June 6, 2055

World Location: Cyberpunk Reality

"Will he be alright?"

"What happened back there?"

"The police won't tell."

"His hair's all white, too…"

"What's up with that? Is it dyed?"

"Not even close…Too much stress, I'm guessing…"

"From what?"

"He was covered in blood when they found him…"

"I hope he makes it…"

"Wait a second…White hair?"

"Yes. Is there something wrong with it?"

"Isn't that the White Haired Killer?"

"It can't be…Just a boy with with a serious case of stress…"

The boy's eyes were completely shut, and these faint female voices echoed in and out of his head. What was happening? White hair? That was his avatar's hair color…They shouldn't have any knowledge of that…Those bitches shouldn't know! It filled his soul with rage. Yet, his eyes wouldn't open. He tried to recall what he'd done in order to get here…Blood…That's right…Blood…So that's what happened…

Before he could continue thinking, grogginess took over his body, and the beeping sound representing his heartbeat began to slow. Was he…dying? No, it couldn't be. Just a dream, right? Asuna would come wake him soon, and it'd all be over. Just another…day…Another voice suddenly came into his mind.

"Your wrath will have not been in vain."

It was like flipping on a switch. The boy suddenly remembered everything. The torture. The killing. The world that wasn't even real. Punishment. He remembered when he stabbed that person. He remembered the feeling. He'd enjoyed it, and the torture made it all the more worth it. A wide, deranged grin crept across his pale face from behind the oxygen mask. He spoke hoarsely,


World Location: Reality

The screams echoed through Wrath's ears, canceling out the sound of wind through his pure white hair. It was very late, during the period where casinos were at their busiest. Yet, they were screaming in terror. From his perch on the nearby skyscraper, he watched as people filed out of the booming building faster than he'd imagined. Fear really was a good source of adrenaline. Go figure. Hanging loosely in Wrath's hand was some sort of black mask. He'd always loved seeing masks in anime, and this one was clearly inspired by one of them.

Completely composed of black leather, with holes to see and a creepy smile across the mouth with sharp teeth all around. Wrath simply put it on using the zippers at the edge, taking care not to get his hair. He made sure the white strands were on the outside of his mask, and his eyes were closed as he cracked his neck carelessly.

"Only me today…" he muttered dejectedly. He opened his clearly deranged eyes, the left one brown, and the other crimson. "Let's just get this over with." The words were weighted with annoyance and a sprinkle of insanity.

He leaped off the building, and quietly landed somewhere within the panicking crowd. The sounds, having only clawed at his ears before, now crammed themselves into his mind now that they were closer. Wrath did not pay attention, as he made his way through with his hands in white pockets. He slightly adjusted the collar on his black shirt, hoping he looked rather presentable. To think, of all the routes he could've taken, he took this one. The path as an unofficial son of Satan. He smirked at how ridiculous it sounded. Yet, as he neared the looming gold building that was the casino, he found himself not thinking it crazy at all. There were plenty of crazier things…Including himself.

People didn't seem to notice him as he moved in the exact opposite direction they were going. Wrath remembered well; he was the one running towards danger, while everyone else was running from it. He'd think it annoying, but he wasn't Sloth. That sly bitch managed to evade every fight…Lazy ass…But, as he entered the casino, he remembered who the true pain in the ass was. Actually, there were two. There was Pride,

And then there were Demons.

They weren't exactly what some would think. They were less humanoid than Wrath expected during his first encounter with one, with weird back legs reminiscent of a dog's but feet like a gorilla's. Their torsos were typical rectangular shapes, and the designs varied. The head reminded the Sin of an anteater, with the oval-ish head and beady eyes. To top it off, they radiated with their specific element. This particular Demon was giving off an orange glow, classifying it as a Shield Demon.

Wrath groaned knowing that; they were always tough cookies to break through. Satan just had to have these kinds of things running around, didn't he? It's not that the Lord of Demons was bad, per se (Wrath didn't believe in judging someone he'd never met), but it was his unpredictable minions that were the problem. Their initial job was to suck out the blood of humans who were kicking the bucket on their way to the Underworld. There are the absolute rule followers, and then the dicks Wrath and the other Sins had to deal with.

"Oi, Shield!" the Sin called blandly in a grating, muffled voice, making the thing turn around. It's been feasting on a woman's head detached from her body. The slot machines were completely destroyed, and the fine golden carpet was torn to pieces.

The Demon made no response, only growls that sounded like something out of a computer as it chomped more of the flesh off. Wrath lazily traced a finger around the sharp white teeth on his black mask, eyes focused on his opponent as the tip of his finger brushed lightly against the zipper.

"Could ya drop the head?" he requested, pointing at the woman's cranium (which had its face completely torn off).

The Demon ignored him, instead opening its jaws, about to finish its meal. That's when Wrath got pissed off. Faster than lightning, he came up behind the monster, and plunged the entirety of his forearm into its back. It arched in pain, completely shocked at the sudden strike. Its alien-claw hands, which gingerly held the remnants of a brain, slowly let it drop to the floor amongst the rest of the body.

"Wasn't so hard now, was it?" Wrath hissed, retracting his pale limb, which was now covered in orange slime. "Alright, where's the leader?"

The Demon didn't speak, for it was a low level class, and was hardly considered intelligent. Wrath realized this, and simply smacked it in the side with his bare foot, sending it flying into a slot machine. It shattered, causing a billow of dust to appear. The white haired Sin sighed, having no clue as to where the leader of this little uprising was. After all, Demons like that don't just wander into Reality from Hell; something has to open the Portal. It makes one wonder why so many Demons exist in the first place.

Wrath, getting bored, decided to advance on the Demon before him. He recalled how to deal with the ones called 'Rebels.' Apparently, since he was infused with Satan's blood, he could consume the Demons. Cracking his neck again, he looked the Shield Demon up and down.

"Hm…A little rough around the edges, but you'll make for a good meal with the right cuts," he muttered, reaching for the extra zipper that ran through the mask's mouth. "I should count myself lucky I happened to come across that manga…" he whispered as shreds of his drooling jaws appeared behind the cover of the mask.

The Demon was dumbfounded, as Wrath slowly picked it up by the snout and felt around its orange body with his free hand. After squeezing the right shoulder for some time, he brought the monster closer, and then sank his teeth into the area, making the thing writhe in agony. No screams were emitted, as the Sin made sure the snout was shut tight. He chewed thoughtfully, and swallowed.

"What nice texture you have…for an animal," he growled, before tearing off another piece.

As he continued eating away at the squirming Demon, it shrank and shrank until it fit into the size of his palm. Wrath shrugged, popping the rest into his mouth like it was a lemon drop. He sighed, zipping up the mask once again.

"Wonder if Pride had any luck…" he muttered with a swallow. "…Yeah, probably."


June 6, X746

World Location: Magical Reality

Falling. That's what it felt like to her. Opening her eyes revealed that a black cloak trailed behind her, along with strands of fiery red hair. She recollected what had just occurred. Fighting, finished with the explosion of white light. She had wanted to fight that fight, and wouldn't let anyone interfere. It was all because of—

"Your pride will be given satisfaction."

That voice…It burned through the girl, like hellfire. What was it made of? Regardless, one side of her lips curled upwards. She spoke in a young, cocky voice.

"It better be."

World Location: Reality

Pride wasn't one to mindlessly kill someone like Wrath was. She was well aware of the perks of interrogation. And this was no exception. Her red eyes gazed at the Demon through fiery red bangs, and the air was exceedingly hot.

"Now, I'll ask again; where's the leader?" she asked in a confident voice.

"You think I'll talk to a lowly Sin like you?!" it roared back in an electronic voice, struggling in the chair. Sweat poured out of where its forehead would be.

Pride sighed, shaking a wave of fiery red hair. "I don't like interrogating any more than you do. Just answer the damn question, already."

She cracked her knuckles boredly, and adjusted the black hood on the short sleeved black jacket. She suddenly planted a dirty red sneaker into the Demon's face, sending it toppling to the floor with the chair. He landed with a loud bang, groaning in pain. Pride brushed aside a stray lock of hair, which had grown past her shoulder blades the past three years. As the oldest Sin, she had to keep the others in line…Yeah, right. She loomed over the Demon, the humid air now filling itself with the smell of burning charcoal.

"I'd rather not waste fire on scum. Tell me where the leader is, and maybe I'll let you go," she growled impatiently, resting her foot on the edge of the chair.

"Th-the outskirts of the city, at the Devil's Bar!" the Demon squeaked.

Pride suddenly burst out into a fit of laughter, confusing her prisoner. She heaved out gasps of laughter, until she was curled up on the floor, rendered helpless to her outburst. After a few minutes of heavy wheezing, she slowly got up and wiped tears from her eyes.

"Th-that look on your face…" she gasped out, before banging her head on the black jade wall heavily in hilarity. She then made an attempt to recover, and succeeded. "Whew…I already sent someone there, and they'll pick up Wrath soon…Hoo…"

"Y-you already knew?! Bitch!" the Demon yelled angrily, struggling to sit himself up.

Pride suddenly grabbed him with an an intense glare. "Did you really think you could hide from our best tracker?"



World Location: Garden's Reality

Hunger. An accurate way to describe his current state. Hunger for food. Hunger for drink. But no hunger for knowledge. No, not at all…That was definitely satisfied. The boy was quite certain of what was fact. He wished to test his knowledge, as well as his apparently bottomless pit of a stomach. He thought long and hard. A good way…A sudden strike of loneliness hit him. He hungered for that as well.

"Gluttony? That's becoming easier to find. However, your sin has surpassed many others."

He blinked, noticing the scent of something there. His nose twitched, and identified it as something worthy of an alliance. Perhaps he wouldn't be so lonely.

Gluttony gazed at his reflection in the small lake. He was sure that it was not bent or distorted by any factors. This was his true reflection. He was rather skinny, with a long navy blue robe with a thick white scarf wrapped around his neck and shoulders. His brunette hair was quite tangled (but looked like a fresh haircut when compared to Wrath's), his black framed glasses were nearly arranged upon his boyish face, and a triangular Japanese kasa was set upon his head. His nose twitched, and he sensed the familiar sense of a white haired individual. He quietly moved through the shadows with his traditional geta sandals.

With his enhanced speed, Gluttony made it to the casino, where he saw Wrath playing with one of the few remaining slot machines. The fellow Sin looked up with the creepy black mask still on his face.

"Hey, Gluttony," he said, as three chimes followed. "Need somethin'?"

"Yes. I would like you to accompany me to the targets' lair," Gluttony requested.

Wrath hummed lowly for a second, examining what he got. It was followed shortly by a ringing tone indicating a jackpot. The Sin calmly collected his massive earnings and pocketed them. Gluttony couldn't see behind the mask, but was positive the guy was grinning.

"Now, then, shall we?" he offered.

Gluttony grabbed his shoulder, and they suddenly vanished with the assistance of a Teleport spell. Both felt the twisting sensation pulling and tearing at their bodies, and it was far from pleasant. Gluttony was still working out the kinks, after all. When the spell took them to where they wanted to go, they examined the area. Just a typical dark alley in some random place in town. Gluttony adjusted his glasses, making the spectacles reflect large amounts of the brightly lit half-moon.

"Let's go," he said. "Follow me."

He dashed towards the darkest area, Wrath trotting behind with his hands in his pockets full of cash. He was most likely grinning widely after winning at the slot machine. Gluttony decided to ignore his fellow Sin and then approach a black iron door. He began to enchant, until Wrath came around and simply kicked it open.

"We really ought to train your physical ability, Gluts," he said with narrow eyes.

"…Hmph," Gluttony replied, turning his head upwards. "You have your methods, and I have mine."

"Tch, let's just go inside." Wrath took large steps to enter the hideout.

When they did, they were presented with a room that was designed to resemble the structure of a volumetric flask, with a small hallway leading to a circular room. The black iron walls curved around the pair to give off a tubular feeling. The floor consisted of squares of iron. At the end, two Demons were waiting for them; two Leader Rebels, to be specific.

Leader Rebels were a class of Demons that had human levels of intelligence, along with humanoid forms. The one on the left had tan skin with black hair and brown eyes. He wore a simple unzipped red jacket and loose black pants. The one on the right was blond with blue eyes, wearing a blue jacket and white pants. They stiffened when they saw Wrath approach them.

"Are you the leaders of that Demon back at the casino?" he asked calmly, lightly cracking his fingers upon themselves.

Sweat appeared on their foreheads, and Gluttony took a few steps back and began analyzing the room. It was about five meters from here to the opposite end, and approximately six meters wide. This should be a rather entertaining fight, Gluttony decided. The blond haired one placed his hand on his chest.

"So what if we are Demons?" he asked, and then Wrath confirmed their identity.

He quickly ran up and aimed a punch at the blond's face. He barely managed to dodge, and the black hair decided to take action. Wrath flipped over the incoming punch, landed behind him, and sunk his elbow into the Demon's spine. The blond Demon, with a yell, began charging his fists with electric power, but Wrath suddenly stuck his fingers into the outstretched jaw, shoving them down his opponent's throat. The power faded, and he collapsed. The black haired one gasped with fear, until Wrath approached him.

"Your hair pisses me off," he said, slowly pulling the zipper on his mask. With a swift motion, the Demon's brain was exposed and he then fell to the floor, dead.

Gluttony applauded lightly. "Well done. Brutal as always, aren't we?"

Wrath zipped his mask. "Sure, whatever."

Gluttony snapped his fingers. "Ah! We need to get back; Greed said he found another Sin!"

"Wha…? Someone for the Sin of Envy?!" Wrath exclaimed. "Seriously?!"

"Yes, yes. Let's get going." He grabbed his companion's shoulder,

And they teleported away.