Wednesday 27th August 2014

I actually have no idea what to write, so, hi! Welcome back to any of the people who were with me when I wrote A Mouldy Life and for those who weren't, an introduction is in order! My name is Astrid and I am a 15 year old girl from London who sometimes gets annoyed that my cousin Cas is older than me by only 3 months and 15 days. It annoys me greatly. Like I said before, I have a cousin called Cas who will turning 16 in less than a week (I didn't say that part). I also have a cousin called AJ who is Cas' younger sister. She's 14.

Next is my brother Jake, who is a very annoying, slightly psychotic 12 year old who tries his absolute best to annoy me at all times. Then there are my other 2 cousins; Cleo (7) and Jessica (5). I never see them. But I am seeing them on Saturday. I think.

In my last pillowbook/blog thingy I shared thoughts from my eccentric mind with all my wonderful readers. However, in this pillowbook, I will be explaining to the world my tips on how not to be a teenager. You may think that's a stupid thing to do, especially coming from a teenager but according to The Mother (that's my mother if anyone didn't get that), I am not normal. Her reasoning is that I prefer to spend my time sitting in my room on the internet or writing (actually she doesn't know I write) or reading (actually she doesn't mind that) rather than going outside. And, as I always point out to her, I DON'T CARE.

So, technically, this could be counted as mocking The Mother but, like I said earlier I DON'T CARE. Welcome to The Manifesto On How Not To Be A Teenager.