An Introduction to the World of Zeffernon

Magic, it is a very familiar word, familiar, but it's also an extremely vague one.

So far, the only clear definition of magic we have in our thesaurus is that magic is some kind of power that influenced courses of events through the usage of mysterious and supernatural forces. It is a curious thing how humanity has given such a definition to something that is often accepted to be unreal.

For all we know, magic is mostly noted to be unrealistic. It is mostly accepted to be a fabric of our imagination in this world, where the logic of mathematics, science and philosophy dominated over everything else. In our heads, we all believe in the findings of science and mathematical proving, for the two studies had brought humanity significantly closer to certain truths about this world, and in some ways, it has brought us closer towards the absolute 'Truth'.

But, there are also other supernatural subjects that we humans sometimes believe in. Strangely enough, these supernatural subjects are things that we cannot explain. Yet, we believed them and even accepted them to be part and parcels of our everyday life. The most common examples of such subjects are the world religions, and existing concepts of luck, chance and fate.

Even though these were things that sometimes lacked logical explanations, we trust them enough in such a way that they are eventually accepted as simple liabilities, to the point where we brush them off as reasons for unexplainable events that happened in our everyday lives. But even as we humans accept these fabled concepts, we only accept magic as what it is, a mere subject only to be explored by our own sense of imagination and well prepared tricks.

Yet surprisingly, magic has grown to be a rather popular topic among the masses, both with positive and negative feedbacks. If you look back, Magic has appeared frequently in human history often with dubious reputations.

Magic is initially associated with many folkloric stories and theatrical works, where magic is often seem to be utilized by villainous witches and wizards. In fact, magic is so dubious and untrustworthy that we cannot deny the fact that religious organizations had condemn magic as the devil's instruments, whereby countless witches and wizards have been burned to the stake as heretics during the medieval ages.

As the times passed, there are even magic cults, and questionable occult organizations where unwelcomed people believed in the absolute existence of magic, or the various mythologies said magic was aligned with. But despite all the negative thoughts about magic, the perception of magic changed slightly, as the world progressed and advanced.

Now in it's present times, magic has become something of an entertainment value, where it has been used in works of friction and fantasies, as strongly seen in general novels, light novels, comics, manga, anime and games. But despite the change in perception, magic is still something improbable, as no one is able to prove the existence of magic.

But amidst of all the entertainment works of friction, some people feel that it would be nice if the world revolve around magic. If magic does exist and if a world revolving around magic exists, it might prove to be very interesting. If a world of magic exists, we can cast spells, or do things that are way beyond our imaginations, or we might perhaps alter reality to our own image. Some may also find such a world to be adventurous, as it is a world full of unspoken or unimaginative opportunities.

But if you ask me, a world revolving around such an ambiguous subject can be very chaotic. Since magic is something that has no definite bounds, certain things about magic can get pretty dangerous.

Because like all things, the use of magic has its own benefits and consequences. So if you imagine yourself to be in a world revolving around magic, please don't think of it like those manga, comics and games.

Because, unlike what most people speculate about a world of magic, Zeffernon is never so kind.