The Rebellion VII

"Wh-where exactly are we going?" Envy asked hesitantly.

"Oh, you'll see," Urie responded, his voice attempting to mask excitement. "We've been searching for a unique individual like yourself for a while, now."

"I-I see…" His legs were mobile, and he now slowly trailed behind the scientist.

They reached a door, and it blended so well with the walls holding it that Envy would have thought it a dead end. That is, until Urie twisted the barely visible doorknob under the night sky. He sighed.

"For you see…" The door opened, revealing an iron room completely bathed in black, "our previous experiments…" There was a single table there, and Envy saw a body on it, "have failed so miserably."

It was Kaguya's body, limp with cyan hair in tangled clumps. Envy's eyes widened, and he let out a deep gasp. "You…"

"Hm? You knew her?" Urie glanced down on him.

"You psycho! How could you do that to her?!" Envy screamed hysterically, tears already pouring out of his eyes. "She was a kind—"

He was cut off by a thick needle plunging into his mouth, and poking out of his nape. Urie glared at him, all traces of emotion having disappeared. "I hate people like you, thinking of others like that. It doesn't help that you're part Fallen Angel."

Envy's body went sluggish, numb to the pain of the needle. A drug…? Or was it a suppressant…? His body felt drained of something, like he had strength, but was denied access…His knees buckled under his weight, and Urie caught him. "That's better. Now up we go."

The scientist carelessly shoved off the corpse and smacked Envy in its place, cuffing him with short chains at the wrists and ankles face down. He made sure it was secure, before moving towards the left of the room. His fingers ran over silver objects—objects used for surgery. He checked to see if Envy was conscious, and when he affirmed that this was so, he turned back to the tools.

"You know, my parents were killed by Sins," he said emptily, starting up a one-sided conversation. "My mother was a Demon, and my father a human. Hybrids rule Reality, and the people don't even know it." He found a thin scalpel, freshly sharpened. He continued talking while examining the edges. "I know you aren't the Sin that I'm looking for. However—" He walked towards Envy, the tip aimed down. "—Deciding to work for Satan—" He plunged it downwards.

"Is unforgivable."

The screech that came out of Envy could shatter bulletproof glass. The action and force of piercing, the senses that he felt, it overwhelmed his brain. Random thoughts barged into his mind, attempting to distract him, but it was to no avail. It all traced back to the small of his back, and the blood that leaked out of it.

It hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts!

Urie chuckled. "Now, let's find out what's inside that unique body of yours. We'll start with the back."

It was so painful. I remember every moment. The scalpel carving out my skin. The screams from my voice until I lost it. Over and over and over over and over…I felt like my body was burning at the stake, and my mentality was draining. There was nothing for me to cling onto. Kaguya's corpse was there, and no one interrupted. It was just me and Urie, alone in a place worst than hell.

I was fed tiny spoonfuls of food every four hours. Thinking back, I don't want to know what was in it. All I knew was that I could rest— right before getting plunged back in. He'd always cut open my back. He cut through it so many times, his fingers poking around my insides, calling it 'science'. My kidneys, my stomach, and my spine. The tears I shed during those twelve were out of pity…for myself. I was helpless in this situation. And I was going to lose it.

After three days of succumbing to his methods of 'research,' he began to integrate torture. Slicing off my arms, only to watch them regrow. Fingers were cleanly sliced, and nails peeled off their tips. And it just kept growing back. Growing and growing and growing and growing! An infinite cycle of pain! His laughs were always there, bouncing off the walls! They went in one ear and out the other, never ending! My hair lost strands and grew new ones, tangling itself like a clumsy child with a jumprope. Vision blurred, and my brain dull…

Seven days…Strands of gray have begun to appear. My dark eyes had equally dark circles. Urie and I had never slept. He'd always be indulging in pleasure at the sound of my hoarse gasps for breath.

"Hey, wanna do an experiment?" he asked. "I have a spider here; a black widow. I'm gonna see what happens when I let her give birth in your head."

"Nononononono…!" I hissed out, voice lost from screaming. I coughed dryly. "Please don't…!"

But my pleas weren't heeded. The spider was inserted, and crawling sounds echoed in my brain. My regeneration kicked in for the thousandth time, and my voice was restored. Screams bounced off the wall, until it slowly turned to laughter.

My laughter.

I laughed and laughed, until I cancelled out the crawling, and blacked out.

Twelve whole days. Urie said that I'd been out for that long. My wounds had healed, but my clothes were torn. I weakly looked to my left, and was horrified at what I saw.

While I was unconscious, he had…he had experimented on Tsukasa.

"You…monster…" I said. "Monster…monster, monster monster monster! You fucking psychotic monster!"

And he laughed. "For a Sin of all people to call me that!"

He grinned. "I suppose we've done enough experimenting for now. I must dispose of these bodies."

With my eyes wide, he left, Kaguya in one arm, and the dead Tsukasa in the other. And then—


Whose voice…is that?

"Rin, don't forget to be nice."

Those words…Dark eyes were screwed shut, and they only listened. The body was sitting in the chair, chained tightly to it to prevent from sliding off.

"Never forget…Violence is not the answer."

Ah, that voice. He knew who is belonged to now. It'd been years, but he remembered well. His limp body refused to move, so he spoke. The voice was nearly dead, and the sound that came out was raspy and quiet.


I am the Sin of Jealousy, Envy.

He knew that now. Envy had accepted that it was a cruel world. He had also accepted death, and that it was inevitable. The voices of the spiders told him. Their life was short, and they wanted to be useful during what little time they had.

"Then be of use…to me…" he whispered hoarsely. "I have…so many ideas…So much imagination…So much willpower…heh heh…"

That was right. His Scela…It was one of imagination. Heh heh heh…They would all die before him…But first, there was someone to be taken care of. Someone to be the first victim. Oh, this will be so much…fun. Urie came into the room, hands empty and reeking of rotten flesh. He moved to the wall of tools.

"You've been so patient," he said. "And you have a strong will. I like guys like you the most for research. Now then—"

"You die." He was cut off by two powerful words, and the sound of stabbing.

He had been stabbed.

"You—weren't you supposed to be weakened?!" he asked between gasps of pain.

"Pain is just weakness leaving the body," Envy hissed into Urie's ear, a sword twisted into the scientist's stomach. "And you've drained out every last bit of it."

And the conversation ended when the black sword split off in multiple directions, piercing Urie's heart, brain, and limbs, thickening, until he exploded in a shower of blood. Envy began to laugh. "I did it…I have power…"

"I have my drive, hahaha!" He cackled under the moon.

Present day

"They're here! The An—" A cry from far away, and then silence.

"Retreat!" Another cry.

From his position, the leader of the Rebellion stood, his face obscured by his hood. A member beside him looked at him. "Sir, Urie has been—"

"Who cares?"


"We have more pressing matters, like God's messengers." He turned to the source of the screams of bloodshed, as holy pillars of light began to rise. There were figures clothed in white, their wings glowing with the power of heaven itself. "I believe—"

That it is time for war.


This 'war' that was spoken of by the leader of the Rebellion never happened. The Angels were more than a match for them. It ended with a complete domination. The Sins that Envy belonged to only arrived to see the aftereffects. The bodies littered everywhere, without a single trace of their comrade. It was like he had been a ghost, haunting them without them knowing it. There were, however, an absurd amount of spiders lurking in the area. Sometimes—it takes a single action, and some thought, to realize that that action was a mistake. Sometimes, one will think—

I…am a monster.