's a double crack. We all turn out from our hiding spots and take aim. Law and Fii aim for the chests of the black clothed soldiers, but I easily hit headshot after headshot. I empty the magazines efficiently and Fii kicks to me spares. I turn back into my doorway, quickly reload and tuck the three spare magazines into the back of my belt. Law is the first to dash through the hallway and to a doorway that's further up. Fii goes next. Then I go.

There's a single metallic stomp. Then another. The mechanical monstrosity marches around the corner and turns its heavy machine guns down the hallway. I duck into an empty cell as it starts sending mail. There's a brief moment of respite and I leap through the hallway to Law.

"I'll bait it, shoot out its guns and I can take it down," I quickly instruct him.

"Wait what?" he exclaims worriedly.

"Just do it!" I snarl at him as I dive back to my original spot.

"You are ordered to surrender and receive punishment," echoes from the machine.

"You are ordered to suck my dick!" I call over my shoulder.

I earn a giggle from Fii. He starts shooting again. I jump out from my hiding spot and sprint down the hall. I don't give a single care to the bullets whizzing by me. They burn across my shoulders, arms and legs, but with two cracks, the onslaught ceases.

I tackle into the machine and we slam into the wall. He swipes at me as I reel away. I assume a stance and he throws a wide hook. As I catch the hook, a compartment opens on his chest. There's a flash of light and I'm on the ground with my ears ringing. Everything stabilises and I jump to my feet. My shirt has burnt away, but instead of blood, there are crimson sparks flickering from my wounds. I gather the sparks in my hand as I charge at the machine. I dodge his left swing and my counter-punch burns through the machine's chest. I reach inside, grab the front of the pilot's shirt and I slam him against the inside of his suit until he's limp. I retrieve one of Fii's handguns from my back pocket and fire two shots into the suit. I let the carcass drop to the ground.

"Damn, I knew Australians were crazy, but damn," Fii commends.

"How can you tell I'm Australian?"

"Aside from your brass, you have a slight accent."


"What kind of police officer are you?" Law asks with narrowed eyes.

"The ex-military super soldier type," I grin.

There's another metallic step. Fii and Law drop to the ground.


I furiously stampede down the hall at the mechanical soldier. I melt the thing down from head-to-toe with my roar.

"No one touches my comrades without getting through me first!" I bellow hoarsely as I collapse onto my hands and knees in exhaustion.

There's a hand on my shoulder. It's Law.

"How are you?" I manage to ask.

"We'll live. We were just momentarily overwhelmed by shock. Our vests negated most of the damage."

Law presents his hand to me, but I stand on my own.

Law takes the right turn and slams the end of his rifle against a keypad, which causes it to go into an emergency and lock the doorway. Fii turns left and waves for me to follow her. We approach the gaping hole in the ground. Fii jumps through. Then Law. Then I drop in after them.