I thought I knew my way

Where I would go, the things I would do and say

I thought I knew best

What I needed more or less

Yet I've regrets and sorrows from shame

For what I've reaped was a scarred name

I tried to hide, Yet where can I go

That You, Lord, are not there with me, even in Sheol?

I tried to run from Your encompassing love

Reaching out to me from above


Your love called me out of darkness into light

Your truth sets me free from guilt and pain mine by right

It's Your kindness that leads me to repentance

It's Your great mercy that ushers me into Your presence

In You alone I find my purpose and acceptance

What it means to live and never fear again


I could never earn Your love, Yet You freely give

I've failed You countless times, Yet You graciously forgive

You turn my heart, renewing in me a right Spirit

You make me a new creation

(repeat Chorus x2)