Today I wrote this poem
And kept it in my head
I told about the foam
And weeds on the seabed

The fields of golden flowers
On snowy-crested heights
And maidens in their towers
Awaiting shining knights

Then I wanted to recite
And found it wasn't there
Had a case of bad stage fright
I couldn't breathe the air

Audience eyes pry and stare
Probing into my mind
Lines and verses hiding there
They vainly try to find

Silence is getting awkward
And I can't speak at all
My thoughts are going backward
I think I'm gonna bawl

Mommy, help me, I'm too scared
No, wait, she isn't here
Do not worry, I'm prepared
There is no need to fear

You'll see I came well equipped
I will try to save face
Hold on, I'll go get the script
I brought it just in case!