Kanojo no Sukeban

by Glee-chan

20. Epilogue.

She ran down the street, reached the end of the block then stopped. Sighing heavily she reached up and wiped her eyes with her shirt sleeves. Then breathing heavy she reached into her pocket and pulled out her smart phone. After scrolling through the numbers, she selected "Takashima" then dialed it. The phone rang several times before she placed the phone to her ear. On the first ring the person answered.


"Y-Yeah, it's me Megumi-san." Nodoka breathed in, trying to catch her breath. "I did it. Meet me at that park, okay?"

"Fine." Megumi hanged up.

Placing the phone back into her pocket she walked slowly towards the park in question. It was near some Internet Cafe in Yuuki's neighborhood. Recently it had become the meeting spot for the two girls. Nodoka took her time in getting there. The conversation she had with Yuuki and Manatsu still was affecting her more than she thought it would. She didn't think it would be as painful as it was, so the tears were genuine.

She was the first to arrive at the park. She went to the swings and had a seat in one and waited. Her heart was still pounding. Partly from the massive amount of coffee she had beforehand, and partly because of her mind reliving that last conversation in vivid detail. To release the energy she was feeling, she took off and swing as high as possible.

Soon Megumi arrived. Her face was blank, emotionless. It was that face that had approached her a week ago. Something about that face haunted her. She slowed her swing and finally reached a stop as Megumi joined her in the swing next to her.

"So it's done?" Megumi asked.

"Yeah. He's in love with her. He's totally into her. Everything worked out like you wanted."

"Good. But if you don't mind we'd like to see the results for ourselves before we let you off the hook."

Nodoka sniffed, still trying to come to grips with her feelings. "I did what she wanted, what more do you want?"


"I told you he's totally fallen for her." Nodoka pressed. "Believe me, if he still wanted me, I'd have him in the palm of my hands after what I just said to him."

"I believe you, but it's not my call to make. We have to wait and see."

Nodoka sighed. Megumi was a hard girl to get a take on. It was clear she was only following orders, but she did it with such gusto it was frightening. This whole stupid plan had been going on for a few weeks, and it had been ripping her heart to pieces to do and say those things to Yuuki-chan.

"Does she even know how hard this was for me to do?" Nodoka urged on. "First I had to stage that horrible fight which completely broke him apart… then I had to sit by and watch him go into depression and not say a word to him. Now all of a sudden I have to play the love-sick fool and confess to him. After all that crap I put him throught! I even kissed him! You already stoled my friendship with Yuuki-chan… Can't you just… can't you just-"

"We won't publish them." Megumi reassured her. "I told you we wouldn't. We just have to wait until Manatsu-san is satisfied."

"When will that bet?" Nodoka urged. "I did my part to give your boss the guy she wanted… she should be happy, right?"

Megumi shrugged. "I'll tell you when she tells me."

Nodoka felt like crying again. She was the lowest of the low. She betrayed her best friend, simply because Manatsu fancied him. The girl was clever. Aside from the bullying, somehow she got ahold of photos and a video of her pleasuring herself in the library. Nodoka wasn't sure how she did it. One stupid impulse and her whole life was flipped upside down. Manatsu had this whole blackmailing scheme set up perfectly, it was amazing. Little by little she had been forcing Nodoka to do horrible things to Yuuki-chan, or else say scripted things to him. If she did a good job, Manatsu or Megumi would deleted a picture. But there was still the video left. How a brute like Manatsu came up with an idea like this was beyond Nodoka's understanding.

"May I ask you something, Odo-san?" Megumi broke the silence.

"What?" Nodoka pouted, feeling bitter.

"Did you ever like him… Togawa-san I mean?"

"Not in the way she thinks I did." Nodoka spat out.


"What does it matter now? You took away my best friend. Are you just rubbing it in my face now or what?"

"I just want to know, out of my own curiosity." Megumi answered softly. "I won't tell Manatsu-san either way."

Nodoka glared at her. "I never liked him like that. He's like a brother to me."

"Hmm." Megumi looked at her phone considering her answer. It was clear that she didn't believe her. "So it just takes a few photos and a video to do this to someone you love?"

"Shut up." Nodoka felt like crying again. They didn't have to taunt her on top of everything.

Megumi was about to retort when her phone chimed. She must of got a text. She looked down and read it, then replied. After another text, Megumi stood up from the swing and faced Nodoka. "You're off the hook. They're about to do it right now."

A stabbing pain stung Nodoka's heart. She swallowed and pretended not to care.
"I'm to delete the video now." Megumi continued.

Nodoka felt a wave of relief flow inside of her. She watched as Megumi accessed the video via some cloud app that connected to another computer. She watched as the video was deleted. It was finally over. She trusted that Manatsu didn't have copies as she seemed to be honest about this part of things. It seemed that Manatsu was under the impression that she couldn't get Nodoka to do anything she wanted her to do if Nodoka didn't trust her on this. In reality, Manatsu was giving her victim too much credit.

"It should go without saying that should you try and tell Togawa-san about any of this we'll beat the shit out of you." Megumi spoke in a casual voice.

"Yeah, I think I got that part. My rib is still bruised from the first time."

"Then that's that. Only speak to him if he talks to you first or Manatsu-san allows it." Megumi said and placed the smart-phone in her pocket.

As the other started to leave, Nodoka had to know something. "Wait… does she… does she even like him? Is this all a game to her or… or does she really love him."

Megumi turned around, smile a coy smile and shrugged. "Beats me."