Hello again.

How nice to see you.

Please come in, stranger, and I'll tell you that I've gotten

Some great news.

The outside world will be ready in a thousand years

For me to return to it.

(Please have a seat on the ashes)

Now isn't it wonderful?

That the water will be clear from it's evil

In three thousand months?

(Would you like some tea brewed from nothing?)

And the air will be at rest someday soon.

The birds will fly once more

After they learn to walk without legs.

And I'll have a sweet doggie with two tails and three eyes.

She'll lap my face with a forked tongue

My skin will melt.

(Good dog, good girl)

Maybe the sun will eventually look down on us and smile

Like it used to...

And I will see my little girl again.

But that's impossible, I know.

As you remember,

She was torn to pieces by a rising cloud.

I kept her favorite toy wrapped up in a blanket

Just in case her pieces decide to come together

And visit me.


Now my friend, while I've been rambling on,

Remembering things from after the Great War

You've taken a turn for the worst.

Dear, how long has it been?

One year, two?

I see you've come back from the war

And you've lost more than you had.

Why are you so gray?

Like gentle, swelling clouds.

You're so quiet

So still.

Stay a while and rest.

You might find your strength in the morning

Though I doubt it.

The air outside caused your lungs to explode

And your bones have liquefied inside.

I'll put you back where you came from

Because you radiate a sickness I wish not to catch.

A kiss good-bye

As was the old world's custom.

Come back when the wolves with ten eyes have eaten their fill and you've gotten better.

Mark where you fall

So I may come and see you

When the world is ready for me.

In only a thousand years...