"Do you have a clear shot" A low, calm female voice said over the static of a in ear walkie-talkie.

"Not yet... Give me sec to readjust" Replied a firm monotone male voice from the other end.

"You have one shot...Its hit or miss, don't screw it up or i'm the one who going to take the lectures" The women readjusted her walkie-talkie earpiece and peered over her shoulder to make sure she wasn't being followed.

"I have a clear shot" Said the man.

The women looked over the crowed of people, who were waving and cheering at a man who was giving a speech on a large platform.

"Take the shot when he's finished"

Across the street from the cheering people was a tall gray office building. On the roof of the prodigious office building was a young man in his early twenties, laying low and adjusting his sniper rifle.

He breathed in slowly and focussed his aim towards the man on the platform.

The man finished his speech and waved to the crowded for another round of applause.

"Take it" Said the women instantly.

The man held his finger on the trigger, gave one last breath, and...

Before he could fire, a little girl in a pink frilly dress, ran up to the man on the plate form. They hugged and smiled at each other with delight.

The man hesitated to pull the trigger.

"What are you doing? Now..."

Nothing Happened and the crowd kept cheering. The man picked the little girl up so they could both pause and wave to the crowded together.

"Now!" The women became more frantic as the man started to leave the platform with the little girl.

The man stared blankly at his scope. The man was no longer is his view and he began to breathe more heavily to readjust his aim.

"For christ sake..." The women rushed through the crowd, pushing her way to the front toward the man. She pulled out a long, silver hand gun, and fired twice.

The bullets hit directly as predicted and the man fell to his knees. The crowd screamed in terror and fled in all directions. Under the cover of the frantic crowd the women managed to escape without notice.

The man on the building looked blankly though the scope at the dead body. He sighed, and lowered the gun in front of him. His face was blank and emotionless.

The women escaped to the back ally of the office building, rushing to avoid contact with the authorities.

"What the fuck was that!? Isaac!?" The women yelled in the walkie-talkie.

The loud screech from Isaac's walkie-talkie made him cringed.

"My mistake, I didn't anticipate..."

"Didn't anticipate my ass!" The women grew furious.

"Lets just pray that this passes with the higher ups." The women let out a sigh and leaned on the brick wall behind her.

"And lets pray that you don't get terminated for this.

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