Chapter 1 - Lauren:

Lauren was a bookworm, she was always reading, with the possible exceptions of sleeping (after reading), eating (whilst reading) & using the toilet (while reading). She had a room where the only furniture was a bed, bedside table, wardrobe & several bookshelves against the wall. However, she didn't spend a lot of time there; she was usually in the library.

She was engrossed in a mythological book, the hero about to battle the enemy monster, when it all began. She heard screams nearby in the library, and voices yelling at people to stop moving. She heard a gunshot & she almost bounced off her seat in surprise. She closed her book, as did all the others around her, before they all split up & headed in different directions. Only then did Lauren discover a use, besides finding the right book, for memorising the labyrinth that was the library, she knew exactly where the back door was, but when she reached there, she saw two men with guns standing by it. She turned and ran as quietly as possible until she found herself about 5 bookshelves from the front door. She saw a man with a handgun, holding it James-Bond-style while leaning against a bookshelf practically opposite to her. Then the hallucinations began again.

She had a problem with her head, it started when she was about 9, when she'd seen a bunch of numbers, letters & lines when about to throw a paper aeroplane. She'd had to take medication for it, and they'd shown up less and less. When she was 10 she began reading about it, and that was when she got hooked. She started reading other books about psychology, until she read other non-fiction, and then fiction, and soon enough she was reading any genre you can name. The medication had helped with the hallucinations, but they came back every once in a while, and at about 13 years old, she knew what they meant. Now she saw a line pointing to the area the bullet exits, and she saw measurements for how wide the hole was, she opened her book, and pulled out a circle-like shape that would block the barrel when it fired. She held it in the air, and the hallucinations told her how much power to use and what angle to throw at. She followed the instructions, and the paper blocked the gun, and would block it for one shot. The man hadn't even noticed it until Lauren came at him with the biggest book she could find. He shot at her, but paper and a bullet just fell to the ground at about the same time the book hit his head. Lauren watched his body crumple and she picked up his gun. The hallucinations told her how to use it, and she trusted them; they were always right.

She headed through the library until she found three men with guns blocking the opening in a bookshelf to the exit, but this was directly where the 'ancient shelf' would land if it finally broke. She saw the rotten wood spike that it rested on, and kicked it with such force, it finally fell over, causing a domino effect in the front of the library. She waited until it had stopped, and then she climbed through it and found herself on the pavement by the main street. She fumbled with her phone after pulling it from her pocket, and she called the police.

One hour later:

She sat in the back of an ambulance, even though she had no injuries, and talked to a policewoman who sat next to her. The ambulance wasn't moving, and their feet dangled off the edge of the back. The policewoman, called Peitho, asked her questions about what had happened.

"Are you sure there were men with guns?" Peitho asked gently, she'd already talked to the other witnesses, and they claimed nothing had happened.

"Positive," Lauren replied, defiance in her voice, she wouldn't forget like the others had.

"Well," Peitho continued, "There were no men in there with guns," There was something in her voice now, "You didn't see anyone, did you Lauren?"

Lauren realised she was being persuaded, she was having thoughts implemented inside her head, Lauren was being brainwashed; hypnotised.

"Actually," Lauren countered, "I did. And your hypnosis won't work on me."

Peitho almost leapt back, and Lauren wouldn't be surprised, given the surprise in Peitho's face.

"You detected my powers?" Peitho asked incredulously, "The last person to do that was a god!"

"Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah," Lauren stuttered, "Powers? Gods? Who the hell are you?"

Peitho turned twenty shades of green before deciding on a pale look, "I wasn't meant to say that."

"Well you did."

"No I didn't."

"Yes, you did."

"No, I didn't."



"Look!" Lauren shouted, before that argument went on any longer, "You said what you said and you are going to answer me!"

"How about this," Peitho reasoned, "If you tell the media that nothing happened, then I'll come to your house and explain it later. Deal?"

Lauren hesitated before answering.