Verse 1

Pounds of flesh wrapped upon

Ounce of morality.

Hounds of self-righteousness

Pounce on my sin city.

Chorus 1

Morons fooled by the delusion

That my heart's frozen in dry ice,

Turn up the heat so I will burn

In pits of hell they patronize.

Verse 2

Holes made by sermons in

Soul that has awoken.

Hold the books of God that

Told me that I'm broken.

Chorus 2

Words engaged in the depiction

Of me as sinning, fallen, lost,

Only push me away from the

Holy One smiling from the cross.


I don't believe in a creed

Where the wounded are judged

Instead of being nourished.

Ripped my tragic existence

From your religion,

My faith in it has perished.