(Well i was my mom's birthday on monday so i dicidied to write her a poem...this is how it came out and i am pretty proud of it.)

Not so many years ago

An angel fell to earth

And though she didn't know it then

One day she would give birth

To a child small and dear

Who wants nothing but your mirth

It may not be in history books

May not be taught in school

But this mother that god gave to me

Is worth more than all earth's jewels

As a child small and young

I knew nothing of the earth

Not the breeze of all it's beaches

Or the sun's burning worth

I knew nothing of the world

But the beating of your heart

The love and care you gave to me

And the kindness of your heart

I cried and cried

Till the angel turned

And smiled upon me

She's made me laugh

She's made me cry

Even taught me how to speak

I love that angel

Very dear

I love her voice

I love her hair

Her kindness is unrivaled

And too her very soul

I've never met another saint

With such a bright halo

So on this day

That angel came

From heaven up above

Another falls to say hello

And just to send it's love