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Desolate, Plenary

Chapter One: Captor

The incessant bickering would drive any sane person over the edge. You'd think that your captors, and possible potential murderers, would be more composed than what I was witnessing now. Of course, the overwhelming cries of my mother, and the overly zealous swearing my father was hurtling at them also added to the annoying factor I was presented with.

Considering though, I was face down into the carpet of the living room of a house I'd only lived in for less than a week since coming to this god forsaken town full of werewolves, I wasn't paying too close attention to what was being said but rather my attention grabber of the day belonged to the body that was pressing me down to the floor a little too roughly to even consider if my sanity was in check from the noise filtering through my house. Dammit. What the hell was going on?

"Jesus fuckin' – what the hell is that smell?!" One of the men―who'd came barging in only ten minutes ago and decided to take me and my family hostage for no apparent reason―said rather distastefully. I couldn't see him due to the wad of carpet muffling my sight and air, but I could imagine the werewolf mutt smelling the air, his nostrils flaring with disgust. Whatever. I'd heard it a million times before, anyways. Humans were like vermin to these monsters, and like vermin we smelled atrocious to them, supposedly. Having super sensitive smell had its downfalls, I suppose.

"God," the man muttered, his voice dropping to one that sounded like he was in utter bliss, which confused me. "Whatever it is, I want to fuck it. Fuck it inside and out and rip it to shreds on my dick." His little proclamation had me stiffening under the weight of my captor. "Smells like fuckin' sex and shaving cream, all wrapped up into one delicious little bundle of pudding heaven!"

"Fu-uck mee…" the man holding me down growled lowly, making me feel every aspect of his chest that was hunched over me from behind when his chest vibrated like an electric dildo.

"What the – hell is… damn it! What is that intoxicating smell?!" Another man barked over to my right, probably the one who had my mother down on the ground as well, mimicking my position. His voice was smoother than the other, lighter, more…younger?―I guess was where I was getting at.

"Ah… mmm… fu-uck…" the guy above me moaned, then panted atop me like he was getting off from whatever he was smelling inside our house. That was freakin' gross. He didn't have to do that while on top of me. Freakin' sick pervert.

"It's… aHHhh… it's her!" His body was now fully covering mine, his hands that were grasping my wrists were traveling down my sides until they reached my hips where they started to slide back up but was now touching my bare skin as my shirt followed up with his freakin' hands.

"Stop it!" I panicked, my voice rising from his gross, callused hands touching the sensitive skin of my sides. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" In my effort to speak, I tried my best to wiggle my way out from under this man, but only achieved a breathy moan in my ear and something hard and pointy trying to find its way up my clothed butt (this guy just had to be in loose sweat pants while invading someone's home). I gasped and froze, too afraid to move any further in horror of causing him more pleasure that would, eventually, lead to the downfall of me getting raped.

Not like it would've had mattered anyway if I had kept on struggling. Werewolves out-powered any human being, and I was probably one of the weakest humans alive with my scrawny figure and a bad habit of saying things I couldn't back up, if you want to take that into account. Damn my genetics, and my father's upbringings.

"Seriously?" the one who spoke about fuckin' the hell out of whatever he was smelling, chirped rather happily from where he was standing. "Thank you God!" he mused rather happily. "Thank you for this amazing, delicious, fuckin' sexy ass smell being a female and not something less…fuckable!"

Okay…had no idea where he was going at with that little statement. I got the sudden image of him trying to screw an inanimate object, like a teddy bear just 'cause it smelled good.

Before I could comprehend anything further from what I was witnessing―or more like hearing since I couldn't see jack squat—something grabbed the back of my sweatshirt and hauled me up, ignoring the protest from whoever was on top of me being drop to the ground and away from me (thank God), and brought me nose to nose with the man I was starting to fear the most out of all five were-males in my living room. His eyes bore into mine, hazel mixing into my cobalt blue eyes as something akin to lust flashed through his eyes. Suddenly, like some virgin drug addict getting his first dose of druggy heaven, his eyes rolled to the back of his head as he leaned forward and buried his nose into the crock of my neck.

"Fuck yes…that's the stuff. Ahh…babe, you smell divine." I could practically feel him salivating on my neck, or maybe it wasn't my imagination as I felt something warm and wet drip down my collarbone and down between my breasts.

That was so gross! Ew! Stop it! Sick pervert!

"Let me the fuck GO!" I yelled with all my might and pushed against his chest with all my strength. Somehow, with me not knowing or realizing, he wasn't gripping the hood of my hoodie anymore, but instead had both arms circled around me that held me taut against his body. "What the hell is wrong with you perverts?! Let me go!" I screamed again but to no prevail. He didn't even notice me struggling anymore, he only slowly slid to the ground with me straddling his lap as he pressed me as close as possible to him without constricting my air…much.

I didn't stop struggling, however, and kept trying to get away from him. My mother screaming for him to let me go, and my father swearing enough to make a sailor jealous and making death threats, seemed to spur me further to get this man to let me the fuck go. No way in hell was I going to get molested by a were-freak in front of my parents. Not like I had much say in it since I was human and all, unfortunately.

"Let her go," my mom sobbed, tears streaming down her face and leaving black smudges in its trail due to her mascara now smearing haphazardly. "I'll do anything you want," she continued deplorably. "She has nothing to do with this!"

"Shud'up!" the man holding her down yelled and gripped the back of her head only to shove it into the carpet with a little too much force. "You brought this upon yourselves. Shudda thought better than to go against the Alpha, bitch!" When he looked up to see me staring at him wide eyed as I struggled to get free, I noticed him take in a shaky breath and shudder, just like all the other were-freaks were doing. He didn't look back up at me again, finding something on my carpet more interesting than the show I was putting on trying to break free.

What the hell did he mean going against the Alpha anyway?

"Dammit you fuckers! Let her go, I'll tell you everything I know! Just let my daughter go or I'll swear I'll fuckin' kill every last one of you if it's the last thing I do!" my fathers booming voice finally broke through the sudden haze the room fell into from whatever smell that decided to befuddle the minds of the were-males, their bodies stiffening from his words.

I was suddenly on my back, all the air leaving my lungs from the suddenness of it, and the thwack I'd heard from my body hitting the ground. I took in a strangled breath and looked up at my captor with wide, frightened eyes. He was no longer looking at me, but instead was looking to the side at my father. His shaggy, dirty blonde hair obscuring his eyes from my view to see how he was staring at my father. Was he pissed? Happy? Elated? What the hell was this pervert guy thinking? I prayed that he wasn't planning on killing my father for whatever he'd supposedly done for pissing off the Alpha now after his outburst.

I shifted uncomfortably underneath him, but stiffened yet again when I'd felt something hard and noticeably large through his jeans poke my stomach as he straddling my midsection. He didn't seemed to notice, however, as the room got eerily quiet.

"It's a little too late for that." The man above me gave a bewitching smile at my father, moving enough as he craned his head for me to see his narrowed, hateful eyes pinning my father across the room with their piercing quality. If it weren't for his eyes, his smile would have had told me that what they had planned for us wasn't as bad as my thoughts had predicted. But seeing those eyes, I'd realized then that no matter what we said or did, we were going to die no matter what we did to try and change his mind. It was sick how they were playing with us, leading us to believe that we had a chance at living. Why not do the job quick and get it over with? Why prolong it?

Oh. Yeah. I'd almost forgot that they were monsters. This sick game of theirs was nothing more than that. We were a game to them.

"We already have all the information we need. You don't get a say in this, the Alpha has already decided your fates, and there's nothing you can say or do that will change that."

My mother made a pitiful choking sound before she started to sob...again. I felt the tears prickling the sides of my eyes but I blinked them away. No way in hell was I going to let them see me cry, to break down for their own sick and twisted satisfaction.

"But my family has nothing to do with what I've done!" My father tried to plead, to bargain. I found it astonishing, however, when he didn't try to deny going against the Alpha. What he did truly that bad, enough to sentence his family to death? "They don't have a clue on what I did. They're no threat to you. Kill me and spare my family, please," my father beseeched, his eyes starting to grow teary. "Let them live."

The were-male above me snorted, taking in a deep breath of air to retort back, but suddenly stopped and shuddered above me. His hazel eyes moved to mine once again, locking as his eyes glazed over in what appeared to be down right lust. "Fuck me!" he spat out and fell forward, his hands smacking the carpet with the palm of his hands around my head. He hovered over me, his eyes growing, consuming every white part of his eyes and replaced it with only the color and pupil. "That smell, God…so fucking good."

One of his hands flew up to my face, cupping my cheek as his thumb began to run sensually over my cheek-meat. His eyes seemed to bore into mine, sending hot rivulets of needy, undeniable, insatiable, want of burning pure, ungodly lust in my unsuspecting, innocent eyes. Right then and there I knew he would probably make claim to his words from before, how he declared in wanting to rip whatever he was smelling to shreds on his…you-know-what. The thought made me shiver, making me turn my head but felt a barrier stopping me from looking away. Both of his hands were now cupping my cheeks and his face hovered even closer than before to mine, our noses now touching. Another tremor racked his body when our noses touched, and I thought for sure he may have had 'creamed his pants' in the way his eyes rolled to the back of his head in obvious elation―a phrase used by one of my friends, Elizabeth, long ago.

"I'm going to tear you apart." His breathy whisper on my lips made me suck in my breath and hold it as my eyes grew wide from his words, and the next. "I'm going to make you cum on my dick so hard, you'll see stars for days, sweetie." He groaned at his own words, another shudder coursing through his body. I could feel his muscles in his thighs spasm where he straddled me. "I can already imagine how wet and slick your fuckin' pussy will be when I take you. Everyone in the fuckin' vicinity will hear how wet you'll be as I fuck you senseless. Oh yeah…so fucking amazing…"

My jaw clenched automatically from his words. Nasty retorts surfaced through my mind but I kept them to myself. I wanted this to be as painless as possible, and pissing off my, most likely, murderer would only prolong the pain and suffering.

Tears prickled my eyes again as the realization finally decided to hit me full force that today may have had been my last day.

Our noses were smashed together as he drew closer. Instinctively, I closed my eyes and waited for the inevitable. I waited for the warmth to envelope my lips, burn them in shameful lust this man was exuberating for me for whatever insane reason.

But as I waited, and waited, the burning of his lips that I expected never came. Instead, I heard him snarl above me with utter disdain. "What the hell do you want?"

I opened my eyes sheepishly and saw him glaring a deathly hate at someone behind me. I titled my head back and looked at the door leading to outside. Another were-male was standing there in all his glory. If I wasn't in the current situation I somehow found myself in, I would be admiring his good looks..his sandy blonde hair, high cheek bones, and a small curved nose that gave him a youthful vibe―would make any girl think he was handsomely cute, in a rouge, boyish way. However, I couldn't see if he had a full set of lips, or pouty thin lips, or whatever, because he had his hand cupping his nose, his palm hovering over his mouth. His wide, light blue eyes were staring at me in bewilderment, but looked back up at my assailant when another growl reverberated from his chest.

"Spit it out, runt!"

"Ah…um…the uh," he paused and coughed into his hand, finally giving me full view of his lips, the top being thin and the bottom full and quite plushy. "The Alpha sent me," he spoke more firmly, his face fixed and somewhat strained. "There's a change in plans. He wants the Northward family alive and sent to his office immediately." He coughed into his hand again, his eyes flickering to mine before looking back at the man straddling me. His lips now set into a fine, thin line.

"Do you know why, by any chance, runt," he spat out, not keeping his disgust out of his enraging voice.

"No," the boy said firmly, his eyes never leaving his. "He didn't."

They both stared at each other, almost like they were challenging one another in who had the manliest balls to not look away first. However, when my captor laughed and looked away first only to look down at me in amusement, I felt a sudden revulsion for the man above me I hadn't notice before. I looked away from him in obvious disgust and that only made him laugh even harder.

He got off of me and for a split second I felt relieved that he wasn't straddling me anymore. But that soon changed when he grasped my arm and hauled me up with him, and into his hard chest. He turned his attention to the other men in our living room and barked, "Time to leave boys. You know what to do."

Instantly, my parents were brought to their feet. My father was still cursing to the heavens, and my mother continued to sob uncontrollably as we were hauled out of our house. Two vans were parked in front of our house, my parents were taken to the right black van, and when I'd tried to follow them, I was instantly jerked off to the left toward the white van.

"Where the fuck are you taking my daughter?!" my father yelled angrily near the black van as he watched me get hauled off to in the opposite direction. When he didn't receive an answer, I could practically see the flames squirting from every exposed orifice on his face as he raged on to get an answer on why we were getting separated.

"Quinn! Quinn!" my father howled my name until I couldn't see or hear him anymore when he was shoved mercilessly into the back of the van.

Of course, I fought to get free, but it didn't work out like I wanted it to. It never would have considering the obvious strength differences. They did have super human strength after all.

"Not so fast, sweet cheeks," the perverted were-male whispered into my ear as he hauled me closer and closer to the date-rape vans back doors. "You're all mine until we get back to my Alpha. 'Wanna play with my toy before the Alpha has his way with you."

An involuntary shudder jolted through my body at his words. Did he seriously plan on raping me in the van with others in there watching us?!

Oh yeah. I'd almost forgot yet again.

They were monsters after all.