I shake,
in absolute perfection, in absolute revulsion,
yet who am I to judge?
To allow it to exist – both as one, two equal
halves multiplistic in nature – oh, but could I?
Deny myself parts of myself, revealing
one core truth:

Evolutionary, visionary, impeccable,
there's a cosmic pattern in the space
between my particles and yet there
is physical. I am present in each layer,
mirror images of mirror images, cascading
down waterfalls of universal light.

And here I stand centered and unfazed,
my soul always knew. I am uniquely individual,
yet totally alike. My world, a reflection, projects
holograms, just ripples in a pool of the seed that
started it all. I am but a flower, blooming softly,
blooming harshly, blooming with all drops
of the oceanic spectrum of life.

I sit in mindful silence, observation,
a double blind experiment of sorts. Detached, yet abruptly
born into this body, searching for a kingdom,
a castle,
a home.

Who am I to judge? The ups, the downs,
the spontaneous poetical release. I came
here like an arrow, drawn back in a bow,
straightly shot to hit a target
of learning and growth.

I witness my lessons in centred awareness,
in grounded knowledge, in peace. I return to battle,
the weapon of heart raised in recognition,
in compassionate forgiveness for myself.
I release the burdens. I am free.