I toss and turn on a bed of my tears.

Wishing I could sleep



I fight with the words,

The words that keep swirling around my head.

My head fills with the voices,

The voices of those that judge me based on

My past

My family

My appearance

"That poor girl is doomed to make her mother's mistakes."

"I bet her temper is like her father's, watch out for that one."

"Oh, she comes from a broken home, you know she'll never get out of that."

"Divorce runs in her family, no use even trying with her then is there?"

I can't drowned out their cries and accusations.

"I'm not my family's mistakes!" I scream, but the voices just get louder, over powering till it is only their voices ringing through my mind.

I want to silence them, I need to silence them, but I don't know how.

Everything I do to prove them wrong only seems to prove them right in their minds.

What gave them the right to be so cruel?