So, yeah, Houki Minami wanted to make a everyday-young-life romance between two young adults after an arreanged marriage. Actually? This story was bugging me since I singed in fictionpress. Nothing more to say. Only... Enjoy!




"I'm home..."

"Welcome back, Yagami-kun..."

At the door of a typical middle-class japanese home, a young man gave a sigh. It was the third week, but even so, she was so distant. He took his way to the living room and peered over the edge of the passage without a door.

There was his wife, with long black hair, going to the middle of her back, and her exotic blue eyes. As always, she was typing on her laptop, working with her reports. Apparently, she felt his presence, and turned her head to see him. Their looks crossed, and she smiled.

He smiled, and a small blush came over his face. She was beautiful in her own way, but unfortunately too cold for certain things. Yagami Yuuto Took his way, and sat on the couch beside her.

"Err... Shigasum- .. 'Saeko-san'...?"

"Huh ...? What is it?"

"Well, now that you and I are married, I think it's kinda weird..."He rambled a bit, looking at the small alliance that he carried around his finger. Despite being an arranged marriage, or omiai, he was all good with that. Both of them reserved, workers, and friendly with each other. However, the distance it was a problem for their newly intimacy. "It's a bit strange that you call me by my surname. I mean, you're a Yagami too, now..."

"Huuuh ... Truth." She stopped typing to put that sentence thoughtfully. She peeked at her lap, and then to him, back to her lap and back him again, back to the lap, and ending facing his black orbs with her blue ones. "So I guess I should call you 'Yuuto-san'..."

"H-Heheheh ... I would greatly appreciate i-... I mean, I'd love to!" He quickly corrected himself. Well, aren't he the polite one?

"Yuuu ... Yuuuu... Yuuuu... Toooo... toooo... Tooo..."


"Training. Yuuuu... Toooo..." She said, the tips of her fingers in her throat. She was indeed peculiar, and for what his in-laws said she was curious like that since childhood. Having such kind a wife was ... Interesting.

"Peculiar", "curious" and "interesting." The most anti-romantic words that exist, to describe his own wife. Was Yagami Yuuto a bad husband? This was indeed bad...

"Sorry, but my heart is not ready to call you by your first name." Taking him out of his small stupor, Saeko gave a defeated sigh. Saeko scratched her head and threw her gaze back to her newly husband. He just gave a nervous laugh. To tell the truth, that young man was still a stranger to her. He did not drink, did not gamble, did not smoke or had uncontrolled lust, but being victims of an arranged marriage was a giving. She wished they were in a cliché story of childhood friends.

"Oh, all right... Don't worry..."

"I'm really sorry. I hope you understand, but be aware that I'm trying."

"Sure, sure. In fact, I also think is a bit hard to call you by name, Shigas -... Ah!"


"Sorry, that one slipped..."

And, with a blush on his face, the boy gave a basic scratch to the back of his neck, trying to get rid of his nervousness.

"Well then, I think you can still call me 'Yagami-kun'. Not many Yagami-kun's out there, right? I think we are okay about that..."

"Huhuh ... You're right. But..."

"Huh ... 'But'...?"

"I need to train myself, anyway. Or else, I'll have to only have daughters..."

"D-Daughters ...?"

He was a little startled by the said word, but, shortly after, Saeko just laughed, stirring her hair and giving a smile.

"SS-Shigasumi-san ... You have a too sudden sense of humor..."

"Huhuh ... are you talking about, Yagami-kun? I'm always like that."

in the end, they eventually start Calling themselves by the first name. Saeko was pleased. Yuuto... Too.




omg. How I love stories with no plot whatsoever. what do you guys think? I mean, I usually a violent writer, But sometones something light-hearted have to come. So yeah, stay golden, y'all. Good night!